Technology has changed the world around us. It has brought convenience and comfort to our lives. Things that would take a lot of effort a few years ago now can be done with just the click of a button. It is easier to travel, easier to work, easier to eat food and also easier to have fun. The world of cinema has also changed vastly due to technological innovations. It is no longer necessary that in order to watch a movie, you have to pay a visit to a theatre. There are televisions, laptops, desktops, tablets and even mobile phones that can be used to watch films. And all of this can be done while just sitting at home. There is no need for a person to go out to get his or her dose of cinematic entertainment.

But still, options like pay-per-view and OTT platforms cost money to the people and they want a solution where they can freely watch movies without it taking a toll on their pockets. And that is exactly what the online streaming websites do. These streaming sites put popular and trending films on their platforms that people can watch and even download any time they want. The best thing about these sites is that they do not ask for any money from their users in exchange for the facilities that they provide them with. This makes them a great option for people who are looking for cheap ways to watch web series and films.

But these sites also promote piracy as the content that is found on their platforms is pirated. Piracy is already a very big problem, not just in India but all around the world. And the online streaming sites just add fuel to the already huge fire. So, that is one problem that these streaming websites have but people still use these sites anyway. One of these sites that are making a lot of noise nowadays is Tamilyogi.

What is Tamilyogi?


A person cannot watch all the movies that come out in theatres. There can be various reasons for this. A person can be short on money to buy the tickets for different films, he or she might not have enough time or the film that the person wants to watch might not be playing in a theatre near him or her. In case of any of those things, they can visit the Tamilyogi website which has a pretty impressive collection of films on its platform and an individual is sure to found the found he or she is looking for on this site. Although Tamilyogi is a torrent site that is considered illegal in India, its popularity keeps increasing as people visit this site in millions.

Features of Tamilyogi

It is the unique features and the small details that make a website attractive to the users and Tamilyogi has a lot of impressive features that are clearly visible when a person visits their website. We have listed some of the features below to show how the site has managed to become so huge:

  • As suggested by the name, Tamilyogi specialised in content that is made in the Tamil language. Thus, the site has managed to create a niche market for itself and it seems that it is working out quite well for the site.
  • A person should not get discouraged by the name thinking that only Tamil language content is present on the site. Hindi films are also there on Tamilyogi for people who want to see something else than Tamil films or for people who are not very familiar with the Tamil language.
  • Vide quality of films can make or break the website. There are some sites that are famous for the high video quality of their films and there are also sites that have gotten a really bad name in the streaming world due to the poor audio and video quality that the films on their platforms have. High definition films in video formats like 720p and 1080p can be watched on the Tamilyogi site.
  • The site does not charge any money from the public for its services.
  • There are some sites from where you start downloading a film and it sometimes stops midway without any reason. This results in a loss of data and time for the users. A person does not face this problem with Tamilyogi as on this site, the downloading process is really smooth.


Before using any of these streaming websites, a person should about the people who put a lot of hard work and time into making the films that are now present on these sites. These people have worked day and night and collaborated to bring a movie together that can be watched and enjoyed by millions of people. But when these films end up on these streaming sites, it ruins years of hard work that these people have put into making those films. So, a little compassion should be shown to these talented and hardworking people and movies, web series and other types of content should only be watched through legal mediums like TV, theatres or OTT platforms.

How to Download Movies from Tamilyogi

The downloading process of some streaming websites can be very complicated and can cause confusion in the minds of the users. That is not the case with Tamilyogi. Only a few easy steps are required to download films from the site. Below is a list of persons that should be followed by an individual if he or she wants to download movies from Tamilyogi:

  • The first thing that a person should do is pay a visit to the official page of Tamilyogi.
  • Then, the search bar and the category options should be used to search films or web series.
  • Upon finding the required film or TV show, the user should click on it and he or she will be directed to a new page.
  • There, the person will find the download option. But before that, the user has to select which video format he or she wants to download the movie in.
  • After selecting the video format, the user should click on the download option to start the downloading process.

Alternative websites for Tamilyogi

One streaming site cannot fulfill all the requirements of an individual. And also, people want variety these days. They want options to choose from. So, in case they are bored of Tamilyogi and want to use a new streaming site, they can make use of the following use of websites:

1. Fmovies

The first website that finds its mention on this list is none other than Fmovies. This torrent site witnesses traffic in the millions every year. People are big fans of the content that is put on display by Fmovies as it has a lot of range and manages to please people from every part of the world. The site thinks globally and not locally. This can be seen from the fact that the video directory of Fmovies has movies of various different languages of the world. This massively increases the reach and the appeal of the website. There are sites that are happy with just having movies on their platform. But Fmovies aims high and wants big things for itself. And that is why, apart from films, documentaries, short films, TV shows, award functions and web series are also present on the platform of Fmovies. There are people who want to watch movies of all kinds but sometimes, the difference in languages can come in their way. If you think finding films with good video quality is difficult, then it is even more difficult to find films with good audio quality. But films with superior sound can be found on Fmovies.

2. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

There are people who are not great fans of movies but are really interested in TV shows and web series. These people are constantly looking for sites that put more focus on TV shows because on most of the other streaming websites, more attention is given to the films and it is mostly films that are put on display on the front page of these sites. The user interface of Sony Crackle is very smooth and it can be proven from the fact that the site can be used easily not only from desktops and laptops but also from mobile phones. The Sony Crackle website works effortlessly on android and IOS devices. The one problem a person faces with Sony Crackle is that the content of the website is curated according to the geographical location of the user and the film collection is different for people living in different parts of the world. So, a user is not able to get access to the entire video library of the Sony Crackle website.

3. HDpopcorn

The next website on the list that can be used to watch films and web series in case Tamilyogi website is not working is HDpopcorn. The streaming feature of the site is very smooth and an individual can movies on this site without any interruptions. The site is updated regularly. In this way, HDpopcorn stays fresh as new content keeps popping up on the platform for the users to see and enjoy. The look and design of a website go a long way in impressive people. HDpopcorn has a night mode that can be used by the users to turn the site dark. This is a feature that is admired by a lot of people who called it really cool.

4. Afdah

Now, this is a site that people should visit in case they are unable to find a film on any other streaming website. The huge directory of Afdah makes sure that every person’s entertainment needs are fulfilled when they visit the site. Unlike many other streaming websites, the user interface of the site is not complicated at all. The site can be navigated easily even by those people who are new to the world of streaming. There are multiple servers present for most of the movies on this site. This helps the users in getting a better movie-watching experience as they can watch films without getting interrupted by any buffering or lagging.

5. LOS Movies

The film collection of this site is so amazing that if you start browsing through all the films that are present on the site, you will see that there is no end in sight to the films present on the platform and there are thousands of pages just full of movies. Different filters like genre and release date can be used to find a movie. Despite its great film collection, there is one drawback that LOS Movies suffers from. There are many sites where a person can just open the homepage of the site and start scrolling for films without doing any signing up. But the same is not the case with LOS Movies. A person has to give details like email addresses and open an account with the site in order to watch films.

6. 123Movies


This site is creating a lot of buzz among internet users who are using online streaming websites to watch films for a long time. The site is attractive in its look and is designed in such a way that it manages to capture the eyes of the users at the first glance. The front page of the site is very inviting and it makes the people who are new to the internet comfortable in using the site. There are critically acclaimed movies on this website that are rated really high on the IMDB website. So, people who are fans of quality cinema will definitely like this website.

7. Rdxhd Movies


Rdxhd Movies is a website that lets its users watch high quality content on its platform without charging any money from them. Films from all different regions of India can be found on this platform. So, for a film buff who is keen on watching indie gems of Indian cinema can watch then here as films of various different languages like Urdu, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu etc. are uploaded on this site on a regular basis. Due to this diversity in the content, the sites manage to pull in large amounts of traffic. There are movies and web series that are created by OTT platforms like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. This content is exclusive to these platforms and cannot be found anywhere. But in order to watch these films and shows, a person has to pay money and buy a subscription plan. Rdxhd Movies provides the same films and shows on its platform for free to its users. Although this site is not as popular as some other sites like TamilRockers and Tamilgun, it is as good or even better than some of these sites.

8. 9xMovies


There are times when a really huge and popular film like Avengers Endgame comes out in the theatres. These movies get people so excited that they want to watch them as soon as possible in the theatres, some even want to watch them on the first show of the first day of the release. Another reason why people want to watch these movies as early as possible is that the internet is full of spoilers and they do not want their experience ruined by a spoiler. So, they want to be one of the first ones to watch that film. But the problem arises that people are not able to find tickets for these films as all the theatres are houseful. This can cause a lot of disappointment in hardcore fans of these movies. But there is a solution and its name is 9x Movies. On this site, the latest released films are uploaded as soon as possible so that people can watch them and then discuss them with their friends. Sometimes, the films are uploaded within just 1 or 2 days of their release. It is this impressive quality of 9xMovies that attracts users from all parts of the country towards it. A user does not need to give any personal information like Aadhar card number, email address or mobile phone number in order to watch movies on 9x Movies. The site tries to cater to the needs of people who have different preferences when it comes to consuming content. And for this reason, 9x Movies has created a mobile application. People can download and install this app on their phones and watch films while they are travelling.

9. Waptrick


There are not many streaming websites on the internet that are as diverse as Waptrick when it comes to different types of content. Most of the sites restrict their content to just movies. But Waptrick tries to expand and grow its user base by having movie trailers, award functions, documentaries and short films on its platform. This site is great for people who cannot afford to pay for theatre tickets or for subscriptions of OTT platforms.

10. CmoviesHD


The name of the site should make it obvious that it is a site where movies are available in high definition. The regulatory authorities are constantly trying to block this site. So, a person needs to use a VPN in order to use this website. The site does not ask its users to open an account to enjoy films.

11. Besthdmovies


The next name on the list of websites that can be used by people to watch TV series and movies when they cannot access Tamilyogi is Besthdmovies. One special feature that the site has is that the films present are compatible with DVD players. This means that a person can download a film, put it on a drive and plug it into a DVD player without changing the format of that movie. This is great for people who prefer DVD players when it comes to watching films. An unlimited number of films can be downloaded from the site as Besthdmovies is free for use by the public. The video quality of the films on this site is better than many other streaming sites out there.

12. Sabwap


The last website that is there on the list of alternatives for the Tamilyogi website is Sabwap. Sabwap is very different from all the other streaming websites that have been mentioned on this list. This is because Sabwap is not strictly a streaming website but a search engine that is similar to the likes of Bing and Google. Sabwap works as a bridge between the movies that a person wants and the websites that have those movies on their platform. How Sabwap works is that a person enters the name of the film he or she wants to watch or download and the search results produced by Sabwap show a list of websites from where the person can download or stream those movies. The site is available to the public for free.

13. Tamilgun


When it comes to finding the best alternative to Tamilyogi, look no further than Tamilgun. As the name suggests, it brings the biggest collection of south Indian films, especially Tamil movies. However, here, you would also get to stream and download Bollywood, Hollywood, and other regional movies too! The site allows people to download their favourite movies for free, in any chosen format. The downloading steps are easy, allowing everyone to use this site. People are sure to be amazed at the exceptional collection of the best films. Not just films, even web series, documentaries, short films are also available on Tamilgun. Though a pirated site, it’s continued to function for years and has earned massive popularity among movie freaks. 

14. Isaidub


For every movie freak, Isaidub is another popular movie streaming site. This is a major hub of all blockbuster movies in every language. The best part about Isaidub is that it offers content in high definition. Apart from movies, this site also uploads the major TV serials and programs for free streaming and downloading. The site is an old one and has been functioning for years now. Though it’s a pirated site, people continue to use it because of its vast collection of movies from every genre. No matter if you are looking for thrillers, romantic movies, comedy, or horror films, you are sure to find it on Isaidub.

15. Tamilhdmovies

Another great movie streaming alternative is Tamilhdmovies. As the name suggests, it offers a large collection of Tamil films, both new and old. Some of the latest blockbusters are uploaded within one week of their theatrical release. Thus viewers no longer have to visit theatres and spend money watching their favourite actors perform on screen. The best part is some of the Tamil films have been dubbed into other languages to enable people of different cultures to watch and understand the films. Not only does it host Tamil films, but also one can find Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, and English movies on Tamilhdmovies. The site’s interface is user-friendly and interactive. This is another reason for its increasing popularity.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Tamilyogi

1. How does Tamilyogi work?

On Tamilyogi, you enter the name of the movie that you want to watch and the site shows you the websites that can be used to watch that particular film.

2. Is the content present on the Tamilyogi website authentic?

No, the content present on Tamilyogi is not authentic. The site hosts pirated versions of films and web series on its platform which are considered illegal in India.

3. Where can a person watch movies for free?

There are online streaming websites like Tamilyogi that a person can use to watch films and TV series.


We advise our readers to refrain from using these websites to watch movies as the content present on them is pirated and piracy is a crime in India. People should go to theatres or use OTT platforms to watch films.


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