In this era where there are so many choices in front of consumers that it can become difficult for a person to choose one product out of the many options that are out there. A person has to evaluate different options and decide which product or service is best suited to his or her taste. The same thing goes for the world of streaming.

There are thousands of illegal online streaming websites on the internet that claim to provide high defin9ition prints of world class movies on their platforms. But the problem with this is that when every other website is making the same claims, it gets difficult for a person to figure out which site is lying and which one is telling the truth. It is not possible for a person to visit every movie website to check which one is good and which one is bad. So, we have written this article to guide you through the world of online streaming and inform you about the amazing film streaming sites that are there on the net. For the purpose of this article, we will be putting our focus on highlighting the features and special qualities of a site named Toonova that is being used by a large number of people every day.

What is Toonova?


We all have watched cartoons and animated movies and shows at one point in our lives. We have been in love with cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry, Dexter, Ash Ketchum, the Powerpuff Girls etc. We used to wake up early to watch these cartoons. But now many of the people who used to watch these animated cartoons in their childhood have grown up but their love for cartoons has not diminished even a little bit. These people like to watch cartoons as adults as they remind them of their childhood days when they did not have anything to worry about. Cartoons provide a strong feeling of nostalgia for people.

This is what the Toonova website capitalises on by having a platform where people can watch their favorite cartoon shows and animated movies that they used to love as kids. There are movies like Kung Fu Panda, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Spirited Away etc. that are present in the video directory of the site. The site also has cartoon shows like Tom and Jerry, Pinky and the Brain, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter’s Laboratory, Alvin and the Chipmunks etc. on the site. Apart from animated content, the site also hosts live action movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. By doing this, the site tries to cater to not only kids but to people of all ages.

Features of Toonova

The following list of features will help you to understand why Toonova is such a popular website:

  • The site has an absolutely amazing collection of cartoons, animated films and animes. This is the type of content that is watched by people all over the world and is not restricted to just one location. So, the site manages to attract users from different countries towards its platform.
  • The site does not only allow you to stream videos online on the internet but it also gives you the option of downloading those videos to the system in case you are worried about buffering or lagging issues.
  • A person does not have to spend money in order to enjoy his or her favorite cartoons on this website.
  • What good is a site that hosts cartoons on its platform but does not have an attractive and appealing interface that will bring out the kid in the users and instantly get them addicted to the site? A lot of effort has been put into the design and the user interface of Toonova and it is clearly visible whenever a person opens the site.


All your love for cartoons and animes cannot deny the fact that the Toonova site is illegal because it has obtained copyrighted content through illegal means and has then, uploaded it on their platform. Therefore, we advise the readers of this article to stay away from these platforms no matter how tempting or amazing they appear.

Alternative Websites for Toonova

No matter how big a library a streaming site has, there will always be something missing. There will always be one movie or one cartoon or one show that would not be present in the video collection of the streaming website. The same thing can be said for the Toonova website. In case you are unable to find a particular film or a cartoon on the Toonova website, you are free to use any of the following websites:

1. Bmovies


The first website that is on this list of platforms that can be used in place of Toonova to watch videos is Bmovies. The B in ‘Bmovies’ stands for blockbuster and that is exactly what the site delivers as a person can easily find all the major blockbusters on the very first page of the site. One thing to note here is that the site, despite having many amazing features, is not legal and is a host to pirated content. When you open the home page of the site, there will be a carousel that will feature the trending and the recently released movies. So, it is not difficult to search for movies on Bmovies. The user interface of the site also helps the users in quickly learning how the site works. A lot of people have a tough time deciding what movie they should watch. They spend more time looking for the perfect movie to watch than they actually spend on watching the movie. The site also has a news section that will keep you updated about what is trending in the film world. The one drawback that Bmovies suffers from is that it has ads on the platform. But this is not that big of a problem because these ads do not pop up in the middle of a stream. So, a person can stream a movie online without any worries.

2. Noxx

Now this is a site that is very underrated in the streaming sector but has amazing features and qualities that can put even the top streaming sites to shame. The site does not have a large user base but the number of followers is steadily growing day by day. There is one extra step that you have to take in order to open the Noxx website on your computer. An individual has to first enter a CAPTCHA code. Only after doing that is a person allowed to access the site. When a person opens the site, he or he is greeted by a web page that is neat and clean and properly organized with nothing out of order. There are ads on the site but they are very few in numbers and can easily be tolerated by the users. The library of the Noxx site contains a large number of titles in both categories of movies and TV shows. The video quality of the movies and TV shows is terrific and provides for a great cinematic experience. A person is not required by the site to register in order to gain access to the content of Noxx.

3. Watch Series

Watch Series is another great website where people can go to binge watch and download movies and web series. As the name suggests, Watch Series is a platform that mainly focuses on TV and web series. People who love binge watching follow and use this site religiously. There are many great features of the Watch Series website that makes it an attractive destination for internet users. The video database of the site contains films and series of old times as well as the ones that have been recently released. In order to appeal to the mobile phone users, Watch Series has developed that people can install on their smartphones. It is convenient for people who cannot afford to buy a desktop or a laptop. There is another amazing feature on the site that is the Request tab. Using this option, an individual can inform the people running the site about a movie that he or she wants to be uploaded on the platform. The admins of the site take this request into consideration and then, in due time, they upload the movie on the platform.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV
Tubi TV

The next name in this list of websites that can be a good alternative for Toonova is Tubi TV. There are not many illegal streaming sites that have a design and a user interface that is as good as that of Tubi TV. The site manages to give tough competition to legal OTT platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix in terms of the overall look of the site. There are a lot of film fanatics out there who are constantly on the hunt for good independent films that are made on a small budget. On Tubi TV, these films find a platform and can be watched by people who did not get to watch them in theatres. The indie collection of the Tubi TV platform consists of a lot of movies that have been shown in international film festivals across the world. The site is accessible to the public for free.

5. Solarmovie


This is a site that might have the most potential among all the sites that have been mentioned in this list. The site is constantly evolving according to people’s needs and preferences. Solarmovie is very fast and thus, allows users to stream videos without any lagging issues. The fast speed of the site also reduces the time that it takes a person to download a film. In order to keep the users engaged and in order to also consistently keep bringing new users, Solarmovie keeps updating itself regularly. By doing this, the site keeps uploading new content and also keeps changing the front page of the site in response to what is trending at the time. Solarmovie has one of the best platforms on the entire internet for streaming purposes. Every option is just one click away. In order to enjoy the content of Solarmovie, a person will have to get used to the ads that are present on the platform. The ads are not very large in number but can be annoying sometimes.

6. Kissanime

The title should be enough for a person to know what the Kissanime site is about. Animes and manga comics have seen a tremendous rise in the past couple of years. Their viral popularity has spread in each and every part of the world. Animes are mostly the creation of Japanese artists but are watched and enjoyed by people of different countries where Japanese is not spoken. The audience for the anime content is huge. This is because despite being animated, animes are not only for children. These can also be enjoyed thoroughly by adults as the storylines and action sequences are brilliant and engaging. If you are a person who is a fan of anime videos and are looking for a platform where you can enjoy all the popular ones, you should head straight to Kissanime. There are a lot of poor who are not able to find laptops or even desktops. Mobile phones are their only source of entertainment. The Kissanime site also keeps in mind the needs of these users and thus, has developed a mobile app that can be used by these people to easily watch their favorite animes without wasting a large amount of internet data. The videos that are present on Kissainme are top notch in terms of audio as well as video quality.

7. Afdah

One mistake that many streaming sites make is that they try to everything all at once. They put every single feature on their platform without giving a thought as to whether it is even necessary or not. This leads to poor management of the site and too many features lead to confusion among the users. Afdah keeps its platform clean and does not take the unnecessary risk of adding useless features. The simple interface of the site is inviting to the new users who are just looking for a simple and easy to platform where they can watch their beloved videos. There are no unnecessary formalities like signing up and creating an account that an individual has to go through to enjoy the videos of Afdah. Sci-fi, thriller, time travel, biopic, history, comedy and drama are some categories that are present in the video database of Afdah. The search bar of the site is pretty fast and effective. Before a user is able to type the full name of a movie or a TV show, the search bar shows results that might be the ones that the user is looking for. In order to make sure that the streaming service is smooth and free of buffering, Afdah has installed four streaming servers on the site. Thus, if the site faces a large amount of traffic on a particular day, it gets divided into these four servers.

8. Crackle

Another good site to stream and download videos for free is Crackle. Crackle is considered to be one of the most reliable sites in the streaming circuit. The video library of the site is nothing short of spectacular. It does not matter whether you watch movies casually or are a hardcore film buff who watches movies from different parts of the world, the site has content for every kind of person. The video database of the site is vast and is expanding constantly as more and more titles are added to the film collection with every passing day. Crackle is a great website for people who are not satisfied with the services of Toonova and are looking for another website to satisfy their entertainment needs. Just like Afdah, Crackle has decided to keep the site minimal and hence, has not added a large number of features on the platform. By doing this, Crackle has transformed into a site that is neat and clean and pretty easy to use by people who do not have much experience with illegal online streaming sites. The mobile app of the site is also used by the followers as it consumes fewer internet data as compared to the website.

9. Watchtvseries

Now, with changing times, the way people consume content is also changing. The attention span of the public is decreasing now and people are having a hard time watching something that has a runtime of two hours or more. So, more and more people are giving up on movies and are shifting towards web series as the runtime of a single episode only lasts from 20 to 60 minutes while a movie lasts for at least 90 minutes. Watchtvseries is a platform where a person can find all the latest episodes of popular shows like Money Heist, You, How to Get Away with Murder, A Series of Unfortunate Events etc. People have varied interests and not every person is interested in the same kind of a show. But the TV shows database of Watchtvseries has something every user. Just because the main focus of the site is on web series, it does not mean that there are no movies present on the platform. Popular films like Avengers, Black Panther, Sherlock Holmes, Aladdin, Mission Impossible, Jurassic World etc. can be streamed and downloaded from this platform. One great thing that Watchtvseries does is that it is open to criticism and takes feedback from users. By doing that, the site is able to analyze what the people actually want and thus, is able to modify the platform accordingly.

10. Moviewatcher

The last website to feature on this list of alternatives for Toonova is Moviewatcher. If you are looking to watch old classic films from the 60s, the 70s and the 80s, this site will be a great option for you. It is really easy for an individual to navigate the site and to learn how to stream or download a video file to the system. The content is segregated into various categories on the basis of things like genre, year of release, language, country, IMDB rating etc. The site can be accessed by any person sitting in any corner of the globe.

11. Baka BT

The Baka BT is one such website that focuses mainly on anime. It lets the users watch almost all kinds of anime on a single platform. Not just that but it also allows the users to watch their favourite anime in any language of their choice. This platform is going to feel like heaven for anime lovers. The website is extremely simple to access. It offers many other added advantages to the users too. There are a lot of reasons why this website is so popular amongst others of the same kind. You can visit this website from any device you want.

12. Master anime 

Master Anime is one of the leading anime-watching websites. The videos offered on this website have a very high audio and video quality. The user-friendliness of the site along with many other reasons is what makes this site so well known. If you want to access this website, there is not much you need to do. You just need to enter the name of the website in the browser and once you are there on its homepage, you can start searching for the content you are willing to watch. Once the web page is open, you can now see the varied options and then choose what you want to watch.

13. Kim Cartoon

Another very popular platform that can be trusted as an alternative to the Toonova website is Kim Cartoon. You can watch the newest to the newest cartoon shows on this website. Not just cartoon shows, but you can also watch anime and other animated videos on this platform. You can get free accessibility to the content of this platform. You don’t even need to get registered to access the content on this website. It is an amazing website that can fulfill all your cartoon-watching needs for sure. It has many other features which make this website one of its kind.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Toonova

1. What is Toonova known for?

Toonova is an illegal video streaming site that is popular for having animated videos, cartoons and animes present on its platform.

2. Is it legal to watch videos on Toonova?

No, it is not legal to consume content through the Toonova website. This is because the site has obtained copyrighted content through illegal means and has thus, committed the crime of piracy.


No matter how appealing or attractive these illegal movie sites like Toonova may sound to you, you should avoid them at all costs. Because if you use them to watch content, you are ruining the hard work that hundreds of people have done to make a film. We should all take the high road and watch movies only through legal ways like movie theatres, TV channels or legal OTT platforms.


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