Movies have become an essential part of many people’s lives today. Movies entertain them, fill their hearts with joy, give them hope, and distract them from the otherworldly things. They are the ultimate stress buster. And a good movie not only entertains you, but it also teaches you a lot of things. It gives you life lessons.

There are a lot of options available to the public when it comes to watching films. There are theatres, TV channels and OTT platforms. But the best, cheapest, and the most convenient way of watching films is considered to be online websites that allow movie streaming on their platforms. These sites can be operated for free and a person does not require an email address or mobile number to log in either. Movies Counter is a streaming website that can be used to watch good quality content both in terms of films and TV shows without having to pay any money.

What is Movies Counter?

Movies Counter

Movies Counter is a streaming website that plays host to pirated content on its platform. Piracy is a crime in India and a person can be punished if caught in the act. It has not taken Movies Counter a lot of time to gain popularity and now, people watch films on this site instead of going to the theatres. What many streaming websites fail to realise is that there is an audience for documentary films in the country that is bigger than ever before. People are hungry for knowledge and wan to watch documentaries to learn different things. Movies Counter is aware of this and that is why it has uploaded a lot of documentaries on the site. The website knows what its audience wants and constantly innovates to make them happy.

Features of Movies Counter

You cannot become successful by doing what everyone else is doing. You need to stand out and have something different that makes you unique and attracts people towards you. The same goes for streaming websites. Movies Counter has reached the stage where it is due to various unique features. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • The site has a wide range of content and includes films, documentaries and web series.
  • The site does not focus on a niche market segment. It tries to appeal to as many people as possible. That is why you can see films of different languages will be present on the Movies Counter website.
  • There is a variety for users when it comes to watching a film in different video formats. A user can choose between HDrip, DVDscr, DVDrip, 360p, 720i and 1080i.
  • There are different categories on the site that make the process of choosing films easier for the users.
  • Every film on the site is accompanied by a short synopsis or description. This is done so that a user does not have to go to another website like IMDB to know more about the film.


Although most of the streaming sites are pretty safe for use, there are some bad apples that bring with them a lot of complications. These sites can cause damage to a user’s computer by infecting it with a virus. Then, that individual will have to spend a significant sum of money to recover the data on that computer. Sometimes, it is not even possible to recover that data. So, a user should know about these things when he or she decides to use these streaming websites. They should also learn to differentiate good websites from the bad ones. This will save a lot of their time and effort.

How to Download Films from Movies Counter 

Some people who are new to the internet might be a little hesitant regarding these streaming websites. In order to put them at ease, we have made a list of steps that they can follow in order to download films from Movies Counter:

  • To start the downloading process, an individual will have to first open the Movies Counter website on his or her device.
  • After the site opens, the user can choose the film of his or her liking. Search bar and filters can be used for this purpose.
  • Once the desired movie is found, the user should click on it. He or she will be taken to a new webpage.
  • On this page, there will be two options – to stream the film or to download it. The user has to click on the download button and the downloading of the film will start.

Alternative Websites for Movies Counter

No matter how good a thing is, not every person is going to like it. It is not the thing’s fault. It is just the nature of things. People have different preferences and tastes. So, there will be people who will not be very impressed with the Movies Counter website. For these people, we have curated a list of websites that they can use to watch movies in place of Movies Counter. Below is that list of these websites:

1. Hindilinks4u


The name of the website makes it clear to the users that if a person is looking for Hindi language content, this is the place to visit. The reason why Hindilinks4u is the first name on the list of alternative platforms for Movies Counter is that both the sites share a lot of similarities and it can be called the best substitute for Movies Counter. If you are a person who watches all kinds of movies without any pre-conceived notions, then you should pay a visit to this place as there are movies from all genres like horror, action, drama, comedy and romance present on this platform. Dubbed versions of films are can also be found here which just goes on to show the diversity that the content of Hindilinks4u has. Good video quality and audio quality is something you will find in every film that is available on the site. A short description is given along with every film to tell the viewers what the movie is about. This can help them in making a choice as to what movie they should watch.

2. Yupp TV

Yupp TV

Not every person who uses streaming websites is a film lover. Some are TV show enthusiasts who love binge-watching episodes after episodes of their favorite shows. Yupp TV is suitable for these people. There is no need for a person to submit any debit card or Aadhar card details in order to access the site. The site can be used by the public for free. People have multiple options when it comes to enjoying the content on Yupp TV. They can either stream films online or download them for later use.

3. Sun XT

The next name on the list of websites that can be a substitute for Movies Counter is Sun XT. The specialty of Sun XT is that the video format of its films is compatible with DVD players. So, there is no need to convert them into different formats in order to play them on DVD players. All the movies that are available on Sun XT are for people who are of 18 years of age or above. So, there is no content for kids on this site. The site has been designed to reach the masses and it does this successfully as the site can be run smoothly on various different devices like tablets, laptops and mobile phones. But despite the age restrictions and irrespective of the fact that the content present on Sun XT is illegal, the site witnesses a huge amount of traffic every year.

4. Sabwap


Sabwap is not like the other websites that have been mentioned on this list. It is because Sabwap is not strictly a streaming website. It has more likely a search engine like Bing or Yahoo. How Sabwap works is that a person enters the film he or she wants to wants to watch and Sabwap churns out a list of platforms that have that film available. This website is of great use to some people and while finding movies, Sabwap often turns out to be more effective than the streaming websites.

5. Moviepublish


The next site that finds its mention on the list of substitutes for Movies Counter is Moviepublish. Regional films are the center of attention on the Moviepublish website. People can enjoy Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films on this platform. A person does not need to get disappointed if the film of his or her choice is not available on Moviepublish. There is an option on the website using which a person can request the website to add a particular film to the film collection. If it is feasible, the site accepts the request and uploads that movie on the platform. The user also gets a notification regarding this. Some people want everything to be simple and easy to use. They do not want to spend their time figuring out how a website works. For these people, it is important the website has a smooth interface and the Moviepublish website provides exactly that to them.

6. India4movie


If you are a person who is looking to watch Hollywood films or films of any other foreign language, then this site is not suitable for you. This site is for hardcore fans of Indian cinema. By Indian cinema, we do not mean just Bollywood. It includes all the regional film industries that are operating in different parts of the country. The film collection of India4movie is pretty decent and manages to cover a lot of different genres.



In the streaming sector, RARBG is one of the most renowned names. The site has films in multiple languages from different parts of the world. The users also get a choice as to which video quality they want to watch the film in. There are also multiple genres that a person can choose from. There are old hidden gems present on the site as well as the latest released films.

8. Sdmoviespoint


If you are tired of searching site after site for a place where films of good quality video can be found, then your search can end with Sdmoviespoint. The latest films like Kaamyaab and Angrezi Medium can be watched by people on this site without any interruption. The site also has films in dual audio languages. Thus, a person is able to choose the language he or she is more comfortable with. Films from this site can be downloaded using a laptop and even a mobile phone.

9. Isaimini


The South Indian cinema keeps churning out masterpieces like Baahubali, Arjun Reddy and Super Deluxe. And by doing this, the industry also keeps increasing its fan base in different parts of the country. Isaimini is a site that has dedicated its platform to South Indian content and this decision of theirs has been working out really well for them. When we say Tamil content, it does not mean only movies. Tamil songs are also there on the site and can be enjoyed by people for free.

10. Worldfree4u


A site needs to have something special. Only then it can get the attention of the public successfully and manage to rise above its competitor websites. Worldfree4u is a site that has that special feature that has become the source of its success. The site provides its viewers with films that are very good in terms of video quality but are really small in memory size. The file size of these films is as little as 300 MB. There are also films with dual audios available on Worldfree4u.

11. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The next name on the list is a website that is considered to be the mecca for torrents and that is The Pirate Bay. It would not be wrong to say that The Pirate Bay belongs to the most elite group of websites in the streaming world. Every person who uses torrent websites is bound to have heard the name of The Pirate Bay. Many people who do not even use streaming websites have also heard of this website. That is how popular this website is all across the world. A person can look for films, videos, songs, software applications and even songs on this platform.

12. Tamilgun


Another good site in terms of South Indian content is Tamilgun. The reason why there are so many streaming sites that focus on South Indian content have been popping up is because the language barriers have started to go down and people are now more open to watching films that are not in the language that they are familiar with. Subtitles have had a huge role to play in this progress of South Indian cinema. Content in different entertainment formats like web series, short films and documentaries can be enjoyed by people on this site for free. A person also gets to enjoy films in high definition which makes for a great film experience.

13. 123Movies


Now this is a site that does all the heavy lifting for the people and a user does not have to put much effort into looking for a film. The site has various categories like language, release date, genre and IMDB rating to help the users in selecting a movie. Although 123 Movies is available to the users for free, there is a premium version of the website that can be unlocked by spending money. Using the premium version, a person can put in a request to the site for a film that is currently not present in the collection of 123 Movies.

14. O2tvseries


The next site on this site that people can use to watch their favorite content in case the Movies Counter site is inaccessible is O2tvseries. One unique thing about this site is it provides magnetic links for the purpose of downloading films. Magnetic links make the downloading process simpler and faster. There are not many websites that have this feature on their platform. The efforts that have been made to keep the site properly organised are clearly visible. The movies are arranged in alphabetical order, starting from A and going all the way to Z.

15. Gleanstar

This is a site that has been making a lot of noise in the streaming sector in the year 2021. People who are short on money or cannot afford to spend it on films can use this website. There is no need for any registration or sign up to enjoy the facilities of this site.

16. YoMovies


You can use this site either stream films or you can download them for later use, the choice is up to you. Some people do not want to go through the entire process of downloading a film and then wait for the film to finish downloading. They want to just dive into the movie right away. For them, the streaming option is way better. The one problem with the site is the ads. These ads can interfere while you are watching a film and can cause repeated interruptions. One way to solve this problem is by installing and adblocker but that is too much hassle for some people. So, they just decide to use another website instead of this one.

17. Rainerland


This is a site that has not become as popular as the other names on this list. But that does not mean that it is inferior to them in any way. It is a great website to watch films if you are not interested in Movies Counter. Every single film on Rainerland is accompanied by its IMDB rating. This helps the users a lot as they can see whether a film is good or bad. The latest films keep getting uploaded on here.

18. 300mbdownload


As the name makes it clear, this is a website that is known for having films with memory size as small as 300 MB. So, it does not take a long time to download a film from this site. Movies get uploaded after just a few days of their release. The video quality is also decent for a site that has video files of 300 MB. The layout and design of the site are fairly simple and comprehensible. The site can be used anytime as 300mbdownload is functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any interruption.

19. Jalshamoviez


The last name on the list is Jalshamoviez. Films that are blockbusters in different regional cinemas of India are showcased on this site. You can find movies here from different languages like Punjabi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam etc. All the content present on Jalshamoviez is pirated but that does not deter its loyal users even one bit from using the website. Constant efforts are made to shut this site down. Therefore, Jalshamoviez has developed a lot of proxies to tackle this problem. Through proxies, users are still able to access the site for entertainment.

20. Moviemad


Sometimes, the appearance and design of a website attract users. When you enter the site Moviemad you would be surprised to see how amazing it is. With the site’s user-friendly UI and clean categories, it enhances the browsing experience of people. For movie freaks, there’s no better site than Moviemad. The best part is that it’s freely accessible and offers hassle-free navigation. Neither do you have to create an account nor do you have to subscribe. Besides all, Moviemad offers a brilliant collection of movies, web series, documentaries, short films, videos, trailers, and everything else you might look for.

21. Movie4k


Movie4k is another alternative to Movies Counter that’s worth considering. This site offers a selective collection of movies that are award-winning and critically acclaimed. Hence, movie4k provides you with a different kind of movie streaming experience. Like all other torrent sites, movie4k too offers services for free, without registration and subscription charges. However, it’s better than the rest of such sites because it uploads the latest contents consistently within a few days of their release, allowing people to stream their favourite new releases at home. People can select from a large library of films consisting of movies from different genres and in different languages.

22. Moviezwap


Some people aren’t ready to compromise on their movie streaming experiences in any way. They need a top-notch website that delivers the latest films in HD resolution. They also look for a flawless interface that is user-friendly and easily browsable. If you are one such movie freak, Moviezwap is the site for you. Here, you would get the highest quality of movies, web series, documentaries, short films, etc. The quality of these films remains unmatched. Moreover, the site offers free accessibility to all. Neither do you have to subscribe nor register on this site.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Movies Counter

1. Why are streaming sites considered illegal in India?

The online streaming sites that host films and TV series on their platforms are declared illegal because the content that they put on display is pirated and causes huge financial losses to the people who a lot of money into making films. Thus, to discourage the act of piracy, these sites have been made illegal.

2. What is the best alternative to Movies Counter?

Although there are many good streaming websites that a person can choose from, when it comes to Movies Counter the best alternative is probably Hindilinks4u. It is because of the similarities that both these sites share that they are perfect substitutes for each other.


Piracy is a crime in India and any person who is caught using any of these streaming websites might have to face severe legal consequences.

Best Alternative Websites for Movies Counter

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