If you are a movie buff, you feel like watching every latest movie. You wait for certain cinemas to get released as soon as you watch the trailers. Also, there are several foreign TV shows and web series that you usually don’t get to watch, but once you go through the reviews you feel to watch those now only. The movie lovers can only understand what kind of attraction they feel to watch the new movies along with the old and cult movies. But, neither have you always got time to visit the theatres nor you get those films on TV instantly.

What to do? Don’t worry as you can watch all the latest releases now through certain types of websites. These are the proxy websites of Torrent which upload the newest movies just after the release of the movies in theatres. If you get trapped in your regular busy life of target and deadline, it becomes difficult to make time and watch movies at theatres. Getting access to such websites can keep you excited and entertained with the new movies and you don’t need to pay a penny for that. Yes, this is another thing that makes people hesitant while going to the cinemas. The cost of movie tickets has increased so much that it is difficult to watch every movie. But, those trailers are amazing? Don’t worry as you have websites like Movietube to watch your favorite movies anytime, anywhere.

Have you visited the website of Movietube? This can be your one-stop solution for finding the latest movies. Today we will have an overview of this site before getting access to it. Read on to know more.

What Is Movietube?


Movietube is a pirated site that offers the latest movies, TV shows, web series, music videos, documentaries, and lots of other video contents. No more waiting for the new movies to be telecast on TV as you can now watch those after a day or two on Movietube. The movie library of this site will confuse you as you will find it difficult to choose which movies to watch. There is an array of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, and lots of other regional movies. Today, movies are content-based and lots of amazing films are being made in regional languages. You can find lots of Hindi-dubbed movies over there too.

The movies on this website are available in different formats like 720p, 1080p, and so on. You can enjoy HD quality videos on this site. So, for an amazing movie night, you can download lots of movies from this website at absolutely free of cost. This is another great feature of Movietube that you don’t need to pay any hidden cost for accessing movies on this site. 

You can also stream your favorite movies online if you have storage issues on your device. Usually, people, who prefer to watch movies on a smartphone, find it difficult to download and store many movies. For them, this feature is really helpful. But, remember this is a pirated site and all contents on this site are illegal.


Piracy has been declared illegal and is banned in India. Being a pirated site, Movietube has to stop its functions in this country. But, they are quite cautious and have returned in the different domain names. So far, there have been no legal issues regarding the activities of Movietube. So, you can use it without any tension. You just need to use a strong VPN connection to hide your existence over the internet.

Also, the users often find it dangerous that the contents of such websites are full of bugs and malware. With Movietube, there are no such issues. You can easily download the movies and other content without much fuss.

What you need to know is the present URL of this website to land on the right page. Movietube keeps on changing the domain name to avoid any kind of legal issues. 

Features of This Website

Hopefully, you have got a brief overview of the Movietube. If you are new to this website and want to know more about it, you can go through the features of this site. Have a look-

  • The user-friendly interface of this website is fascinating. You won’t find it difficult to use this site at all for downloading and streaming movies online.
  • You don’t need to pay anything to download movies and any other video contents from this site
  • You can also get the best HD quality videos and movies at this site
  • Besides downloading your favorite movie, you can go for streaming those online. No matter if you have less storage in your smartphone. Watching movies online is also a great experience
  • You will find numerous genres of movies in the movie library of Movietube. You can find thriller, drama, horror, social, and lots of other types of movies over there
  • Not only Bollywood Movies, but you can also download Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada and lots of other types of movies
  • Not only movies, but you can also download popular TV shows, web series, music videos, and other contents

How to Get Movies from Movietube?

Now, once you are convinced with the features and services of Movietube, it is time to know how to download movies from this site. You can follow certain simple guidelines to download the latest movies successfully on your device. The first thing you need to do is to visit the Homepage of the site. Due to security issues, the website constantly changes the URL. You have to know the present URL they are using to find the accurate page.

Once you visit the Homepage, you will find lots of the latest movies and other types of video content over there. You can click on those and directly go to the download link for downloading the movies. If you don’t find the one you are looking for at the Homepage, you can type the name of the movie on the search bar and get it. Visit the page and click on the download link to get it on your device instantly.

The download speed is quite high so you don’t need to wait the entire day to get those movies. With a speedy internet connection, it is now easy to get the latest movies quickly on your laptop.

Latest Movies to Download

So, what kind of movies can you download from this website? Once you visit the movie library on this website, you will get confused. Still, there are certain latest movies you will find worthy to watch-

  • Chapaak
  • Dabaang 3
  • Bala
  • Panga
  • Saand ki Aankh
  • Houseful 4
  • Shubh Mangal Zyada Saabdhan
  • Shikara
  • Ghost Stories
  • Bhoot: The Haunted Ship Part 1

Top Alternatives of Movietube

Movietube is an effective website to download Bollywood, Hollywood, and other movies in regional languages. But, if you don’t find anything particular on this site, you can check out the alternatives any time as those are equally good and effectual. Here is the list of the alternatives to Movietube you can try now. Read on to know more-

1. MoviezWap


This is one of the best alternatives to Movietube that you can try today to watch the latest movies. You can find a wide range of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Punjabi movies on this site. Besides downloading the contents, you can also stream movies online and watch whenever you want. Though you can find numerous movies of different types, this site is popular for Telugu movies. A person, who lives abroad and doesn’t get to watch the latest releases of Telugu movies, this site is a great solution to them.

Not only movies, but you can also watch and download varieties of new and old TV shows, web series, and lots of other videos from Moviezwap. The website is also mobile-friendly. The app of the Moviezwap is also amazing for those who don’t have a laptop or desktop and still want to watch the latest releases. You can download movies of different formats from this site like 420p, HDRip, 720p, BluRay, 1080p, DVDScr, DVDrip, etc. Not only of different formats, but you can also download movies of different sizes from this website including 4 GB, 600 MB, 1 GB, 300 MB, 400 MB, and so on.

Watching movies from this site is absolute bliss as you can get the movies of the best quality. There won’t be any disturbance than the pop-up ads but those will go away soon when you start downloading.

2. Bestwap


Bestwap is a popular name on the list of the alternatives to Movietube. This is a platform where users can download songs, movies, videos, and lots of other things at free of cost. Once you are planning to watch the latest movies on your laptop or smartphone, Bestwap can support you the best. The range of Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and lots of other films can blow your mind and you will get confused about which one to download. Don’t you have a laptop or a desktop? You can stream movies online from this website also.

You don’t need to log in or make any registration to Bestwap for accessing the movies and the songs. You just need to find out the actual URL of this site and download whatever you want. As a pirated site, they always change the domain name. So, you have to be cautious to know the present domain name to access this website. Downloading any content from this site is super easy. Visit the site and land on the homepage. You will find lots of movies there. Click on those and go directly to the downloading page. Download and enjoy the movie with your friends and family.

Another interesting thing about this site is that the high speed. You can download the movies at quite high speed so that you don’t need to wait for the entire day to download now. You just need a speedy internet connection to get all the movies at your device quickly.

3. Filmywap


While looking for the best-pirated websites for downloading the latest movies, you can go for Filmywap now. You can download movies from different genres like thriller, comedy, horror, drama, romance, etc. from the wide range of their movie collection. Not only that, but you can also find cartoon films, animation movies, etc. to entertain your kids on their holidays. The huge range of Hollywood, Bollywood, and the South Indian regional movies are awesome.

You can get the best quality videos while watching movies or download those from Filmywap. As soon as the movie gets released, you may get the hall collection, but within a day or two, you can watch HD quality videos on this site. There is no registration cost or deposition you need to make while accessing Filmywap. There are also no hidden costs. You just need to visit the site and download whatever movies or videos you want.

If you are a beginner and haven’t used Filmywap before, you will find the website quite user-friendly. This is one of the best sites for binge-watching. Not only the usual movies, but you can also find several off-beat documentaries and short films on this site to watch and download. If you are a true movie lover, this site can be your best friend.

4. MP4Mania

Are you a movie buff? Don’t you get time to visit theatres for your busy schedule to watch movies? Do you have a great taste of listening to soulful music? If all the answers are positive, you can visit MP$Mania now to get entertained. Downloading movies from this site is super easy as you will find all the latest films on the Homepage. Click on the movie name and download those instantly. The speed of downloading is quite high so you can download more than one movie a day. With a speedy internet, you can download whatever movies you want.

What types of movies you can download? From Bollywood to Hollywood, you can download whatever you want. If you are fond of movies in regional and foreign languages, you will find the Hindi-dubbed movies to get entertained. Not only movies, but you can also download web series and TV shows that will amaze you. By using a strong VPN, you can hide your identity on the internet and you won’t have any stress of getting into any legal issues.

MP4Mania always takes care of the safety and security of the users. That’s why you don’t need to get afraid of viruses and malware. The contents are free from those and all are of high quality. You can download without any tension of damaging your device.

5. DVDWap


Have you found it boring while making a journey by metro or in a congested bus? You must have thought of watching certain movies or anything on your smartphone to let go of the boredom. With DVDwap, you can solve that issue, and download whatever movies you want. Besides downloading, you can also stream movies online from this site. You can call this website the best solution for watching a wide range of movies. Besides movies, you can also watch TV series, Web series, etc.

The features of this website are the reasons why numerous people are fond of this site. First of all, it is a user-friendly interface that will help you to download your favorite films. Not only the newly released movies, but you can also find the popular and cult old movies that you prefer to watch repeatedly. The Homepage is also attractive and well-designed. Users can get attracted to that once they find the real URL and land on the original page.

There are lots of special bars and filters that will help you to find the movies you are looking for. No need to scroll down the entire page, but using the filters will concise your search and you get your desired movies instantly. There are also language-specific filters to find movies of different languages. If you want to movies of your language, you can do that easily now.

6. SolarMovie


To watch free movies that have been released recently along with TV shows and web series, you can go to the website of Solarmovie. This is a pirated website and one of the best alternatives to Movietube. If you have a laptop or desktop and don’t have any issues with storage capacity, you can download any films you want. But, if storage is an issue, online streaming is the best option. There is also a user-friendly app of Solarmovie that you can use now. Through the app, you can watch any movies if you have an internet connection.

The database of solar movies is outstanding. You will find the latest Hindi, English, and regional movies on this site. Also, you can watch other video content at free of cost. You don’t need to login to their site or pay anything for downloading movies or streaming those online. Using the website is safe as the content of this site is free from viruses and malware. All movies on this site are of HD quality. So, if you are planning to arrange a movie night at your place, download your favorite movies now from Solarmovies.

Searching movies on this website is simple as you will get those on the homepage. If not, you can search through the search bar and filters to get the movie you want to watch.

7. Viewster

One of the major alternatives to movietube is Viewster. With its vast selection of contents, containing movies, web series, documentaries, etc. It has surely emerged to be a top movie streaming platform in a short time. It’s working is better managed than the other online sites that exist. The site offers top-notch services for free. It hosts some of the major award-winning movies and web series that anyone would love to watch. The best part is it has very few ads. Hence, you wouldn’t be interrupted frequently while watching movies. Besides offering movies, people can also choose to stream from selected TV programs and shows on Viewster in HD resolution!

8. Cinemabox

Next to Viewster is Cinemabox, another alternative worth considering. Watching movies from this site is extremely satisfying. You would feel blessed to see the variety of content it brings to people. The site’s smooth interface and easy browsing experience further enhance everyone’s experience. There are extremely few pop-up advertisements on this site, another benefit that Cinemabox offers. Starting from movies, web dries, documentaries, the site covers it all. Not only do you get movies in different languages but also from different genres. The contents are uploaded in multiple formats as well. So visit Cinemabox now and check out its varied collection of contents.

9. XMovies8


Are you a movie buff? Are you unwilling to visit theatres and wanting to watch movies at home instead? XMovies8 would be the perfect choice if you are searching for a suitable movie site. This site brings the latest collection in HD resolution for free to all users. If you are looking forward to some quality entertainment, XMovies8 is the best place. When you enter the site, you would be amazed to see the innumerable groups available on its homepage. Go through the collection of movies and click on the movie that you would like to stream. You can even choose to download content from XMovies8. Not only movies, but you can also stream or download other content like short films, videos, web series, documentaries, and whatnot!

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Movietube

1. Is it safe to download movies from Movietube?

Movietube is a pirated site and therefore, it is banned in India. Downloading any copyrighted from this site is an illegal and a punishable offense. But, till now this site has not been into any legal issues. So, you can download content from this site easily. Besides, the contents of this site are free from any viruses and malware. So, there is no threat to your devices.

2. What kind of content can you download from this site?

You can download the latest movies from Movietube. This is a hub of the newly released Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi movies along with Hindi-dubbed movies. You can also find animation movies on this site to download. Besides movies, you can also download popular TV shows, web series, music videos, and lots of other video content to get entertained.

3. Is there any hidden cost to download movies from Movietube?

No, you don’t need to pay anything to download movies from this site. You just need to visit the site and directly download whatever you want to. You don’t need to log in or make any deposition or registration while downloading movies from this site.

4. Can you download movies faster from this website?

Yes, this is one of the most important features of downloading movies from Movietube. You can download movies quickly from this site because of the high download speed. What you need is high-speed internet that will support the downloading speed of the movie. No more waiting for longer if you get the access of Movietube.


Piracy is an illegal practice and being a pirated site, Movietube is illegal too. Downloading any contents from this site will be a punishable offense. If you ever get caught using this website, you will be penalized. The film industry is based on the revenues it gets from selling tickets. It needs too much hard work to make one film. If the viewers don’t visit the theatres and watch movies at home just by downloading those from the pirated site, that can make the industry face a huge loss. Who knows the industry may not remain capable of entertaining you anymore! So, if you are a true movie lover, you should stop downloading pirated content.


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