This article is on ‘Mp4mania’, a website that has movies and shows present on its platform that are available to the public for free. The article entails information about how to use the website and download movies from it.

Movies have been a source of entertainment for people for many decades. Over the years, technology has grown a lot in the world and various new inventions have been made for the betterment of the world. Now people can watch movies on their laptops and mobile phones using streaming sites.

One torrent platform that people can make use of to watch their favorite soap operas, TV series and films is Mp4mania.

Mp4mania is a streaming website that aims to cater to the needs of all kinds of users. Mp4mania mostly has Hollywood and Bollywood movies on the platform. Users can watch movies for free on this platform and they also do not have to open an account. The video and audio quality of the content downloaded on the website is also very high and thus, enhances the movie-watching experience of the users. It is a torrent website and the government and the regulatory authorities constantly keep trying to shut them down. So, a user should keep changing the VPN in order to access the website.

Features of Mp4mania

There are certain characteristics that the Mp4mania website has, that makes it attractive for the users. Following is a list of features that make Mp4mania stand out from the rest of its competitor websites:

  • The website provides easy to download options to the users so that they do not have to go through any unnecessary hassle.
  • The film library of the website is huge and has films for all kinds of people. 
  • The audio and video quality of a video file is important as they can seriously impact the movie-watching experience of the users. The audio and video quality of the movies present on the Mp4mania website is pretty great which is a piece of delightful news for film buffs.
  • A user knowingly or unknowingly wants that the website use be easy to use and navigate and it should not take a computer-genius to access the website.
  • No account has to be created by users to watch movies on Mp4mania. Also, no subscription fee has to be paid by the users to access the website.
  • The first thing that makes an impression on the user is the front page of the website. And Mp4mania has an amazing front page that manages to captivate the eyes of the users.
  • The content on the website is neatly sorted into different categories and a user has multiple filters at his or her service to easily find the movie they are looking for.

How to Download Videos from Mp4mania

Downloading videos and other types of files from the internet is a tricky business. Some individuals find it as easy as riding a bicycle. But for some people, it can turn into their worst nightmare. The first reason for this is that there are a lot of people out there who are not tech-savvy and are not very familiar with these online streaming websites. A lot of websites have fake download links which can cause trouble to the users. The best-case scenario in the case of clicking a fake download link is that an ad will come up on the screen, which is pretty much harmless. But the worst-case scenario can be that the user’s laptop might get infected viruses or some type of malware. Then, he or she would have to pay a significant sum of money to get that laptop repaired.

A user must take necessary precautions to avoid these scenarios. Following is a list of instructions that a user should follow in case he or she wants to download a film from Mp4mania:

  • The first step is to open the Mp4mania website using the search engine.
  • Then the user has to choose which movie he or she wants from the different categories or the user can simply search for the film by going to the search bar and entering the title of the movie.
  • When the user finds the desired video, then he or she has to click on the thumbnail.
  • A new page will open with the details of the film. There will also be a download link on that page.
  • The user has to then, click on the link and the film will start to download.


Although a person is free to watch movies online on these streaming websites, there are certain legalities that need to be taken into consideration. The major issue with these streaming websites is that the content present on these streaming platforms is pirated and piracy is a crime punishable by law in India. There is a risk of a virus entering the user’s device while he or she is accessing the website. So, necessary precautions need to be taken by the users before they start using these websites to enjoy movies.

9 Alternative Websites for Mp4mania

It is always good to have alternative options. In case a person cannot find the movie of his or her choice on Mp4mania or is unable to access the website due to some technical or legal reasons, these alternative websites can come in handy. Below is a list of 10 websites that can be a decent substitute for Mp4mania:

1. HDmovieplus


If a person is looking for a good website to watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies as well as Indian regional films, then HDmovieplus is a great option. On some torrent websites, the newly released films might not be available in HD quality. But that is not the case with HDmovieplus. Staying true to its name, HDmovieplus provides the latest films and TV shows to its users in high quality and as soon as possible. The website has an impressive WordPress design which runs smoothly on mobile phones too. The site has a Disqus comment system which allows for a direct dialogue between the site and the users. People running the website can get useful feedback from the users and make improvements to the website to better cater to user needs.

2. HDmp4mania


Some of the exclusive content that is available on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix, is also present on the HDmp4mania website. The streaming service of the site runs quite smoothly and a person can watch movies without facing any buffering issues. Films in multiple audio languages are also present on the platform. This helps the site in attracting a large section of the market towards its platform. The user interface of HDmp4mania is very well crafted and a user does not face many difficulties while navigating the website. On great thing about HDmp4mania that attracts users towards it is that the site is devoid of any pop up ads. This makes for a much better viewing experience for the movie lovers. The website has the latest and the most popular movies on the platform in high audio and video quality.

3. Fmovies


Fmovies, which has become a household name among internet users for watching and downloading movies, is a great alternative for Mp4mania. One of the reasons behind this is that Fmovies boasts of a huge and diverse video library that helps the site in getting the attention of all types of cinema lovers from different parts of the world. Some of the other qualities that make it attractive to the users are the smooth and neat user interface, sorting of films into various different categories like IMDB rating, country, year of release, genre etc. and the hassle-free access to the content available on the platform. The video and audio quality of the movies can make or break the site. The audio and video quality of the films on the Fmovies platform is quite good and this is why the users choose this website over many others.

4. Khatrimaza


One website that the people can use as an alternative for Mp4mania is Khatrimaza.The website boasts of a large collection of movies and TV shows. This includes not only Bollywood and Hollywood films, but also various Indian regional films in languages like Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil etc. There is a section of people who do not have time to go to theatres to watch movies and they usually watch content on their mobile phones. To appeal to that section of people, Khatrimaza has developed a mobile app that can be download and installed on tablets and mobile phones to watch and download movies and web series. On this website, a user can not only watch the content of their choice but can also download it. Due to this, users can watch their favorite content even when they have no internet connection. The website has multiple servers for streaming purposes. It is of great help to the users because if a person is not able to watch a film on one server due to heavy traffic or due to some other technical difficulties, he or she can always go to one of these alternative server links. The one drawback that Khatrimaza has is that the Khatrimaza app is too big in size. So, it takes a lot of space on a user’s mobile phone which can result in a shortage of storage memory in the phones. It can sometimes cause inconvenience and slow down the mobile phone of the users.

5. Filmyhit


People in India have grown up watching Bollywood films. The craze over Bollywood is such that it is now a part of many people’s lives in India. Filmyhit is a great choice for a person who is looking for a streaming website where he or she can watch his or her favorite Bollywood films. The website is also a host to Hindi dubbed versions of Hollywood movies. So, the people who are not proficient in English can also enjoy these films. The user interface of the website is very smooth and this makes it very easy for the users to search for their favorite movies on the website. The site also has a unique feature where in case a user is not able to download a movie from the website, he or she will be automatically directed to an external source to download the movie. The website provides the option of magnetic links to its users to download movies. This helps the users in keeping their VPNs hidden. This is helpful because the regulatory authorities constantly try to shut this site down and using different VPN allows a user to access the site.

6. India4Movie


The name should be enough of an indication that India4movie is a website that mainly caters to the Indian public. The website does so by having Bollywood as well as regional language films (Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu) on its platform. Though the site is heavily focused on Indian content, it does not mean that the website’s video library is limited to just that. India4movie also plays a host to many popular and critically acclaimed Hollywood films. The competition among streaming websites is fierce and cut-throat. A website has to do something to stand out from the crowd. India4movie does just that by uploading the new films on its platform as soon as possible. The video quality of the files uploaded on the site is also pretty great.

7. MovieTube


MovieTube can be considered to be a great alternative to Mp4mania. On MovieTube, the chances of a person successfully finding a rare movie, which he or she is not able to find on other websites, are very high. This goes to show how impressive and diverse the video library of MovieTube is. The website also has a language category in which films are sorted according to the regional languages they have been made in. Thus, the website tries to fulfill the needs and wants of users from all parts of the country. The website also gives a chance to people, who are religious followers of the website, to become a prime member. Becoming a prime member of Movie Tube allows a person to watch those movies on the website that are not yet available on the market.

8. Waptrick


Unlike its competitors, Waptrick is much more than an online streaming website that has films and TV shows on its platform. The website has software applications, mp3 songs and video games available on its platform. Thus, Waptrick, the amount of traffic that Waptrick attracts is more than the other websites. There is also an instant messaging service on Waptrcik which people can use to interact with each other and have a conversation about their favorite films and TV shows. Waptrick also has stuff for people who are into cool wallpapers and themes for mobile phones. Various different genres of video games like action, arcade, combat, quiz etc. are present on the platform.

9. 8xFilms


8xFilms is a streaming website that has made its name in the market by uploading movies on the platform as soon as they release. There are often times when movies are uploaded within hours of getting released in the theatres. This quality of 8xFilms bring in hordes of users to the website. The site has films in various Indian languages like Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil Hindi etc. But 8xFilms goes a step further in pleasing the internet users as it has award show functions and documentaries on its platform. Some of these documentaries are really hard to find on the internet and that is why 8xFilms has built a loyal user base. To increase its market segment, 8xFilms have also started to target the people who are really busy and usually do not have time to watch films. For this reason, 8xFilms has created a mobile app that can be downloaded and installed on phones and tablets to watch films on the go.

So, these platforms can be considered good substitutes to the Mp4mania website.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mp4mania

1. Does a person have to pay a subscription fee to watch films on Mp4mania?

No, a user can watch movies and TV shows on the website for free.

2. Is the content on Mp4mania legal?

No, the videos present on the Mp4mania is pirated and illegal.

3. What is Mp4mania?

Mp4mania is an online streaming platform that people use to stream and download videos.

4. Is registration necessary for the Mp4mania website?

No, registration is not necessary for Mp4mania.


There are a lot of people who want to know about the illegal streaming platforms present on the internet and how they operate. The article has been written to give knowledge to those individuals. The intention of the article is not to promote piracy in any way.


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