If you want to learn about online streaming sites and want to know which sites work really well, then all you need to do is give this article a read. The article will majorly focus on the 9jarocks website and will also list down some other websites that can be used by people to enjoy web series and movies.

What is 9jarocks?

9jarocks is a torrent site that allows people to download movies and TV shows in high video quality. There are movies in different memory sizes like 300 MB, 400 MB, 700 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB. This is helpful to a lot of people in India as there are many individuals who cannot afford to buy big internet data packages. So, every person can choose the file size according to his or her internet limit. The site is a jack of all trade. This means that the video database of 9jarocks contains film from various film industries like Tollywood, Hollywood, Pollywood, Bollywood, and Kollywood. 9jarocks does this to make sure that the site appeals to every person out there and people from all parts of the country pay a visit to the site. On top of all this, a person does not have to spend a single penny in order to enjoy the content of 9jarocks. So, this drives more traffic towards the streaming site.

Legalities of 9jarocks

9jarocks deals in pirated content and illegally rips off movies that are released in theatres. This is a violation of the Copyright Act of 1957. There are some serious repercussions if a person is caught indulging in the act of piracy. He or she can e ordered to pay a fine that can go up to 3 lakh rupees. In some cases, the guilty party may also be sent to prison for multiple years.

Categories of Films on 9jarocks

What good is it to have a film site if there is no range or diversity in its video database? No site has ever succeeded by serving just one type of movies to its public. A good site needs to consistently expand and diversify its video library so that more and more people keep coming there. The library of 9jarocks contains movies from multiple major genres. These films have been arranged according to their genres so that they can be located easily by the users. The genres that are covered by the 9jarocks website are:

  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Murder Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Animation
  • Biography
  • Sports Drama
  • Mythology
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
  • Action

Quality of Films on 9jarocks

There are a lot of hardcore film buffs out there who are not ready to compromise on the video and audio quality of a film at any cost. They want the best print that is available on the internet. And then, there are also people who do not care much about a movie being in high definition. They are okay with everything. 9jarocks caters to both these types of people. Following are some of the qualities in which you can find movies on 9jarocks:

  • 480p
  • 360p
  • HD
  • DVDrip
  • Full HD
  • 720p HD
  • 1080p Full HD

9jarocks App

In the spirit of diversifying and expanding, 9jarocks has also created a mobile phone app that works on smartphones. There are many people in India who cannot afford to own a laptop. So, most of them watch videos on their mobile phones only. For these people, this app is very helpful. The mobile app is also not very large in size. It is only around 2 MB. So, an individual does not have to worry about running out of storage space on his or her mobile phone. The app gets updated regularly in order to continuously provide fresh content to its users.

9jarocks Telegram Channel

Apart from the internet website and the mobile app, 9jaorcks has entered the arena of Telegram. Telegram is a mobile app that is used by people to download and stream movies and web series. 9jarocks has created a channel on Telegram which can be used by people who are loyal followers of the site. The Telegram channel of the site has been so successful that there are already more than 80,000 people that use the site’s channel to download videos. On the Telegram channel, the content of 9jarocks is not limited to only movies. There are also TV shows, short films, WWE shows and clips and music videos are also present on the channel.

Source of Revenue of 9jarocks

No matter how good a service a business provides to its customers, it needs revenue in return in order to survive. Since the 9jarocks ad is illegal, it does not charge any money from the users. Thus, the site earns no money from registration. In order to keep things afloat, the site has to put on ads on the platforms for which they are paid revenue by the sponsors. This is how 9jarocks earns money.

Features of 9jarocks

Following is a list of features of 9jarocks:

  • The site as well as the mobile app gets updated on a regular basis. Thus, if there are any bugs or viruses present on the platform, they get removed with the upgrade.
  • The servers that have been put in place by 9jarocks are extremely fast. A person is able to stream high quality videos without facing any buffering issues.
  • The user interface of the app, as well as the site, is pretty simple and straightforward.
  • The app is compatible with almost all the android devices out there and is also very small in size.

Alternative Websites for 9jarocks

Following are some options that can be useful for people if they are looking for an alternative for 9jarocks:

1. MoviesDa


The first site to make an appearance on this list is MoviesDa. The site has thousands of movies and web shows on its site to entertain its users. MoviesDa has a good mixture of regional and international films in its video collection. One good thing about MoviesDa is that there are not many pop up ads on the platform. So, a user does not get annoyed while watching a film.

2. Ice Movie

Ice Movie
Ice Movie

Now this is a streaming platform that is legal and hence charges money from people in the form of a subscription fee. People who are not comfortable with illegal sites and are looking for legal alternatives and can afford to pay money should definitely go for this website.

3. 123Movies


Any person who regularly uses online sites to stream content will know about the 123Movies website. The site is very popular among internet users. All the latest episodes of your favorite TV show that you are eagerly waiting for can e found on this site and that too for free. The overall look and design of the site are also very appealing. This plays a big part in attracting new customers as they usually give more importance to the appearance of the site than the contents in it. So, the site faces so much traffic on a daily basis that it has to install multiple servers for streaming purposes. This is because a large amount of traffic used to crash the servers. With the help of multiple servers, the site can provide and a smooth and seamless movie-watching experience to its users.

4. Filmyzilla


Now this is a site that is very new in the streaming sector. But in this short period of time, the site has managed to become extremely popular and successful. One major attraction of the site is the huge collection of films and Tv shows. Films from different countries of the world like Spain, Argentina, Germany, The United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, France and Italy are present on Filmyzilla. This attracts a large number of film buffs to the site.

5. Movierulz


The last name on this list of alternatives for 9jarocks is Movierulz. The site does everything right. It has a great video library, is neatly organised and also has fast servers. The user interface of the site is also very simple and easy to use. It is a solid site for people who do not want to experiment much with streaming platforms.


When people watch pirated prints of films on illegal streaming sites, it affects the filmmakers and producers who have put their time, money and effort into making the film. They do not get to reap the rewards of their own hard work. So, it is advised that movies should be watched only on legal OTT platforms.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 9jarocks

1. Is 9jarocks legal?

No, 9jarocks serves pirated prints to its users and thus, is illegal.

2. How to use 9jarocks on a mobile phone?

9jarocks has created a mobile app that people can download on their phones to download videos.

3. IS there a legal alternative for 9jarocks?

Ice Movie is a pretty decent legal website for streaming and downloading movies.


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