Everyone is eagerly waiting for 1st January 2024 so that they can greet the New Year and bid goodbye to the horrendous year that 2023 has been. Everyone knows that things won’t get back to normal as soon as we enter 1st January 2024. But the New Year has brought new hope for sure and you can express this hope and optimism through 1st January images.

Happy 1st January 2024: Images, GIF, HD Pics, Photos, DP for Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy 1st January Images

There is a lot of different kinds of images you can send and use to celebrate the first day of the New Year. Do you want to know about them all? Then read on below:

Happy 1st January 2024: Images for Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy 1st January Images for Whatsapp


Happy 1st January


Happy 1st January Images for Whatsapp


Happy 1st January

What kind of images can you send on New Year’s?

Happy 1st January 2024

  • Images of pets

Images of puppies and kittens always evoke joy and happiness. Their cuteness and innocence make any kind of anxiety or depression more tolerable. So sending these images will certainly make the recipient appreciate it. 

  • Images of sunrise

If you want to inspire the recipient and make them not lose hope then send 1st January photos of the sunrise. This year has been devastating for many. There are plenty of families who were affected by covid this year. Even if not directly, then many family members lost their jobs due to the lockdown and shutdown. 

They are all hoping that the New Year will bring better jobs and foster a more positive outlook on life. So you can encourage this hope by sending images of sunrise with flying birds or sunrise piercing clouds to signify the optimism. 

Happy 1st January Greetings

  • Images of rivers

Rivers symbolise life in a way. It is always moving and always flowing. irrespective of what comes in its path, a river always finds a way either around it or over it. So if someone in your family or friend circle has gone through a particularly bad year, then you should send them images of blue mighty rivers which keep on flowing no matter what.

You can pair such 1st January pics with thoughtful messages like, ‘may this year bestow on your strength and perseverance,’ and ‘may you overcome all the hurdles in life and keep on flowing.’

  • Images of a climber climbing mountains

Such images show human perseverance and determination. It’s not easy to climb mountains but many have accepted such tasks and done it either way. The mountains here represent hurdles or goals. You can send such images to people who need the motivation to keep ongoing. After all, when everything seems to be stacked up against you, then the desire to fight diminishes. 


1st of January Quotes

Happy 1st January 2024: Whatsapp DP & Facebook Profile Picture

1st January Whatsapp DP

Such images can motivate a person to fight again. You can pair it with thoughtful messages like, ‘may you overcome all the hurdles in life and reach your goal this year.’ Know that you can even put such images as your 1st January DP as well. 

Happy 1st January DP

So, here are the different kinds of images that you can send to various kinds of people. Know that you can send other kinds of images as well. Just make sure that the images always depict positivity and optimism. 


1st of January messages

Happy 1st January 2024: HD Photos & Pictures

1st January Photos


Happy 1st January Wishes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 1st of January Images

1. What kind of wishes to send to someone who has lost their job in 2023?

You can send messages which empathize with the person, but give them the strength to carry on too. For example: ‘may this New Year bring prosperity and drive away from the darkness’ and ‘may you and your family flourish in an abundance of good health and wealth this year.’

2. What kind of images to send to a person with lofty goals?

You can send images of mountains with a climber to show that you trust in them to overcome the hurdles and emerge victoriously. 


Happy 1st January Images

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