With the internet era ruling the world, no matter how hard people try, they are always glued to their mobile phones. The first social networking site to get famous all over the world and introduced the concept of letting others know what they are up to is Orkut. People took over to this site and let people know what is their current state of mind and what they are doing at present. Anything that goes on a person’s mind is updated as to status.

Happy New Year 2024: Status, Short, Line Status & Whatsapp Video Status to Update 30 Second Story

Happy New Year Status
Happy New Year Status

Earlier, the medium of conveying the thoughts, emotions, and other related expressions were way too limited. With the coming in of the social networking sites, a lot of booms happened in no time and everyone loved the attention they got via the status update feature. Then came, the other social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Wechat, etc, Later arrived, the messaging platforms and applications that aided people to communicate with each other only if they have their mobile phone numbers. With this, the freedom and space to communicate what is going on in a person’s mind became easier. 

Happy New Year Status


What needs to be included in the Happy New Year status? 

New Year Status
New Year Status

WhatsApp earlier has its status feature only beneath where one can see the person’s contact number. There are certain things when you include in your WhatsApp status for the New Year that can make it one of the best and people would love watching and downloading your status. These days, Instagram is also becoming very popular amongst the masses for the extraordinary status-related features it holds. One can add stickers and some pre-designed images to the status. New Year Status for WhatsApp is one of the most searched terms during New Year’s eve. 

Happy New Year 2024 status

  • A short video of your year 

Whether you agree or not, humans have a natural tendency to know what’s going on in the lives of the other person. You can upload a short video of how your year went on your WhatsApp status. You can make this video by making use of some of the best video making applications. These are available on the app store and play store. You can select some of the best images depicting how your year went and add some background images to it and make it like a short movie. Also, when the people watching your status get to see themselves on the video they feel very elated. 

  • Quotes 

You can put the quotes on your WhatsApp status either in the form of images and join together several images and make it a short video and upload. If you add some cool songs in the background, it seems more interesting. These quotes can be very lively and spreading happiness instead of focusing on the sad part of life. 

  • Your thoughts 

In case, you are uploading status on Facebook where there is no limit on the word count for uploading a status, you can pen down the status and then upload it. In case, you want to let people on your WhatsApp contacts know the status you had uploaded on Facebook, then you can share the link on WhatsApp status.


Happy New Year 2024 Status For Whatsapp

New Year Status for WhatsApp
New Year Status for WhatsApp


  • Hey fellas, say good bye to 2023 and welcome 2024 with love in your heart and new aspirations in your mind. Have an amazing new year ahead!
  • This new year, I want to become the best possible version of myself by commencing my journey to greatness again on a fresh note!
  • We don’t have the power to go back in the time and change everything. However, we certainly hold the power to start now and carve a better and hopeful future!
  • Maybe life is a matter of chance but the companionship with you is a matter of choice. Happy new year!
  • Always commence the new year with hopes in your heart, a vision in your mind, and positive energy in your body. Happy new year!
  • Wishing a happy new year to the most exuberant, quirky yet lovely neighbors in the world. May Lord showers endless prosperity and good luck in your life!
  • The key to achieving a gargantuan success in life is an unwavering focus on your goal. Nothing great has ever been achieved without unflinching focus.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I wish a super-successful, prosperous, and full of joyous moments happy new year to my loved ones. You guys are my backbone!
  • The very essence of life is keep moving. If you are not moving in life, you are simply dying one moment at a time. Happy new year guys!
  • May the brand new year bestow utter tranquility and earth-shattering success in your life. May this year turns out to be the best year of your life.


Happy New Year 2024 Short Status

Happy New Year 2024 Status
Happy New Year 2024 Status


  • Love and happy new year 2024 to all my friends, relatives and family members. May you always be happy!
  • May our bond never get broken. May we understand each other and become of each other. Happy new year 2024!
  • May you remain always young and beautiful. Happy new year my love!
  • May you get rich and may I get richer than you. We both get together. Love be in us. Happy new year 2024 to you!
  • May your shadow of hairs always fall on my face. May my love for you never lessen. Happy new year 2024 my love!
  • May in your life always true and genuine friends you have. Happy new year to all my friends!
  • May you all have strength and love to face anything. Wishing happy new year 2024 to all my friends!
  • Forgetting all disputes, may we become of each other again. Happy new year 2024 to my dearest friends!
  • May you and me forever be best friend. When you feel the pain I answer. Wishing you love and happy new year 2024!
  • May you all feel the truth in love. May you forever feel the ecstasy of it. Happiest new year 2024 my friend!


Happy New Year 2024 2 Line Status

Happy New Year Short Status
Happy New Year Short Status


  • I will consider the new year 2024 as my happy new year only when none of you party poppers will be near. Happy new year 2024 junkies!
  • Never stop a new year party unless the ugliest person starts seeming beautiful and the wounds of the past year funny. Happy new year 2024 guys!
  • Let’s celebrate the new year 2024 until the entire champagne and food of the town go into the stomach of our guests. Have a crazy new year guys!
  • New year parties have become too cliche. The Netflix and chill at home with your loved ones is way better than a noisy and crowded party. Happy new year 2024 all!
  • When you have a sense of certitude in mind and unconditional love in your heart, every moment of life feels like a new year celebration. Happy new year to all my near and dear ones!
  • When the flower of the old year dies, the vivacious flower of the new year blossoms.
  • The new year is the high time to kick away the past and give a tight hug to the future. Happy new year 2024 everyone!
  • Even the new year will seem old if your point of view about life doesn’t change with its arrival. Happy new year 2024!
  • I wish, this new year you experience intriguing things in life, hop on to scintillating destinations, and find the true love of your life. Happy new year cutie pie!
  • With the new year also arrives new goals, new desires, new relationships, and also the new you. Happy new year 2024 my dear!

Happy New Year Status For Whatsapp


How can one download images and videos for uploading on status? 

Happy New Year Whatsapp Status

One can create their images and videos for uploading on status. Whichever option, a person prefers to go for, it must be in sync with what is expected of them. Several websites have readymade templates using which one can create and upload status on WhatsApp. 

You can even create a status on Instagram using some of the best stickers and other graphics. The filters feature of the application is gaining a lot of attention these days from every age group. It is very easy to make an interesting status with all the features provided by Instagram. This can be taken as a screenshot and uploaded on WhatsApp status. 

Some websites have images dedicated for uploading on New Year. One can right-click on those images and then download it and use it for the status. The New Year Status is found in various languages as well. 

One can also download videos from the websites. Make sure you have the relevant video player on your computer. So, that you can know if you had downloaded the right video or not and then upload it on your WhatsApp status. 

Welcoming the New Year with a broad smile on one’s face is the usual norm. When people don’t get to meet each other during the tiring times of a pandemic, then you can keep sending wishes on different social networking platforms and messaging services. 

Happy New Year 2024 Whatsapp Video Status


Happy New Year 2024 Video Status For Whatsapp

Happy New Year 2024 Whatsapp 30 Second Video Story 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about New Year Status 2024

1. What should not be included on your status for New Year 2024?

It is better not to spread any hate speech or any discriminatory content at a very special event. When you are uploading status to a limited audience only on your messaging platforms like WhatsApp, then it is not a major issue. When you end up uploading status in a highly discriminatory manner on your social networking platform like Facebook, then you might encounter some trouble. 

2. Is it fine to add a religious touch to your New Year status 2024?

When the status you get to upload on WhatsApp is catering an only a limited number of audiences, then there is no issue with you adding some religious touch to it. When you are aware of the fact that a lot of your friends who are firm in their religious belief system would get to view the status you upload, then it is not a great idea. Happy New Year Status can be downloaded online without any sort of religious touch. 

3. Can you download videos from the other person’s WhatsApp status?

Yes. There are a lot of screen recording applications available using which one can download the WhatsApp status others upload on your phone. You can upload this to your status. One has to keep in mind that the status duration for one cycle is only 30 seconds and if you wish to have a longer duration, then you need to increase the cycle duration by another 30 seconds. 

Happy New Year Status

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