2020 has been a major year of turmoil. One can call it a year filled with a lot of roller coaster moments. A major pandemic struck the entire world and bought it to a standstill. But we can sense some good times coming ahead with the year coming to an end. Also, the year 2020 was not about getting what we always wanted, it’s about appreciating what we already have. Some of life’s biggest and best experiences were derived from the year only.

Happy New Year 2021: Images, HD Photos, Pictures for Whatsapp DP

Happy New Year Images

Almost anyone around the world is wishing only good for others for 2021. The pandemic though has socially physically distanced us, it has indeed bought us mentally close to each other. Travelling within the districts has opened up but travelling outside the district hasn’t opened up yet. So, people can’t meet each other and celebrate the huge event. In case, what you can do for the New Year to heartily wish a New Year for your beloved ones, you can send images via the various social networking platforms. 

Happy New Year 2021 Images for Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy New Year 2021 Images


Happy New Year Images for Whatsapp

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How sending images as New Year wishes makes a person happy? 

Happy New Year 2021
Happy New Year 2021

They say Pictures speak louder than words. Not everyone has the patience to read the huge paragraph you send a message. When you send them an image, it instantly brightens up their face and brings immediate happiness. There can’t be a better way to express your love for someone by making them happy. Also, with all the kind of latest tech that is put in place for sending wishes, one can send some of the best wishes to your beloved ones. 

Happy New Year 2021: HD Images Free Download

Happy New Year 2021 HD Images


What kind of images can be sent for the New Year? 

Happy New Year Images HD

Depending on the person you intend to send the New Year wishes, the images must vary. 

  • Manager/Higher Official 

For instance, if you are planning to send New Year images to your manager or your higher official, it must not be very shiny and glossy. Make sure that there is limited graphics or other kinds of pictures in the image. It can have a neat and clean border design with a decent placement of words as New Year’s wishes aligned perfectly. This makes up for one of the best Happy New Year Images. 

You can add your name along with the designation if you can within the same image itself in case you are aware of the graphic designing techniques. If you didn’t do that, then add your name beneath the image you had sent to your manager. 

  • Professional Circle 

If you wish to send images within your professional circle, make sure the words don’t be very personal. There is a very thin line of difference between every adjective. Some are meant only for professional usage and some exclusively for personal usage. You can add some decent level of graphics to the images being sent within the professional circle. 

  • Family members 

Your family members are belonging to different age groups. Based on their age, you can send them the New Year wishes. In case, you are sending New Year images to a kid in your family, then you can add some cartoon character images wishing them a New Year. In case, you know the kid better, you can customize the way you send New Year wishes images by adding the relevant cartoon character to the image. If you are sending New Year wishes images to a very studious teen in your family who is going to face his/her important exam in the upcoming year, then you can customize it accordingly. For instance, you can add some images of a student who works day and night and finds success. 

For the elders in the family, it is a safe bet to send god’s images as New Year wishes images. You can add some verses from the religious texts as well. 

  • Friends 

When you are planning to send New Year Images to your friends, then you can insert some of the images you clicked when you went together to someplace. Also, you can make a collage of the pictures you had clicked ever since you got to know each other and then send it. This is one of the best ways to celebrate the New Year with your friends. 

As the year comes to an end, festivals like Diwali and Christmas take the centre stage. You can start wishing for a New Year as the festivals sprung up themselves. Though different cultures around the world still celebrate the New Year on a very specific date based on their practices and cultural habits in the past, almost every one ring on the New Year on January 1 based on the Gregorian calendar. Send New Year wishes and show how much the other person is valued in your life. 


Happy New Year 2021 Pictures

Happy New Year 2021 Pictures


Happy New Year 2021 Pics


Happy New Year 2021 Photos

Happy New Year 2021 Photos


Happy New Year 2021 Photos


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About New Year Images

1. Which is better, designing one’s New Year wishes images or downloading them from online sites?

Designing one’s New Year wishes images is not a herculean task. There are several tutorials available online to learn how to use software like Adobe Photoshop. One can also download from the various online sites and use it for sending the New Year wishes as images. In case, you are clueless on how to design a New Year wishes images, you can take references from the Happy New Year 2020 Images. 

2. Can one find templates online to send New Year wishes images?

There are a lot of websites available online where you can find several templates. These websites are better accessed using laptops or computers or tablets instead of making use of the mobile phone. You can get a better view of the template and understand where to place the sort of images. In fact, in the templates available online, you can find spaces where you can place the words in case you aren’t comfortable with the alignment procedure. 

3. Can one add a religious touch to the New Year’s wishes images?

It is not recommended to add the religious touch to the New Year’s wishes images in case you are sending it to your professional circle. Also, this is not a sign of professionalism. The right idea to send religion-based New Year wishes is only to your family circle. 


Happy New Year Images