Punjab is a land known for its vibrancy. Punjabis are known for their wild party spirit and their exuberant nature. They are known to celebrate life to its fullest. They love to hear people wishing them a very happy New Year in their language that is filled with much zeal and positivity. Though the script of Punjabi looks more or less similar to that of Hindi, it is very vital to understand the difference between the script of both languages.

Happy New Year 2024: Wishes, Messages, Greetings & Shayari on Images In Punjabi Language

Happy New Year Wishes in Punjabi
Happy New Year Wishes in Punjabi

How to send and receive Happy New Year wishes to each other in Punjabi? 

There are certain ways and methods by which one can send and receive happy New Year wishes to each other in Punjabi. 

Gulab De Phulla Da Guldasta Mubarak
Tene Nave Saal Te Nava Rasta Mubarak
Nave Saal Di Swer Da Nashta Mubarak
Hor Das Ki Likhan Yaar Tenu
Aun Wala Nava Saal Mubarak
Happy New Year 2024!

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Happy New Year 2024: Messages & SMS in Punjabi

Happy New Year Messages in Punjabi
Happy New Year Messages in Punjabi

Nava saal liyave khushiyan hazaar. Mile apnya da pyar. 2023 nu kehdo sat shri akaal, 2024 da karo swagat pyar naal. Happy new year 2024.


Purana Saal Ho Riha Sab To Dur
Ehi Hai Kudrat Da Dastoor
Purane Din Sochan Nu Ho Gaye Asi Majboor
Nava Saal Aun Wala Hai Manalo
Khashuiyan Machalo Dhoom
Happy New Year 2024!

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Greeting cards 

Though greeting cards have gone out of sales in recent years, some people remain old school in many of their ideas. When you send and receive greeting cards in Punjabi, the person receiving the cards feel very glad at the end of the day. This remains to be one of the best ways to send New Year Wishes in PunjabiOne can either get the card printed in Punjabi or they can also write their quotes in Punjabi and send it to the other person. 

Puri Hove Har Tamanna Tuhadi
Asmaan Ho Je Tuhada Dharti Hoye Tuhadi
Nave Saal Te Shubh Kamna Hai Sadi
Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year 2024: Images in Punjabi

Happy New Year Images in Punjabi
Happy New Year Images in Punjabi

The New Year images are how you can convey your heartfelt wishes to the other person. The New Year Images in Punjabi can be downloaded from the various online sites or one can also create one on their own by using some of the best designing software available online. 

Puri hove har tamanna tuhadi. Asmaan ho je tuhada dharti hoye tuhadi. Nave saal te shubh kamna hai sadi.

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Happy New Year 2024: Status in Punjabi  

New Year Status in Punjabi
New Year Status in Punjabi

Is Saal Tusi Pahuncho Safalta De Shikhar Te
Safalta Tuhade Kadam Chumme
Dhan Daulat Tuhade Agge Pichhe Ghumme
Ehi Meri Dili Kamana Tuhade Waste
Nava Saal Liyave Khushiyan Tuhade Waste
Happy New Year 2024

New Year Status can be uploaded in Punjabi if the person who is reading the status is also aware of the language. Also, uploading New Year status in Punjabi has become a very usual norm with the advent of various social media networking sites and messaging platforms. Uploading quotes has become a fad these days. That too when a person ends up uploading the quotes in their vernacular language, then it becomes very catchy. The message for the New Year could reach the person on the other end in a much swifter manner. 

These are some of the things you need to be aware of when you want to send and receive wishes in Punjabi to the other person. There is some sort of josh a person feels when wishes are sent and received in their local language. If you want to feel that kind of josh and happiness, then wishes needs to be sent in the very same language. 

Pal Pal Waqt Gujar Jayega
Ek Ghante Baad Nava Saal Aavega
Hune Hi Tuhanu New Year Wish Kar Deva
Nahin Te Eh Baaji Koyi Hor Maar Javega
Happy New Year 2024!

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Happy New Year 2024 Shayari in Punjabi

Happy New Year Shayari in Punjabi
Happy New Year Shayari in Punjabi

Ik din da hai swaal mudhke na aavega purana saal jeelo har pal khushi de naal, Swagat karo nave saal da bite hoye palan de naal jo beet gaye kise naal pichhle saal.


Ik Din Da Hai Swaal
Mudhke Na Aavega Purana Saal
Jeelo Har Pal Khushi De Naal
Swagat Karo Nave Saal Da Bite Hoye Palan De Naal
Jo Beet Gaye Kise Naal Pichhle Saal
Happy New Year 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About New Year in Punjabi

1. Is designing software available to design words in Punjabi?

Yes. There is various designing software that helps a person to design software using some of the best fonts available in the language. Using this technique, one can send and receive wishes in Punjabi to the other person. 

2. Can one upload a video status for New Year’s wishes in Punjabi?

It is one of the best ideas to upload a video status that contains a series of pictures of the person spreading positivity when a brand-New Year sets in.


Happy New Year Wishes in Punjabi

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