The new year is just around the corner and people are already preparing for festivities. There are people who are overjoyed since this tedious year will finally be coming to an end. After this global pandemic, there are many who are hoping that 2024 will bring happiness, calm, and prosperity. While what happens in 2024 on a global scale remains to be seen, but one can certainly bring individual happiness by starting the year off right with Happy New Year wishes

Happy New Year 2024: Wishes with Ecards

Happy New Year 2024 Wishes

After all, one of the most popular ways to ring in the new year is by treating it as a blank book that is all yours to write. So it is a new page that’s all yours to fill. After the catastrophic year that 2023 has been, people are eager to get some control back into their hands. But how will you convey the same eagerness and jovial happiness to your friends and family? That’s why we are here to help you out. We will tell you all the ways you will be able to wish your loved ones Happy New Year. 


What are the different kinds of new year wishes?

new year wishes

  • Wishing your family

This pandemic has made it impossible even for close family members to meet up with each other. There are many who weren’t able to return home right at the very beginning before lockdown and so they have been stuck at their present location. Even if people have tried to return back, the risk of them bringing covid is also looking large. These issues of travel and homesickness get more amplified is someone is living out of state or abroad. 

However, with the help of video calls you will be able to ring in the new year together. While it’s not the same as hugging your family dearly in person but it’s certainly better than somehow coming home and accidentally infecting your family members. In such situations, your Happy New Year 2024 wishes will play a huge role in keeping the morale of the family up. After all, no one knows when regular travels will be possible again. 


So here are some examples of 2024 wishes should send your family: ‘Wishing you all a great new year,’ ‘May we all be together really soon, take care of each other, ‘Hopefully everyone meets their goals this new year,’ ‘May this new year bring an abundance of happiness and good health to all,’ etc. Many people mix these kind of heartfelt messages along with some beautiful pictures. There are plenty of photo editing apps that will allow you to add a beautiful image to your text. 

For example: you can pair the greeting of ‘may this new year be a new beginning for you’ with a picture of an open and blank book. This blank book signifies that the reader is tye only one who can change his or her destiny.


Happy New Year 2024 Wishes for Loved Ones

New Year 2024 Wishes

  • Like a flower existence is nothing without the roots, my life has no value without you guys. My family is the only thing that matters the most to me. Happy new year guys!
  • On the auspicious occasion of the new year 2024, I genuinely wish unlimited happiness, wealth, joy, and peace in the lives of my lovely family members. Happy new year to all of you!
  • I don’t give even a single damn to this world when you guys are standing beside me to support. All the happiness in my life is because of you guys. I love you all and happy new year!
  • For me, the new year celebration is only considered as complete when the whole family gathers in one place and shakes a leg like today is the last day. Happy new year to the craziest family in the world!
  • Like stars are necessary in the sky to give a perfect touch to the moon, my family members presence in the number one requisite to make my life perfect. Have a profound new year 2024 celebration guys!
  • Happy new year 2024 is the best time to forget completely about all the previous grudges, indifference, and commence a glittering and hopeful new year together. Happy new year to all my lovely family members!
  • The most soothing moment of the new year celebration for me is when I see the sparkle and immense happiness in the eyes of my family members during the celebration. May the new year 2024 bring the bundles of happiness in your life!
  • Hey guys, just throw away the bad memories and worries of the past year and welcome the happy new year 2024 with a tight hug, great hopes, and a huge smile on your faces. Happy new year to the best family in the world!
  • A person can easily bear the great loss and the most terrible defeat if his family members stand beside him like an unwavering rock and support unconditionally. Happy new year, my lovely family!
  • Thank god the occasion of the happy new year occurs mostly in the winter otherwise none of my lazy family members would arrive for the party. Jokes apart, I wish a prosperous and successful new year for all of you!
  • I am still in utter shock that the previous year passed so quickly and we are about to begin the new year 2024 celebration. Time flies so swiftly but I am glad we all are still together. Happy new year to my lovely family!
  • On the stunning occasion of the new year, I sincerely hope that we make more mistakes, learn more, earn more, and help more than ever. I wish you all a gleaming and mirthful happy new year!
  • May the unshakable bond of our relationships remain intact and alluring in the upcoming new year as well. Happy new year guys!
  • There is no force in this world that can dwindle the ever strong relations between us family members. Happy new year 2024 to the most amazing family!


Wishing friends

There is no distinction between friends and family for many. However, your friends may be facing personal issues of their own which you can’t help them out with. Such issues may have been exacerbated by this unabating pandemic. So you need to keep in mind their mental state while you are sending them new year wishes

So here are the various kinds of wishes you will be able to send them. For example: ‘may you meet all your goals this year,’ ‘hope that God gives you all that your heart wants,’ ‘wishing you a very happy and successful new year,’ ‘may you get all the riches and knowledge you were longing for,’ etc. Note that these kind of messages are perfect for those friends who have a set goal that they want to achieve.


If anyone of your friends or their close family members is sick then you can send different messages related to it. For example: ‘may you recover soon and are able to enjoy life again, ‘best wishes for your recovery, may you get blessed with an abundance of health this year,’ ‘just like the bad dream that 2024 was, this too shall pass,’ ‘wishing you and your family a healthy Happy New Year, know that I am always there beside you to help you,’ etc.


Happy New Year 2024 Wishes to share on Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy New Year Wishes

  • The very basis of life is change, but not in the case of friendship. The true friendship always remains undeterred till the end. Love you my friends and happy new year 2024!
  • Any celebration seems uninteresting when your friends are not there to celebrate it with you. I hope you guys will join me in this new year’s bash. Happy new year in advance!
  • Like the stars in the sky never stops shining, our beautiful bond of friendship will never fade away. Happy new year to the coolest friends ever!
  • Seasons will come and go, years will pass, millions will born and die, however, my friendship for all of you will always be firm and fresh. Happy new year 2024 to my loveliest friends!
  • Hey friends, I love you guys for who you are from inside not what you have become. No matter how much time changes, our friendship will remain intact. Before everything else, a very vivacious happy new year 2024 to all my friends!
  • Friendship is not just about hanging out with each other all the time, it’s about keeping memories of good times in heart even when you are far away. I miss you guys badly and happy new year 2024!
  • Hey buddies, on the occasion of happy new year 2024, I wish you all lifetime of happiness, success, and peace. Happy new year 2024!
  • I still can’t forget about our endless squabbles, crazy quarrels, school banks, and stalking girls in the school canteen. I can’t forget about the good old days, do you, friends? My best new year’s wishes are with you!
  • On the new year eve, what more a person could ask for except booze, dance, and good old friends? Your very presence makes me energetic and lively, guys. Happy new year 2024 to all my lovely friends!
  • From celebrating the new year in real to virtually, the world has changed a lot but not my friends. We may not celebrate the new year 2024 together, but wishes will surely reach to you. Happy new year 2024 to all my close friends!
  • Yes, we fight a lot over little things but we also have each other back during the daunting times. Happy new year 2024 to my lovely buddies!
  • I am more than blessed to have a friend like you who stood by me even in the direst situations. Let’s celebrate this new year with a bang. Happy new year 2024 fellas!
  • From celebrating the new year in real to virtually, the world has changed a lot but not my friends. We may not celebrate the new year 2024 together, but wishes will surely reach to you. Happy new year 2024 to all my close friends!
  • You cannot celebrate the happy new year to the fullest without the old friends. I desperately wish you all will surprise me on the new year by giving a visit. Happy new year 2024 friends!
  • Stop wasting time or crying for what you don’t have and start being cheerful about genuine friends to enjoy life. I wish a fantastic new year ahead to all my friends!


How to wish someone separately?

There are times when we want to send customized messages to many however, the nature of new year messages keeps it from being too informal or personal. Many have felt like new year messages tend to be really formal and pairing the messages with images makes it more so. However, there is a solution to this. You can simply make a short video dedicated to the person you want to send a customized message to. 

For example: if you want to wish someone Happy New Year then you can write the individual letters down on placards and create stop motion animation. This will certainly make your message unique. Another way to customize your new year message will be to make a meme. After all, there are plenty of eye catching memes which you will be able to send 

For example: you can use the drake, Nordic guy, Pikachu, etc. meme templates to get your view across. Not to mention the fact that it will be really funny as well. So if someone is feeling down then it will surely help cheer them up. If you feel like all this is too much work then there’s an easy way as well. You can simply edit a short video and add funny music over it. 

For this you can choose two or more funny videos before cutting the portions you want. Then you can join then according to your wishes to create a beautiful video collage. This is so easy to do that, you can even do it using a video editing app on your phone. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About New Year 2024 Wishes

1. What kind of images are inappropriate to send for new year’s?

Know that you should not send pornographic images or images which are in bad taste. Example of such images are racist, sexist or other kind of derogatory photos. Overall, stay away from images which can offend the person you are sending it to even if you just want to joke. 

2. Where can you get hd images?

You can get all kinds of hd images on the internet easily. Just search for the kind of image you want and then add ‘HD’ before pressing enter. 

3. Where can you images of crackers bursting, candles glowing, etc.?

All such pictures you will be able to find on the internet. Search these phrases to get some results or you can look into pinterest boards as well. 

So, these are the multiple ways you will be able to wish someone on new year’s. You can send these messages on various social media platforms or messaging platforms. But if you want to tell such messages yourself, then you will either have to set up a video call or send a video recording. However, no matter what way you choose, appreciate your loved ones and all that you have this new year’s. 


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