Adidas needs no introduction. The mammoth brand is one of the world’s largest sports and activewear manufacturers. Sportswear, for which the brand is notably famous, also offers a plethora of products to its fashion consumers. And, talking about business opportunities with the brand, well, they are wide and long.

The franchise is a business opportunity you can lay your hands on and start a profitable business on the go. The brand name and its almost century-old legacy is assurance on the card for a thriving and flourishing business. And, if you are looking for information on how to apply for the Adidas franchise, then you are at the right place. Below is everything you need to know, so let’s get started to get your business’s ball rolling.

About Adidas

Adidas is the world’s second-largest sportswear manufacturer. It is a German brand with the initial establishment in 1924 as “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.” The shoe factory was behind the innovation of canvas and rubber spike shoes and debuted in the Summer Olympics with a hand-made design by Sprinter Jesse Owens.

The brand came into the picture when the founder brothers split, and Adolf Dassler starts Adidas, and then it was no looking back. The company grew into many folds and in 1952 acquired the three-stripe logo through which it is now and then recognized when it was launched in 1972.

Being a billion-dollar company today, Adidas produces sportswear and apparel for many sports and fashion consumers. The company is in association with football and has been manufacturing professional sports gear and kits for other sports like cricket, ice hockey, gymnastics, and more.

The brand offers three lines, performance for professional athletes, Originals, which includes earlier and original designs of the brand; and Style Essentials, which provides fashion styles. Also, another famous sub-brand, Reebok, is a fan-favorite and popular amongst the youth.

Cost, fees, and requirements regarding franchise of Adidas

A franchise comes with the prerequisite, which involves minimum investments, store space, furniture, expenses, and marketing arrangements. Party wishing to acquire the franchise must fulfill the requirements in order to acquire the franchise successfully.

Below are the requisites for the franchise in India:-

  • Have store with at least 1000-1500 sq ft of floor space
  • Location in a commercial area such as large markets, malls, and business centers, and upmarket sites of a city
  • An initial investment of at least 30 to 50 lacs
  • Other requisites might also include marketing and store management with staff and maintenance


Adidas is one of the most reputed brands with stores and customers all over the world. They sell online and offline and have a broad and loyal customer base for the brand, sub-brand, and various lines. Cities often have multiple outlets to meet the demands. The fashion style of Adidas in apparels is also fast selling and popular in young crowds. The fashion styles offer substantial sales with fresh fashion and icon styles, released by the brand with every season and new collaborations.

The sports gear is evergreen with loyal customers. The professional line of Adidas is quite popular with athletes with preference over other brands. The opportunities are vast with the brand’s franchisee, and one willing with the possibility of prerequisites must go for the call. The investments are soon recovered, and you and your business with the franchise grow spectacularly.

The brand has famous lines like Ultraboost Predator, Nemeziz, Copa, X, Home of classics, Adicolor, Adidas by Stella McCartney, Nite Jogger, and more. They have a collection for sports like basketball, cricket, cycling, football, running, swimming, tennis, and more, which you can keep in the store. They offer collections for men, women, and also kids, including collections of accessories.

However, the opportunity comes with various duties to maintain the brand and its image, which must be considered. The brand requires thorough maintenance of the store and a successfully running store from your end.

How to start an Adidas franchise

After considering every aspect of Adidas’ franchise, let’s finally see how you can start the franchise and where to start. With prerequisite knowledge and having them on hand, one can apply for the franchise on their official website. It is also possible to meet suppliers in the city and acquire contacts for the same.

Applicants can call and write to the brand to their head office in India or at their official Email address. A few applications, a round of interviews, and probably site visits will lend you your franchise, and soon, you can start with a brand new store in your city.

What is an ideal location for an Adidas Franchise?

Adidas is one of those brands that don’t require an introduction. If you are wondering about the ideal location of this brand, we’d 100% recommend choosing an urban and populous area in the city.

This is primarily because of the cost of each item. Adidas items are not cheap and on average, with discounts and deals, the price of the merchandise starts from Rs. 2000, which isn’t an attainable amount for every person in India, especially not in the rural or interior areas in the country.

This is one of the reasons why Adidas stores are mostly located in the malls or the upside part of the cities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Adidas Franchise

1. How can I get an Adidas franchise?

An application to head office, on an official website, or writing to the brand with the fulfillment of requirements can get you an Adidas franchise.

2. How much does the Adidas franchise cost in India?

The franchise cost an initial investment of 30 to 50 lacs in India.

3. What are the requirements of the Adidas franchise in India?

Adidas franchise requires a minimum of 1000 to 1500ft of store floor space in commercial areas of the city and an investment of 30 to 50 lacs.

4. Is Adidas a franchise?

Adidas is a sports gear brand with stores worldwide, and one can open a store that is a franchise of the brand by fulfilling requirements and can commence with a successful business.


So, here was everything about the Adidas franchise in India and how you can get one. The brand and the sub-brand Reebok promises substantial sales with vast product lines, new collaborations, and their fast-fashion line that promises frequent customers. The franchise is a promise to an excellent business venture and obviously profits. All it requires is an investment, space, and information, which now you have after going through our article. So, head to the official website after your homework and acquire one soon, and get started. We wish you luck!