Bisleri is a household name in the Indian market and is one of the most trusted drinking water brands among Indian folks and neighboring countries. If you are looking for information on the company’s water and product dealership, you have landed at the right place. Below, we will be discussing everything you need to know about dealership/distributorship and is it a business worth taking on or not. So, let’s begin.

About Bisleri

Bisleri International is an Indian brand operational in India and neighboring countries offering bottled water and other drinks. Initially, an Italian brand, it was bought and founded with Italian founder and Indian businessman Jyantilal Chauhan in 1969, and it has been a household name in India since then.

A million-dollar company, which was previously under Parle Group, is now a private company. The company initially sold soda in two variants, bubby and still, carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water, with only three outlets in India. The company grew and is now a 210 million dollar company with multiple products in the same category and 135 operational plants for production and bottling.

Bisleri sells bottled mineral water in eight different sizes with quantities ranging from 20 liters to 250 ML. Other offerings of the brand currently include Club Soda, Vedica – natural water from the Himalayas, Fonzo – a fizzy mango drink, Spicy – a cola style masala soda, and Limonata – a lemon, minty soda. Other products from its predecessor, included very popular GoldSpot, Limca, and ThumpsUp, of which Gold Spot is discontinued, and Coca-Cola has acquired the other two.

The most significant aspect of Bisleri as a brand is the trust it has acquired as safe mineral water and is preferred over its competitors, which are many. The brand remains unaffected by the emerging bottled water business and is continuing to thrive.

Cost/fees and requirements regarding Bisleri dealership

Bisleri dealership and distributorship will allow the dealer to hold the product’s supplies and sell them to retail stores and shops. And, to do the following, the requisites will be storage space, transportation, and supplies.

To acquire a dealership or distributorship, an applicant must make an initial investment of 5 to 10 lacs. The investment is subject to change with changing cities; that is, the investment cost can substantially increase in metropolitan areas and cities.

Storage space is the other requisite; however, the company doesn’t put forward any requisite for infrastructure and space. However, for local distribution, one at least needs 200 to 400 square feet of space for storage, and for significant dealership and storage, a godown will be right of 2000 to 4000 square feet.

The other requisite is transportation, and the dealer must maintain regular transportation of supplies as per the volume required in the specific area of dealing. Additional requirements may include paperwork, including documentation and initial screening that is an interview.

The dealership is relatively easy to acquire and easy-going, with only initial investment being a particular pre-requisite. Other requirements depend upon the feasibility of the dealer acquiring dealership.


Opportunity with a brand like Bisleri is in abundance with equal demand and supply. The brand is a mineral water pioneer in India, and is much and foremost sought. With multiple plants across India, the supply remains flowing with the demand and offers stable and growing dealerships.

The dealership also offers you to engage in the transportation of the water. People in the business of vehicle and transport can take up the business of transportation of the products from plants to different locations.

The opportunity of a more significant business is also possible due to the multiple quantity packaging of the water. The different packages target numerous customers like travelers, commuters, households, meeting rooms, food packages, and more suitable water packaging.

One can also acquire daily water supply distributorship, which supplies 20 and 10 liters of water in jars and jugs to households, offices, events, and more, which involves the submission of jars back and frequent deliveries for supplies.

The opportunities with the Bisleri come in with only one requirement that is of a substantial investment, and one can begin with the dealership even at home with the required space.

Also, the company offers sales training to its dealers and distributors for business development. The training involves learning business aspects, the brand, and its working. It is targeted to make distributors learn managing inventories, bring retail business by approaching retailers, and other marketing activities.

How to start a Bisleri franchise

Bisleri franchise or dealership can be sought by contacting the company’s offices in various states. You can also write to them at their official mailing address and use the contact us form to forward your business proposals. There may be multiple distributors already in your city to whom you can contact to get a franchise of your own. And, with a cue from the company, you can begin the process of starting your own franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Bisleri dealership in India

1. How do I get Bisleri distributorship?

For Bisleri distributorship, one can write to them through email and contact form on the website. One can also contact offices available in India’s major cities and other official distributorship in cities.

2. How do I start the Bisleri water business?

One can get a dealership or distributorship of Bisleri water to become a distributor and start a business supplying water and other products.

3. How much does a Bisleri dealership cost?

Bisleri dealership costs an initial investment of INR 5 to 10 lacs in India.

4. What are the conditions of a Bisleri dealership?

Bisleri dealership only requires 5 to 10 lacs of investment and doesn’t put forward any other requirements for the dealership. However, applicants must have space to store supplies and means to transport them.

5. How much margin is in a Bisleri bottle?

According to the rumors, the profit margin is roughly around Rs. 2 per bottle at the cost price. It is a significantly good profit when you look at it in the bigger picture.

6. How to start a water business like Bisleri?

If you want to start a water business, especially one as reputable as Bisleri, having relevant knowledge about the industry, its franchise models, water treatment solutions, etc. is crucial.

7. Is Bisleri a Tata company?

There were initially reports that Bisleri would be sold to the Tata group for Rs. 7,000 crore but the deal was later called off due to indecisiveness.


So, after going through every aspect of the Bisleri dealership, it seems pretty clear to go for the business opportunity. The brand is a synonym of trust in India with its ten stages purified water. The dealership is easy to acquire and doesn’t require prerequisites like other brands, which is the icing on the cake. We hope that our guide will help your decision and the process of acquiring the Bisleri franchise.

How to Take Bisleri Dealership Franchise

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