Sustainable fashion and clothing have gained momentum these days, with masses gaining conscience of the adverse effects of fast fashion and unsustainable fabrics. The impact of our fashion choices affects the environment, which is ultimately threatening mankind and mother nature. A brand like Cotton King is an intelligent choice to ensure sustainable, renewable, and, most importantly, biodegradable clothing.

The franchise of an environmentally friendly and conscious brand is a smart choice to make in recent times. So, if you are looking for franchise opportunities with Cotton King, we have a detailed piece of information for you. Read below everything about Cotton King, franchise opportunities with the brand, and cost and requirements to acquire the franchise.

About Cotton King

Cotton King Franchise
Cotton King Franchise

Cotton King, as the name suggests, is a readymade apparel brand offering pure cotton garments. It exclusively offers men’s apparel in a range of styles, patterns, and occasions. The range includes shirts, T-shirts, Trousers, Shorts, Jeans, and now face masks all made from 100% cotton.

The brand is famous and has a broad, loyal customer base, especially for its conscious cotton range of all products. The collection comprises of the following innovative range, which is, of course, all-cotton:-

  • Anti-stain shirts and trousers
  • Aerosoft – range of feather-soft shirts in white
  • Coolslubz – breathable cotton shirts
  • 4-way stretchable trousers – comfortable casual, formal trousers
  • Easy 2 iron range
  • Giza – world’s finest cotton
  • Indigo Dyed
  • Simply Oxford
  • Regalia Shirts
  • Cotton Royale
  • And, a lot more

The company was founded in the year 1996 by Mr. Pradeep Marathe in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It has offices in Pune, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai and close to 180 brand outlets spread across India. The brand is quite popular due to its 100% cotton offering in innovative designs and patterns suitable for various occasions.

Opportunity with Cotton King

The Cotton King has a presence with the franchise model, which forms 96% of their outlets and only 4% of their own, which explains the franchise friendliness of the company. The income opportunity is higher with their revenue sharing and also a commission-based model.

The brand’s outlets are spread across many cities in India; however, there is a broad scope for many branches to meet demand and for extensive presence, which facilitates franchise opportunities. The opportunity is flourishing with a loyal customer base and growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing.

With growing campaigns, knowledge, and acceptance of environmental duty through conscious choices, it becomes a favorable time to set up a Cotton King franchise. The collection of the brand is choice-friendly and straightforward for cotton lovers, and quicker sales and return of investment.

The opportunity is also lucrative with the company’s support for the establishment of the franchise. The brand offers operational training, operation manual, employee training, product information, and display training. Other support includes inventory planning, interior design support, marketing support, business management software support, and other managerial supports.

The brand has fewer requisites, and setup is easy, making it quick and easy to establish upon approval, and what you need to set up is explained in the below section.

Cost, fees, eligibility, and other requisites to open a Cotton King Franchise

The requisites to set up Cotton King’s franchise are the bare minimum compared to the franchise of other apparel brands.

To acquire and establish a Cotton King franchise, you will need a commercial shop or store in a commercially active or main market area of about 500 to 2000 square feet.

The infrastructure investment required for establishment is between 5 to 20 lakhs, and the franchise fee is about 3,00,000 INR.
Requisites also require human resources of at least 2 to 4 people to run and manage the store.

The franchise is currently only available for India, and the agreement with the brand is for a year and is renewable in nature. The business setup takes time of upto a month and two.

The franchise applicable must bear in mind that the franchise applicant will require a shop license, documents of the property, valid trade license, and other necessary documents.

How to get Cotton King Franchise

In order to apply for the Cotton King franchise applicant needs to reach an authorized person dealing with franchisee applications. To reach the authorized officer applicant can contact via customer care and support. Applicants can also write an email, inquiry on the website’s contact page, or letter to the company’s offices in Pune, Mumbai, and also in Navi Mumbai while declaring the fulfillment of requisites for the franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Cotton King Franchise

1. How do I get a Cotton King franchise?

In order to apply for a franchise, an applicant can call and connect to an authorized person dealing with franchise inquiries or write directly to the company’s office, email, or fill the inquiry form on the website and must declare fulfillment of requisites.

2. Who is the owner of Cotton King?

Mr. Pradeep Marathe is the founder and owner of Cotton King.

3. Is Cotton king an Indian brand?

Yes, Cotton King is an Indian brand. The brand was founded in 1996 in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

4. Does Cotton King have a women’s collection?

No, Cotton King only has a men’s collection of 100% cotton.

5. What are the advantages of investing in the Cotton King franchise?

With the widespread popularity of the company pan India, it isn’t surprising that its franchise model is growing at an enormously rapid rate, and rightfully so. Some of the advantages of the Cotton King franchise include great quality, a strong media presence, and a wide dealer network.

6. Who is the owner of Cotton King?

The founding director of Cotton King is Mr. Pradeep Marathe who has brought the company on a pan-India scale.

7. Which country brand is Cotton King?

Cotton King is an Indian brand that was founded in 1996 in Pune and since then, the company has grown and has a presence across India.


In order to seize business opportunities with an Indian brand growing since its establishment and in a time when sustainability in fashion is very much sought, it becomes clear to get a Cotton King franchise as soon as possible. The brand offers steady revenue and a different customer base. The brand’s offering is also not competitive, which leverages the sales and contributes more significant revenue and quick return on investment. So, if you are looking for an opportunity in the apparel sector and a great franchise opportunity, do not waste much time; go through our guide and get the opportunity at the earliest with Cotton King.

Cotton King Franchise