Raymond is the most trusted name for men’s clothing in India and one of the largest textile producers of various fabric types in the world. The brand has been a household name in India and continues to be with its wide range of offering and, most importantly, being a bridge between luxury with affordability. The perfectly crafted suits from the brand and experience at the stores speak for the brand And; a franchise business opportunity with such a trusted brand is a no-brainer. So, if you are looking forward to venturing into the Raymond Brand franchise, we have got everything you need to know to acquire one in the below article.

About Raymond

Raymond Brand was incorporated as Raymond Woolen Mills in 1925 by Albert Raymond in Thane Creek. And, with its acquisition, in 1944 by the Singhania, Raymond was ready for expansion, ventures into multiple sectors, and to lead the industry by its manufacturing standards and facilities, which were state of the art at that time.

Raymond was now into textile engineering and not just a textile mill with its acquisition. It grew into various folds during the years, making it one of a kind of an establishment in the country and the world and one of the largest. The facilities had separate combing divisions for textiles, vertical integration facilitating the processing of multi-fibers, technology to make blended fabrics and worsted woolen fabrics, and a lot more.

The brand ventured into the readymade garment sector and its fabric manufacturing offerings and flourished immensely, establishing the first exclusive Raymond Retail showroom in the year 1958 in then Bombay. Raymond now has a presence in 4000 plus multi-brand showrooms, over 900 exclusive retail stores known as “The Raymond shop,” and exports to over 55 countries.

The various brand offerings in the garment sector from the brand are exceedingly diverse with Raymond brand, Raymond ready to wear, Raymond made to measure, Raymond custom tailoring, Park Avenue, Color Plus, Parx, Ethnix, and Raymond home. The brands offer complete garment solutions with ready-to-wear apparel, suiting shirting, fabrics, custom tailoring, contemporary casual readymades, casual formals, colorful casuals, ethnic pieces, furnishing for home and interiors, and a lot more.

Apart from the fabric and related textile business, as a conglomerate, Raymond has successfully ventured into real estate, aviation, FMCG, engineering of tools, and others with its owned businesses and partnership.

Opportunity with the brand

The opportunity with Raymond is extensive. The brand is franchise-friendly and offers options to different types of franchise budgets and setups. The brand entertains business ventures into multi-brand showrooms and Raymond shops of different scales. The revenue opportunities and return on investment (ROI) with the brand are excellent and quick, respectively.

The franchise model of the brand allows you to set up stores on two different scales. The brand offers franchises to set up a substantial store in the urban city’s vicinity and mini Raymond shops in small towns and cities. With “Har sheher mein Raymond,” business aspirants can set up lite Raymond shops of about 600 to 1200 square feet and with very little investment. Other business opportunities with the brands include multi-brand showrooms and exports.

Cost, fees, eligibility other requisites to open a Raymond franchise

Raymond offers two different franchise models in large and small formats for urban and rural settlements.

The large-format store franchise of Raymond requires commercial space of about 2500 square feet with a front big display window. Space must be located in the main commercial center of the city. Investment, including franchise fees and others, will cost upto two crores to the franchisee seeker.

The small format store of the franchise offers quick, easy, and establishment of a store in lower investment. The mini-store has a requirement of preferably commercial space of about 600 to 1200 square feet along with a display window. The investment cost of the mini-stores is about 40 lakhs, and franchise fees between 6 to 10 lakhs separately.

Other requirements by the brand will be shop papers, permits, and identification-related documents of the franchisee seeker.

How to get a Raymond Franchise?

In order to apply for Raymond Franchise, the seeker can contact the company’s franchisee section by visiting the brand’s website. A contact number is available in the Reach Us section of the website under franchisee banners, specifically for franchisee inquiries. Another way to reach the brand is to write them to their corporate address. A team will get in touch with you if shortlisted in a few days of inquiry and submission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Raymond Franchise

1. Is Raymond a franchise?

Yes. Raymond offers a franchise of The Raymond Shop and mini Raymond shops and a franchisee of its other brand lines.

2. How can I get a Raymond franchise to open a store?

In order to acquire a franchise of Raymond, one can make an inquiry directly from the website or write to their corporate office inquiring. If shortlisted, the company contacts you for further process.

3. What are the different types of franchises Raymond offers?

Raymond offers large and small format franchises with The Raymond shops and Mini Raymond shops.

4. What are the fees and requirements for the Raymond franchise?

Raymond offers franchises in large and small formats. The large format requires a space of 2500 square feet and an investment of 2 crores with franchise fees. And, the small format involves an investment of 40 lakhs, franchise fees upto ten lakhs, and store space of 600 to 1200 square feet.

5. What companies are under Raymond?

If you are considering starting a Raymond franchise, knowing which companies fall under it is crucial. The main ones include Raymond, Raymond Premium Apparel, Raymond Made to Measure, Ethnix, Park Avenue Woman ColorPlus, Kamasutra & Parx.

6. Is Raymond a retailer?

Raymond’s venture into the retail market happened in 1958 when they opened their first showroom in Mumbai. Since then, their retail business has grown exponentially.

7. Who is the owner of Raymond?

The famous Indian industrialist, Gautam Vijaypat Singhania is the chairman and managing director of the Raymond Group, which at present, is the largest producer and manufacturer of suiting fabric across India.


Franchise business opportunities from a brand like Raymond is a sure go if one can afford the substantial initial investment the setup required by both formats. The brand offers a stable business across the year and is a name to rely on. The opportunities with the multi-brands also offer multiple franchise opportunities with different brand lines and the brand exclusive and in under multi-brand category. All in all, a franchisee association with the Raymond brand is all green if you are up to the challenge.

Raymond Franchise

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