UAN stands for Unique Account Number. This particular number is allotted to a user by the Employees Provident Fund Organization. This particular number doesn’t change and it is transferable. The employee can use the very same number even if he changes multiple jobs. It is always recommended to have only one UAN number throughout your life. 

Only then, the money that gets deposited in that respective account could be saved even if you move from one organization to another. If you keep changing the UAN number because of forgetting it often, then it is very hard to retrieve the amount that is already transferred into their respective account. However, due to human error, it is unavoidable to not encounter scenarios where one might forget the UAN number. In case you had forgotten, the UAN number, there are certain ways to find out. 

  • Easy and most often used method

 This is one of the easiest and often used methods to find out the UAN number. Every time salary gets deposited into your bank account, you could find the payslips getting recorded in your HR payroll system. Certain companies still issue handwritten payslips. The handwritten payslips contain the UAN number of the individual. 

UAN Portal

The UAN portal is maintained by the government of India’s Employee Provident Fund Organization.

The users can create an account in the UAN portal and they can access their account by making use of this. Just like how a passbook is issued for the user while opening a bank account, a passbook is also issued to the users when they open any PF account. 

Various operations like withdrawing funds and transferring money from one organization to another can be carried with the help of this passbook and online portal. Even if you had forgotten your UAN number, you could find it out in this portal by entering some basic details. 

Steps to follow to find out the UAN number in the portal

If you want to find out the UAN number in the portal, there are certain steps you need to follow and it is described below with the relevant images. 

  • Visit the homepage

Once you visit the homepage of the website, you could see a tab that flickers know your UAN status.

Upon clicking, it navigates to another screen where it prompts you to enter details like Aadhad number, PAN, date of birth, mobile number and email ID. 

The website also requires you to enter the captcha. Upon entering all of these details, the authorization pin is obtained on the mobile number of the user. 

After getting the authorization pin on the mobile number, the very same pin could be used to go forward with the request. The UAN number and the status is provided to the user’s mobile number. 

One should always keep in mind that a Provident fund account is different from a UAN number. It is possible to bring in different accounts under one UAN but not vice versa. 

Also, it is essential to link the Aadhar card with the UAN number. There are high chances of you changing the mobile number but your Aadhar card details remain the same. So linking Aadhar with UAN is a mandatory obligation. 

  • Give a missed call

This is one of the easiest ways to recover. the number if you had forgotten it. Give a missed call to 01 1229 014 06. 

However, you could give a missed call only if you have your mobile number registered. 

To register your mobile number, you must access the UAN portal. 

  • Send SMS

You can also know your UAN by sending out an SMS from the registered mobile number. This is the format you need to follow to send the SMS from your mobile phone. 

EPFOHOUAN ENG. The number you need to send the SMS is 77382 998 999. 

Ensure that there is a minimum balance on your mobile phone if you wish to send an SMS.

There are a lot of cases where the message has not been sent because the user has subscribed to the special schemes where the SMS and calling option is provided free of cost and they only purchase for the data in such cases the mobile. SMS sent from the phone is not received by the receiver. You need to have talk time and validity with balance for SMS on your mobile phone. Once you send an SMS, you receive a message from the other end in three minutes. 

Step by step procedure to log on to the UAN portal

These are the step by step procedures you need to follow to check your UAN number on the portal. 

  • Click on know your UAN Status tab. 

UAN Status tab

  • Once you click this tab, you will be prompted to enter a 10 digit mobile number. 
  • Enter the captcha. 
  • Click on request OTP and it will be sent to your mobile number. 
  • Click on submit. On the next page, enter your name and date of birth. 

There are three identification documents provided namely aadhar card, PAN and member ID. The member ID keeps changing as you change the different organizations in your employment. If you choose PAN, then enter the pan number. If you choose Aadhar, then enter the Aadhar number. If you choose member ID, then enter the member ID. 

enter the member ID

You are prompted to enter the captcha once again. Click on show my UAN. Your UAN number will get displayed. 

What to do if you had forgotten the mobile number?

There are high chances of you forgetting the mobile number you have registered the number but you can get your UAN registered only if you have a valid PAN card. You could get the salary in your account only once you get your permanent account number, so a UAN number will be provided only if you have a valid PAN account. You could visit any nearby office to get your number by using your pan account. 

If you visit the portal, you could enter your pan details, name, date of birth, mobile number, even if it is not registered and the captcha code. Upon entering all of these details, you need to click on the get authorization pin. 

Then you must click on, I agree. OTP is generated. You have to click on validate OTP and get the UAN.

This is how we are supposed to find the UAN number using a PAN card. 

Using company’s name

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that they could find the UAN number by searching using their company name. The portal has to be visited and the following URL has to be entered. 

The user has to enter the company name and then enter the captcha code. Upon clicking the search button, the company and if there are different branches also appears. The code of the company appears. Under that, you can find the PF numbers with the employee name. 


These are the ways by which you can find out the UAN number if you had forgotten it. The universal account number is a unique 12-digit number provided to every subscriber. Whether you belong to a private organization or a government organization, every employee is asked to register themselves with Employee Provident Fund Organization for having a savings related scheme. 

Forgot UAN Number