When it comes to the OG and popular banks in India, the Central Bank of India stands out. The bank has been around for years now and offers reliable banking processes and functions to users from across the country. It is a nationalized bank that assures trust with your money and investments if that are something you are worried about.

Like any other Indian bank, even the customers or bank account holders at Central Bank of India receive a unique CIF number, which is like a one of a kind identification ID that allows the bank managers and administrators to keep a check on your data, transactions and input.

The primary purpose of the CIF account is to help the account holders have a unique consumer identification ID that allows the banks to keep a check on all the accounts that the customer has in their bank. Central Bank of India offers that same CIF number to their customers too.

This article will discuss some of the best ways in which you can find the Central Bank of India CIF number, especially if you don’t have access to a passbook at the moment.

What is a CIF Number?

Keep in mind that the CIF number is a universal identification number that is provided by every Indian bank to its consumers. It is an 11-digit number that is assigned to every bank account holder. CIF stands for Customer Information File and allows the bank managers and operators to keep a check on your bank account and bank activity.

Why would you need a CIF number?

CIF number is not necessary for every person’s first outreach. However, there are some specific types of services, registrations and login that require a CIF number. Some of the most common services that require a CIF number in the Central Bank of India include:

  • When you are registering for Internet Banking services
  • When you are transferring bank accounts

CIF number also serves as an identification number, so be mindful of that too. 

How to Find the CIF Number for the Central Bank of India?

There are both online and offline methods in which you can easily find your CIF number for the Central Bank of India. The process is simple and doesn’t involve a mound of complications like many often make it out to be.

For your convenience, we will be discussing some of the easiest ways in which you can find the CIF number for the Central Bank of India bank account.

  • Offline Methods

If you aren’t that familiar with online or internet methods and want to start with offline methods, there are three ways you can get the CIF number for your bank account.

  • Using a passbook

If you have your bank account passbook in front of you, open the front page of the passbook and it should have the CIF number printed on the front page of the passbook along with all the other basic information.

  • Using account statement

If you have recently issued an account statement, be it for the monthly or yearly statement, you can easily find the CIF number printed on top of the account statement when your general information is mentioned, including the bank account number, name, address, etc.

  • Using chequebook

Like your passbook, the CIF number is also mentioned on the first page of your chequebook. So, if you have been meaning to find the CIF number, we’d recommend that you open up the first page of the chequebook and you should be pretty much set with this.

  • Contact the customer care

Another easy and effective offline method to collect the CIF number is by calling up the customer care number. The customer service department can be reached at 1800221911. Just ensure that you have your bank account details in front because the agents will ask you for basic information to verify your identity before they give the CIF number to you.

Online Methods

In case you don’t have the pre-requisites that are needed for the offline methods, there are two online methods that you can look into. Both these processes are simple, so you shouldn’t have a hard time following through.

  • Start with internet banking

Using internet banking can enable you to access the CIF number from CBI’s online portal. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by opening Central Bank of India’s official website at https://www.centralbankofindia.co.in/en Once you are on the homepage, log into the portal using the internet banking details.
  • Navigate to your profile and you should find the CIF number mentioned beside your username.

This is ideal because you can access the information from anywhere across the globe and at any time of the day without any hassle. 

  • Using Cent m-Passbook

Like most of the Indian banks, even the Central Bank of India has its application – the Cent m-Passbook app.

  • Once you have downloaded the application to your phone, you can then install the app and log into the app using the login ID and password. In case you aren’t registered, you need to register on the app using your registered mobile number or your debit card details.
  • Navigate to Menu and then to your User Profile.
  • Under that, you should be able to view the CIF number in your profile.

This requires a viable internet connection, so make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi router or network with high-speed internet.


With the CIF number from the Central Bank of India, the bank can keep an eye out for your bank account and the consistent activities on the account. Keep in mind that the CIF number is subjective and is generated uniquely for every bank account holder. So, if you have two bank accounts with the Central Bank of India, you will have only one CIF number since the number is designated to the account holder and not the individual accounts in the bank. Never tell your CIF number of any outsider or even when you are called by someone from the bank.

How to Find the Central Bank Of India CIF Number?