If you work under a company’s employment, you know how important payslips are. They are more than a piece of paper or a salary breakdown. They help you keep track of the payments that you get, what kind of deductions are made and what you can do better to ensure easier payments time and time every month. The Ikya portal is a product under the Quess Corporation.

Quess corp is a leading name in the field of management, recruitment, hiring and other kinds of soft skill employment across the world. The company has been in operation for a few years now and is a leading name in the world. 

The company, which started in 2007, has managed to cement its name and popularity in the world in no time at all. However, in this article, we won’t be discussing Quess corp. Instead, we will be discussing the Ikya portal and its usage and significance.

What is the Ikya portal?

Despite being a fairly new corporation, Quess has managed to open its door for 4 lakh+ employees. The good thing about this company is that they are growing not just in India but on an international scale too. They have branches spread in the Middle East, North America and South Asia with over 64 different global locations.

Since Quess has such a large number of employees, the Ikya portal is an online portal for the employees of Quess. The online portal helps the employees get an organized platform to keep up with their payslip, health insurance benefits and other different kinds of benefits.

The primary objective of this portal is to organized the user experience of the employees and prevent risks of confusion. 

What are the benefits of the Ikya portal?

If you are a new Quess corp employee and this is your first time listening about the Ikya portal, this is where you need to step up your game. We’d highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with its benefits.

Since the online portal is so organized, it isn’t surprising that the platform has managed to secure some amazing goodwill and name to it. Some of the top benefits of using this portal are:

  • The employees can keep track of their contracts and payslips
  • It is accessible from anywhere across the globe
  • Enables easy communication between the employees and the employers
  • Ensures transparent communication 
  • Avoid delays in delivering payslips
  • Ensures optimal data record management
  • In case the employees have any complaints, they can raise a dispute using this portal
  • Employees can keep up with the latest schemes and inputs

How to log into the Ikya portal?

Now that you are familiar with the Ikya portal, we are sure that you want to know more about the login steps. The process is simple and hardly takes 2-3 minutes. Just ensure that you have a working internet connection so the connectivity isn’t muddled or interrupted in between.

Once done, here’s what you need to do:

IKYA Portal at www ikya portal

  • Once you are on the said homepage, enter your User ID and password. These are details that will be handed over to you during the time of your employment.
  • Once you are done entering the details, make sure you cross check them. Click on Login after that.

Once the login is successful, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you can check your payslips, monthly reports, benefits, etc. 

How to Reset Forgotten Password on Ikya portal?

As basic human nature, it is quite common for people to end up forgetting different information. If that is the case with you and the login ID or password, there are easy steps to recover the forgotten password. You don’t have to do a lot with this at all.

Follow the steps:

  • Open your browser and then open Ikya portal at https://qpay.quesscorp.com/ikyaportal
  • Once on the homepage, you will find the Forgot password tab under Login. Click on that
  • This will redirect you to a new page where you have to enter the employee ID, date of birth, registered mobile number, email, etc. to get the special link to retrieve the password.

Ikya portal login

  • Once you are done filling out the information asked, you then have to verify your account using an OTP that you receive in your email.
  • This will then allow you to reset your password. Make sure you enter a password that you’d remember.
  • Once done, click on the Save password.

If you don’t have a registered mobile number with the portal, you can also use the email ID to get the reset link for the password. You will receive the OTP or verification in your inbox. Just ensure that you check the primary inbox and other sections too. 

How to Download the payslip from the Ikya portal?

Amidst all the services and benefits, the downloading of the payslip is hands down the most important part of the whole user experience. Here’s what you have to do to download the payslip from the portal:

  • Start by opening the official website of Quess corp employee portal at https://qpay.quesscorp.com/ikyaportalOnce on the homepage, log into the portal using your User ID and password. 
  • Once you are on the dashboard, you will find the payslips option on the screen.
  • Click on it to either view the individual or month by month payslips. In case you want to save a soft copy of the payslips in case something is the issue, we’d recommend directly clicking on the download button from the screen to initiate the download process.


The integration of the Ikya portal has streamlined and made the employee data organization and management a lot easier for the employers at Quess. This portal is a one-stop destination for all the users and the employees, so we’d recommend that you focus on giving back the best with the data you acquire from the portal. Besides the data, the portal can also be used to manage any kinds of complaints and grievances that the employees have.

IKYA Salary Slip Login