Every once in a while, there comes a company or a brand in the market that shakes things up for everyone. This is exactly what happened with the arrival of Reliance Jio in the telecom sector. Reliance Jio managed to attract large amounts of potential customers by providing telecom services at really low costs without compromising on the quality or the performance. The prices were so low that the competitors never stood a chance against Jio.

The broadcast sector, which has revolutionized over the years – from having only one TV channel to having a cable connection with multiple channels and then making a shift to set-top boxes, is about to go through some drastic changes again.

Launched on 5 September 2019, Jio DTH is on its way to change the way content is consumed by people at home by providing DTH and internet services at comparatively lower prices. Apart from the traditional TV channels, gaming services and high-speed internet will also be a part of the services provided by JioFiber and Jio DTH services.

Business Model:

The business model that has been adopted by Reliance for Jio DTH is pretty simple. The company plans to earn money through the sale of Jio set-top boxes and subsequently through monthly or yearly fees that will be paid by subscribers for the continuous availability of services of JioFiber and Jio DTH.

Jio DTH Franchise:

Jio DTH Franchise

There are a lot of benefits to being associated with Reliance Jio. It is a case of maximum profit with a low rate of risk. One of the benefits of being an owner of the Jio DTH franchise is that the investment amount is the lowest in the whole DTH industry. Set-top boxes of both standard definition and high definition will be available at budget-friendly costs. Customer care services will also be available 24×7 for the franchisee in case he or she faces any issues or inquiries.

Reliance Jio Franchise Opportunities:

A person wanting to be an owner of a Jio DTH franchise has to fulfill certain obligations to get the dealership. The first requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the potential franchisee is that he or she needs to have an area or space of approximately 150 to 250 square feet, which is required to set up the store. The place can either be owned or rented by the applicant.

To become an owner of a Jio DTH franchise, a person can either go to the official website of the company and fill out the application form there or they can pay a visit to the nearest Jio center. Documents like PAN card, Aadhar card, 6 passport size photos, bank statements of the past six months, photos of the space or godown and highest qualification degree are required to be submitted along with the application form to apply for JIO DTH dealership.

Cost and Requirements:

The cost of investment for a Jio dealership depends on the type of franchise an individual opts for. There are two types of franchises for Jio DTH. The first type of dealership is where the franchisee will be responsible for the maintenance of sim cards, their activations and all the services related to recharges, whether they are on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. In the second type of dealership, the responsibility of the franchisee is only to sell the Jio hardware products and provide all related support to customers.

Another thing that determines the cost of investment is the place of business. If the area is rural, then the investment cost will be lower as there will be a lack of customers. Also, only limited services will be available for that store. For a store in an urban area, the cost of investment will be in lakhs.

Though there is no type-specific or location-specific cost breakdown available on the internet, the following shows the general costs that one might have to incur to get a Jio dealership:

  • The capital investment required for the running of the DTH workstation comes to around 2 lakh rupees.
  • The cost to furnish the whole store will come around 3 to 5 lakh rupees.
  • Dealership fees of Rs.50,000 will have to be paid to the company.
  • Depending on the location of the store, a one-time refundable amount of Rs.15,000, Rs.50,000 or Rs.75,000 rupees will be charged by the company.
  • The franchisee needs to hire at least 10 employees for the store. Each of those employee’s salaries will come around 12,000 to 20,000 rupees per month.

Profit or Return on Investment (ROI):

Although exact figures of the monthly returns from a Jio DTH franchise are not available on the internet, a Jio franchise owner can easily take home between 50,000 rupees to 2 lakh rupees per month in profits.

More About the Company:

Jio is an Indian telecommunications company that is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries. The company has its headquarters in the city of Mumbai. The company was registered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on 15 February 2007 as Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, but it was not until 2015 that the company started its operations. After a soft launch in December of 2015, Jio became publicly available on 5 September 2016. Today, with over 355.17 million subscribers, Jio has become the second-largest mobile network provider in India and ranks 4th on the list of largest mobile networks in the world.

Apart from mobile network services, the company has also ventured into other business areas. An affordable line of phones named ‘Jiophones’, wi-fi routers with the name ‘JioFi’, a bundle of multimedia apps on Google Play, are some examples of that.

After already making its mark in the telecom sector, Reliance Jio has started to shake things up in the broadcast industry as well with their new services like Reliance JioFiber and Jio DTH service.

What is the profit of a Jio dealership?

If you want to get into a Jio dealership, especially in the DTH and mobile network niche, the profitability is quite high. Given that the majority of India now relies on the Jio network for their internet and calling needs, it isn’t surprising that there is a surge in the amount of profit that you can generate from the franchise.

On average, the profit of the Jio DTH franchise model ranges between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 per month. The location of the franchise makes all the difference. So, if you are opening the franchise in a busy area, the profits could be higher.

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FAQs Regarding Jio DTH Franchise:

1. How can I get Reliance Jio franchise?

There are two ways a person can apply for a Jio DTH dealership. First is that s/he can go to the company’s official website and fill out a reliance Jio distributorship form to apply for a franchise and wait to hear back from the company. The other option is to visit the nearest Jio center.

2. How many types of Jio DTH franchises are available?

The Jio dealership can be of two types. Under the first type, the franchisee is in charge of sim cards, their maintenance, activations, and all recharge related services. Under the second type, a dealer’s sole responsibility is to sell the Jio hardware products and provide technical support to the customers.

3. What is the area or space required to open up a Jio franchise?

An area of around 150 to 250 square feet will be required to set up the store.

4. What are the factors determining the cost of investment in a Jio franchise?

Several factors come into play while determining the cost of investment in getting a Jio DTH dealership. Firstly, it depends on the type of franchise that is chosen by the dealer. S/He can either sell the Jio hardware products or take responsibility for sim cards and all the services related to it.

Another factor that comes into play while determining the cost of investment is the location of the business. The cost of investment will be low in rural areas as there would not be many customers there. If the location is in an urban area, the cost will be higher and will probably run up to multiple lakhs.

5. Can a person run Jio DTH and Jio mobile franchise simultaneously?

The answer is Yes. When a person applies to be a franchise owner for Jio DTH, he becomes an official franchise partner. But the dealer needs to make sure that he or she is following the terms and conditions for the different services that are being offered by them to the customers.

6. How long is the franchise agreement valid for?

The agreement is usually valid for one year; after that, it must be renewed again.

7. Is Jio DTH franchise or dealership profitable?

Yes. A Jio DTH dealer can earn anywhere from Rs.50,000 to Rs.2,00,000 as profits in a single month.

8. What is the amount of investment required to get a Jio DTH dealership?

The capital investment costs around Rs.2,00,000. Furnishing of the store also takes 3 to 5 lakh rupees. One also has to pay a dealership fee of Rs.50,000. The one-time refundable amount payable to the company can be Rs.15,000, Rs.50,000 or Rs.75,000, depending on the location of the store.

9. What are the documents required to apply for a Jio DTH dealership?

The list of documents that need to be submitted along with the application form includes PAN card, Aadhar card, 6 passport size photos, bank statements of the past six months, photos of the space or godown and highest qualification degree.

10. How much money does an investor need to pay to Jio in the form of dealership fee?

A person who is looking to acquire a Jio DTH dealership needs to pay a dealership fee of 50,000 rupees.

11. How many workers are required to run a Jio dealership store?

A Jio DTH dealership owner needs to hire at least 10 employees in order to effectively and efficiently run the store.

12. What is the business model of Reliance Jio DTH?

Jio plans to earn money from two ways. First way is to sell set-top boxes to the public. THe second source of income is two charge a subscription fee from the public in return for services like Jio DTH and Jio Fiber.

Final Words:

By providing top quality products and services at the lowest prices available, Jio is killing the competition in every sector. In less than 3 years, the brand has managed to gain more than 300 million followers. This goes to show the path of rapid growth and development Jio is on. So, if someone is looking to invest in the DTH business, there is no better choice than Jio

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