Football is an ocean of fun and entertainment that gives ample joy to the viewers. As a football fan, you also have noticed the memorable moments, but some players made it awkward too because of playstyle. The soccer game is a much respected game where you will find the blend of players’ skill and fitness, but some professional players lack such skills but even made their name in the soccer sport. Based on the latest livescore and many football highlights, some awkward soccer players of the world are listed below.

1) Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch is a former English soccer player who played as a striker and made a record of most headed goals in the Premier League. He also played for the leading clubs, i.e., Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. One of the tallest soccer players in the world is best known for this playstyle and is even recognized by his Robotic Dance that he performs after making a goal. 

Now, you may wonder, retaining so many records, how a Crouch can be considered as an awkward player? Well, your query is genuine, Peter is a good soccer player, but he lacks power, strength, and pace and making him the most awkward soccer player in the world. 

2) Emile Heskey

Emile Heskey is the former striker of English Clubs that include Liverpool, Birmingham City, Aton Villa, and many more. Emile got a powerful physique, long-heightened, and toned body. His prime role was to keep the opponent’s defender out of his way and allow the second defender (own team member) to play its game. Being a striker, he failed to make a lot of goals for his team, and that made him stand on the list of the most awkward soccer players in the world. 

Emile Heskey was a versatile soccer player where he played left wing too and was also regarded as an unselfish player. But, despite having a huge physique, he failed to get the grace and skills of football. 

3) Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan, a Swedish soccer player, and the world’s greatest striker; is also on the awkward list. No doubt, his physique, and height frighten the opponent’s morale as he has outstanding skills to play anywhere from the front line. Moreover, he has the ability to play football and also, he is a master in the penalty shootout. Most of the critics gave him the term’ A Perfect Finisher.’

Zlatan played many games as a striker for Serie A, AC Milan, PSG, etc., but his failure in the high-pressure game made him an awkward soccer player in the world. Moreover, he was also involved in violent activities due to the same; he was highly criticized. In one incident, when Zlatan was playing for Malmo FF’s Junior team, he headbutted his teammate. Similarly, in another incident, his bad behavior with Coach Pep Guardiola dragged him into the problem. 

4) Javier Hernandez

A Mexican Stiker football player Javier Hernandez played many matches for Manchester United and made the team win two Premier League. His pace, tactics, and smart move were highly liked by the people. But even after giving a jaw-dropping performance, Javier was in the frame of critics and was entitled to the most awkward soccer players in the world.

5) Miroslav Klose

A former German striker soccer player who retains the records of most goals scored in the FIFA World Cup is also on the list of the most awkward soccer player in the world. In the field, he plays at the position of center-forward because he possesses outstanding strength, a sense of penalty area, and timing. Even after having so much talent, he is not so popular in soccer sports, just like Ronaldo and Messi, because of his lack of some football skills, and that drag him to the awkward list of soccer players in the world. 

6) Christopher Samba

A former Republic Congo defender player is a huge man that scares the opponent through his presence. Based on the information from the Sbobet, he played for many leagues such as Anzhi, Dynamo Moscow, Aston Villa, and others. In the game, the opponent came to know his weakness, i.e., a static position, which means he can’t run well or can pass the ball due to bulky size, and that is the weakest point of Samba. Due to his long-run failure, many opponents took the benefits and made the goal. Christopher Samba is one of the most awkward soccer players in the world.

7) Nwankwo Kanu

A former Nigerian forward football player participated in many football events that include UEFA Championship League, UEFA Cup, and Premier League. The player set many records and also became the best player in Africa. Many critics raised questions on the gaming skills of Nwankwo Kanu, some state he is just a mere novice, and others state that he lacks pace. However, the reason behind the lack of pace is his fitness, as he suffered from a heart issue.

8) Marouane Chamakh

A former French football player is best known for the head-ball. He started his career with Bordeaux, and after spending nine years with this club, he joined Arsenal and played with this club for a longer time. 

However, he lagged the confidence that resulted in the sharp fall in his career graph, and he tried a lot to get back his form. 

9) Per Mertesacker

The long-legged football player got an amazing god’s gift, but he failed to utilize the same in the game. He failed to gain the pace that is most important in football, and that reason made him on the list of the most awkward soccer players in the world. 

A former German player who plays at the center-back position played for the German National team and also participated in FIFA World Cup. The standing tackling ability is the greatest weapon of this player, and his solid technique was outstanding.

10) Sinha

Sinha is the world’s smallest attacking mid-fielder that represented Mexico. You can also imagine how a 5’3” football player made an impact on this game. In the 2006 FIFA World Cup, he made a goal for his team (Mexico) against Italy and thus became the first foreign-born player to do this for Mexico.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned list is all about the most awkward soccer players in the world. Some players get the attention through their playing styles, and some get due to their physiques. No matter how they are, what exactly matters is their contribution to the team, and most of them reach a remarkable height in soccer.

Most Awkward Soccer Players in the World