India is a mystical country of contrasts. It’s a place where you can have a sight of the hustle and bustle of the modern world combined with traditional cultural highlights all in one space. It is a party where you can enjoy magnificent sights and reverberating energy. If your purpose for traveling to India is not to discover its eclectic heritage but simply bask in its exotic beauty, don’t worry. Your eyes are still set on the right country. We will give you the top laid-back destinations in this beautiful Asian gem, minus the noise.

Some people take vacations for a relaxing break. If you’re in dire need of one, we included travel destinations suitable for a restful respite, where you can go to restore your spirit and rejuvenate doing anything you might enjoy, from nothing to playing real money casino for recreation. And all the while, you are treated to scenic sights and an enigmatic vibe that will enhance your experience dramatically.

Laid-Back Destinations in India

Kerala Backwaters

Lying in the southern part of the country, parallel to the Arabian Sea, Kerala Backwaters is the place to be for people who seek a peaceful vacation amid the charming sights of salty lakes and lagoons, verdant hills, and sunny beaches. One of the best experiences you cannot miss when you visit is the traditional houseboat, or the floating hotel. It used to transport local products like spices, rice, and fish, but now it proves more valuable to provide a touristy experience. You can enjoy the best of Indian cuisine while on board, watching the world pass by.


If the beach is where you are headed, you cannot skip Goa of the western coastline. The smallest state has become equivalent to beach bummers’ “go-to” for its wide array offering of pure bliss. It is easy to find your place in the northern part if you prefer some quiet time, but you can also easily access the hippie markets of the south for an experience of some fantastic chaos. Also part of Goa’s allure is the meditation and yoga sessions they hold regularly. You can make them part of your itinerary for a memorable, rejuvenating holiday.

Old Manali

If you seek separation from the chaotic world altogether, heading to the Indian mountains, particularly to Old Manali, is the way to go. This laid-back district of picturesque apple orchards, Manaslu River, and countless other scenic spots would make you forget all your troubles. Living a slow-paced life may be your best remedy for treating stress.

After taking the most enriching escape, you can take side travels to see the other side of India and experience its vibrant culture. Head to Delhi for the fabulous food scene, and you will never regret it. Your adventure through street stalls and local food hubs that litter Old Delhi will give you the best experience of traditional eats, from samosas to kebabs and butter chicken.

Top 3 Laid-Back Destinations in India

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