This developed with the initiative to provide pucca houses with all the basic amenities to those who don’t have a house to live in. The major aim of this yojana is to eradicate homelessness and provide homes to those who are living in dilapidated houses by the year 2023. 

Around 1 crore people living in dilapidated or Katcha houses must be provided with proper housing by the year 2023. From 2016 to 2023, the plan was to cover one crore of people. The size of the home is 25 meter square with a decent cooking area. The cost incurred for the scheme is shared equally by the state government and central government. The allocation of budget for this scheme is based on the action plan provided by the collaboration of central and state government’s bodies. PMAY – G is exclusively meant for the people residing in the rural region of India including villages. There is another scheme devoted to the people living in cities alone. 

How to check the list of PMAY-G?

To ensure that your name appears in the list of PMAY-G, you have to follow certain steps. 

The process is not very elaborate and it is very simple. The process is made simple so that every person can apply online and get a house under this yojana. The application form available online consists of two pages and the applicant must fill in all the required details. Page one consists of Aadhar number details. 

If the Aadhar number is not verified, then the applicant cannot proceed to the next page. To ensure that your other number gets verified, you have to check if your contact details are registered on the aadhar card. If your other card is present on the government websites, then it is easy for you to proceed to the next stage. You can cross-check with any government e-Seva centre to check if your Aadhar card is fully registered with them. Without clarifying this step, you cannot proceed ahead. 

On the second page, you will be prompted to enter all your details. The applicant has to provide every detail asked on the page. Any compulsory blank if left unfilled, you cannot proceed with the submission of the application. The name of the head of the family, the present address is some of the important details you must fill in on the second page. 

Who can check if their name is on the list? 

To Apply for a house under this yojana, you should fall under any of these categories.

  • The economically weaker section
  • The lower-income group
  • The middle-income group

The economically weaker section should not have an annual income of more than 3 lakhs. The annual income is the total income of all the family members put together. For the lower-income group, the annual income should not exceed 6 lakhs of all the family members put together. 

Even the slum dwellers can apply for this game. To designate an area as a slum, there should be at least 70 households and nearly 300 people must reside in that locality. 

Why the Aadhar number is very important?

In your Aadhar number, the details of all the family members are linked as well. When the Aadhar number is entered into the website, all the beneficiary names would appear. This gives complete proof that the person is not involved in any kind of fraudulent activity. The bank accounts these days can be opened only if the Aadhar card is linked to them. The people who wish to apply under this scheme must submit their annual salary statement. Even if they work for the unorganized sector, they are prompted to conduct transactions using banks only then accountability could be established. This particular step in this scheme ensures that only the right people avail the benefits of this scheme. 

When the salary statement doesn’t go in alignment with the transaction statement of the bank, the application gets rejected. So to ensure that your application gets processed, ensure to provide the right input. 

Why do you need to register for the scheme first to appear in the list? 

To appear in the beneficiary list, you will have to first apply for the scheme on the website. The official website of the scheme must be visited. 

On the homepage of the website, you could see the option data entry. The login application form would display as you click the button. 

If you have valid user credentials, then you can log in. If you do not have, then you could get the help of the person at the panchayat or block-level; the common username and password would be available with them. You could make use of it if you are applying for this scheme from your block level government office. 

check PMAYG list online with registration number

There are 4 options. The first one is an online application. The second is a residence verification, the third will be the acceptance letter and the fourth will be the preparation of the order sheet. 

The first option should be selected and all the important details like personal details, the bank account should be entered. The beneficiary details should also be filled in along with the first person details. It is also possible for you to modify the application form by clicking on the edit form. 

Once you apply successfully, you will get a registration number to track the status and to check if your name appears in the list. This registration number is very important. Without a registration number, it becomes really hard for you to check if your name appears in the beneficiary list or not. 

How to check if your name is on the list? 

These are the steps you must follow to check if your name is on the list or not. 

enter registration number

  • You will be asked to enter your registration number and you must click submit 
  • If the registration number is present in the database, it will appear. 
  • Once your number appears in a particular year’s list, it will not appear again. 

If you have forgotten your registration number, you can enter details like the BPL number to check if your name is there or not. But to check using this method, you will also have to register online. 

These are the steps you need to follow to register yourself and check your name on the list under this scheme. This particular scheme is seen as one of the revolutions in the history of India as this is one of the major steps taken for the eradication of poverty by providing houses to the needy. All the applicant has to do is to ensure that he has entered the right details so that his application does not get rejected on the website. Even if the applicants themselves do not have an idea of how to go about the registration process, they can get help from the government offices. 

As it is not possible for everyone to have a scanned copy of important documents like a bank account, you could visit the nearest government Center to get it all scanned. Apart from just a main applicant, the beneficiaries should also satisfy the eligibility criteria to apply under the scheme.

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awas Yojana List