Giving the best gifts to your favorite couple just got easier for us!

Purchasing the right gift for couples is like finding a pin in the grass. We generally offer money, but why not be a bit considerate and exceptional? Like you can present them with a backlit photo frame or a cute planter, a hamper, or a holiday trip. It can be any, but it should be heartfelt.

You might not have much time to dedicate to shopping, but when it is special occasions like BBF wedding or your cute cousin’s wedding, we need to be thoughtful. Common gifts for newlyweds should be practical, fun, and unique.

To present a surprise for your favorite duo, start with analyzing your budget and what gift you want to give. The general categories fall in this segment are- personalized gifts, practical items, and experiences they will cherish together. Always pick something they both can use like- gifting them a date night in a rooftop restaurant.

If you are still confused? We are here to help you with some awesome ideas for a pair of giftings that will make their D-day even more special. They both have something to unwrap here. Let move!

A Date Night

The reason why- date night tops the list is the newlyweds have been around people and did not get time due to marriage ceremonies. It is best to offer them dinner at a rooftop restaurant or lounge bar. Many places offer special packages for couples. Ask them when they will be free to cherish beautiful moments together.


Hampers can be any. There are many mates hampers available online. It can be any, may be an engraved wine glass set or a bath hamper, chocolates, mugs, perfumes, etc. These hampers are unique gifts as they start from 2000INR. It won’t be too expensive for you. If you are unsure what the other person likes- gift engraved names and customization.


Give them a sterling silver couple ring set if you know their ring sizes. It is unique, and they will love wearing it. Many best brands offer silver rings at affordable prices like- Shaya by Caratlane, Giva, Nykaa, etc. You can also get engraved rings to show your love to them.

Custom Bracelet

Everyone loves matching jewelry. You can customize the bracelet accordingly. It is available in stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, and platinum. Buy as per your budget. Whatever you choose, it will be outstanding.

Movie Projector

When your friends are homey, get them movie projectors to enjoy movie nights. Many people are introverts and love staying at home. Let them enjoy movies on a big screen together alone with mini projectors. You will get these on Amazon and Flipkart in an affordable range.

Pot and Pan Set

A couple who cooks together deserves some pots and pans. They will enjoy cooking in colorful pots and pans in their kitchen. And you will enjoy the food made by them. You will be remembered every time they enter the kitchen.

Backlight Photo Frame

A digital frame is the best gift. It is something we keep at the bedside table and also acts as a table lamp at night. They will love adding pics to these photo frames. You can also gift them by adding their engagement pics or pre-wedding images.

Kissing Mugs

A romantic couple with some kissing mugs every morning brings a smile to their faces. There are many variations available online. You can personalize them by adding names or initials.


The camera is the best gift for people who love traveling. They can capture moments of their honeymoon or outings with it. A mini camera starts from 4,000INR. It also snaps with one-touch selfie modes. It is something that will be in their bags while traveling around.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

A couple who loves music and wine, here is your gift from your beloved friend. Now they can romance on every trip or picnic. Also, with one touch they can play music of their choice. All you see are happy faces when you visit them.

Wall Art Gallery

Many photo frames are available online in a pack of 4 or more. These square or rectangle frames are best for a living room. The look is crisp, and you don’t have to think more of it because you’ve got to keep in mind the house’s décor. Getting black and white art that fits any home, even a modern apartment like these apartments for rent in Garland is a good idea.


Be quirky, gift them traditional wedding caricatures perfect to display their special day. It is an ideal gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings. Trust me, they will love it!

Watch set

They will get butterflies when they meet a classic watch set from their favorite brand. If you are someone who can spend 4000 or more get them a couple of watch sets. They are curated to show love, bond, and care between them. It is best to show how much you adore them.


There are a lot of possible best gifts. Just pick an item they will adore, and you’re good to go. Go with the flow, and don’t overstress yourself. Everything is extraordinary when you give someone a gift of love. If you offer them a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift they never imagined, you may make it even more memorable.

If you love the duo, it is the time to show your affection and care. Best of Luck!

Best gift ideas for New couple

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