English is often described as the “language of opportunity.” This is one of the main reasons that many schools have included it as a second language. This is done to help students learn English from a very young age and become fluent in it.

Whether you are traveling or looking for a new job opportunity, learning English will make your life easier. If you didn’t study English in school, no issues! You have e-learning platforms where qualified online English tutors will help you learn the language.

One of the well-known English learning websites is AmazingTalker. They provide the best English tutors and make learning fun.

In today’s blog, we will give you the best reasons to learn English. So without wasting time, let’s get to the article.

1. Spoken globally

Can you count how many English speakers are there in the world? For your information, English is the second most spoken language in the world. This should be a good enough reason for you to learn English.

No matter, where you go, you will always find English speakers there. All the major countries such as the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada have the majority of English speakers. There are also countries like India where English is not the native language, but a good percentage of people are fluent in it. Learning English is likely to give you the best returns for your efforts.

2. Makes you more employable

Need we say more? Being able to speak in English reflects the amount of time and effort you have put in to learn the language. This automatically makes you stand out in the job market. From writing CVs to giving job interviews, English is used everywhere.

English speaking skills are not just desirable in foreign countries, but also your home country. Most companies look for employees who can speak good English. If you want to rise higher in your career, you better invest some time to learn this language.

3. It opens up new opportunities

Knowing English can get you more than just new job opportunities. It allows you to communicate effectively when you are traveling to a foreign country such as the US, Canada, etc.

Being able to talk fluently in English makes you more attractive, smart, and confident. From watching English movies to using computers, everything that involves English becomes easier.

4. Gives access to top universities

If your dream is to study at a world-class university like Harvard and Oxford, then you should teach yourself English. Without knowing the language, it is not possible to seek admission to these institutes. You may be a scholar student, but knowing English is a must when you want to study in an English-speaking country.

If English is not your native language, no worries, you can still learn the language. Several online English courses are designed to help students speak fluent English. All you have to do is invest the required time and effort.

5. English is easy to learn

When it comes to learning a new language, we often get scared and back out. Compared to other languages, English is easy to learn. Once you start learning the language, you will realize it yourself.

Many of you may not know but English has many loan words. This is why many people find it closer to their language. For example, French has a huge influence on English and so do Latin and German. Plus, you can always find English-speaking people around you. This way you can practice the language better.

6. Teaches you about culture

As you all know language goes hand-in-hand with culture. Simply put, knowing English will give you a better understanding of native speakers and their culture.

It gives you a deeper insight into the lives and work of English speakers. Just learning a few common phrases and words is not enough. To get a closer perspective on their culture, you should be able to communicate in their language.


English is one of the most learned languages. If you want to make yourself more desirable in the job market and in foreign countries, you should invest some time to learn the language. It is guaranteed that you will get the results of your effort.

Best Reasons to Learn English

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