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The lottery is by no means something out of a fictional storybook. They are very much real, and so are lottery winners. Yes! Some people have legit won lump sum amounts from the lottery. Want to know about the biggest lottery winners in India? Then you have come to the right place.

This article will cover a list of the biggest lottery winners in India and their stories. If you plan to get yourself a lottery ticket and are looking for some inspiration and motivational boost, then read on and find out who from India won and how. 

The biggest lottery winners in India

If you ever find yourself questioning whether there are people who have ever won from the lottery or not, then the answer is yes. Many people have been lucky and smart enough to make a massive amount from the lottery. 

As stated before, in this article, we will list one of India’s biggest lottery winners. Then without any further ado, let us take a look at the list itself:

  • Mojiful Sheik 
  • RP Manoharan 
  • Porrunan Rajan
  • Ashok and Kirti Patel 

These are the proper winners of the lottery and had earned a hefty amount for themselves. We will now glance at each of these winners, their stories, and how they were able to win the lottery. Let us get started. 

The stories of the lottery winners 

Now that we know who the winners are, let us now take a look at their stories and their journeys on becoming one of the biggest lottery winners in India.

Mojiful Sheik 

We have all read stories and fairy tales of hardworking and honest people being granted a boon by the supernatural for their good personalities. Mojiful Sheik would probably be one of those characters. 

Living in Kerala, Mojiful searched for a place for him and his family to live in. On the way, he met a person selling lottery tickets and decided to try his luck. Circumstances were terrible, and yet he decided to utilize his entire paycheck behind the lottery tickets. 

Though spending your whole income on a lottery ticket should not be practiced, by some blessing, it worked out exceptionally well for Mojiful. He won 1 Crore from the ticket and finally built the house he wanted to make for his family. 

RP Manoharan 

The next individual that we will talk about had had a hattrick when it came to winning at the lotteries. RP Manoharan did not win just once or twice, but he won three times! He is the only one in India to do so. 

The first time he won, he scored an amount of 65 lakh, which he had invested in his business. The next two times, he was able to win 70 lakh each, which he invested in renovating his house and saving up, respectively. 

On being asked how he was able to win, his answer was consistency. According to him, he has always invested in buying lottery tickets since he was young, and his winnings are a result of that. 

Porrunan Rajan

Another story of a lucky strike gone extremely right, Porrunan Rajan lived in Kerala and was a rubber tapper with considerable debt.

Like many others, he bought a lottery ticket to try his luck, and he was right on the mark. The next morning, he was the winner of 12 crores! He could pay off his debts, buy a new house, give his daughter a good education, and save for long-term investment. 

Ashok and Kirti Patel 

Talking of hitting it big, one can always look up to the Patels. Ashok and Kirti Patel lived in Mumbai and were married to each other. Both were doctors. In 2008, Kirti Patel decided to buy a lottery ticket in a passing moment of thrill and a shot at luck. 

And a lucky shot it was. The couple ended up winning a whopping 8 Crore prize money from the lottery ticket! As big as the amount was, they were smart about their utilization of the prize money. They later moved to a different part of India, provided an excellent education for their kids, and travelled the world. 


So, there you have it, the biggest lottery winners in India and a glimpse of the story behind their win. These people are proof that the lottery is real and that there is a chance for you to be a winner. 

However, winning lottery money has not always been a good thing. There have been many incidents where winning a significant sum of money has led people to go on a path of self-destruction. 

Suddenly coming into possession of a large amount of money can make people lose their minds. Therefore, always make sure to keep your mind cool if you do not win and even more so if you win. 

Biggest Lottery Winners In India

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