SSC Junior Engineer vs Railway Recruitment Board JE is two prominent Junior Engineer exams in which students do get confused generally. The motto of both exams is securing the job title of Junior Engineer. As we all know, the job post of JE is associated with huge  respect in our society. It is hard to ignore that these engineer job posts coming under government organizations are just incredible. Whether it is SSC JE Results or Railway Recruitment Board JE also known as RRB JE Results, both take the excitement to the next level.

If you are one of them running confused about which exam will be ideal to opt for, then go through the below-mentioned content to grab more information indeed. Let’s check it out –  

  • Let’s Understand About Examination Mode – 

Exams for SSC JE job posts will be partially online. If you are familiar with the online mode, you will easily be able to attempt any exam. These days online exams are also being preferred since Covid has already created a mess. However, if you go with RRB JE then it will be completely online. Prepare your RRB JE Syllabus in an ideal manner so that you can have expected results.

  • Nature Of Questions – 

SSC JE’s exam holds a Candidate’s branch oriented questions. If you have always been interested in this sort of exam then you will be enjoying the SSC JE exam. However, if you do prefer this subject then you should go with RRB JE to become a Junior Engineer. RRB JE exam comes up with questions related to Engineering and Aptitude. 

  • Difference based on Questions Patterns – 

Have you been wondering how the question pattern could be different? SSC JE exam will be having multiple-choice oriented questions and written tests. You need to prepare for that. On the other hand, RRB JE will be coming up with multiple-choice questions only, which seem a bit simple. If you are running out of time then you must go with this RRB JE exam.

  • What About The Exam Nature – 

The next thing on the list is the exam nature of both exams. SSC JE exam is conducted all across India but the RRB JE exam is conducted in a specific area indeed. It means it can be said that competition could be a bit little in this context. SSC JE exam will be attended by lakhs of students. Therefore, it could be said that going with the RRB JE exam will have increased chances to get selected. 

  • What Is The PayScale – 

There would be many of you contemplating the pay scale of both posts to decide which one would be ideal to go with. There is no prominent difference regarding pay scale as both job posts hold the same pay scale. 

  • What Sort Of Residential Perks You May Expect  – 

And there would be many of you contemplating residential perks related to these job posts. You will be having housing benefits if you go ahead to choose the SSC JE Exam. But you will not have any Housing Benefits if you go with the RRB JE exam. 

  • What Is all About Work Nature – 

RRB JE’s work nature is all related to Office Work. If you have always wanted to have an office-related job then you are going to get benefitted incredibly. SSC JE is all about Field Work indeed. If you hold an in-depth interest in a field related job then you must go with this job post.

  • A Brief Of Selection Chances – 

SSC JE exam chooses 100/200 candidates out of a number of applications. The reason is that this exam is held all around the country. RRB JE Exam helps to choose 100-300 candidates among innumerable applications. And this exam is held in the region. 

  • Let’s Understand The Job Nature – 

Once you are appointed as an SSC JE, you will be responsible to appointment eligible candidates in different departments. Doesn’t it seem excited that you will be doing this once you get hired? RRB JE job post will be responsible for appointing in reputed areas called TRD etc. 

  • How You Would Be Having Travelling Expenses – 

 The best thing is that Air-Fare will be provided one time in 12 months. When you go with the option of RRB JE, you will be having 1st Class Air Tickets along with discounts, which are quite exciting. 

  • Growth In Your Career – 

The next thing on the list is all about going with the growth factor. If you go with the SSC JE job post, candidates will be getting leaves for higher studies. But if you go with the RRB JE job post, you probably have limited growth. 

In The Last – 

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to choose the position going with your interest. Hope this content has helped you to grab in-depth information regarding this job post.