Cafe Coffee Day or most famously known as CCD, is loved in India and also abroad. The name is synonymous with Indian youth’s hangout place. It is a go-to place for coffee lovers and is popular in the modern fashion of cafes, hangouts, and sit and work together to sip an energizing coffee cup.

The popularity of the cafe tips off the business opportunities to the like-minded seeking one. However, and not certainly clearly known, that Cafe Coffee Day doesn’t offer franchises. So, do the business opportunities seize with the brand’s call for not offering franchises? No, the brand offers you to partner with them for the cafes for business. So, read further to discover how you can do business with CCD without licensing for a franchise.

About Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day is a cafe-chain in India and operational in foreign countries, Austria, Malaysia, Nepal, Egypt, and the Czech Republic. It is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

As of 2020, CCD owns and operates close to 1200 cafes across 243 cities in India and serves 1.6 billion cups of coffee annually across countries.

Established in 1996, the coffe-chain and business were incorporated under its parent company Coffee Day Global. It was founded with a model that grows its own beans, owns the cafes, and serves coffee. The model also manufactures furniture for the cafeterias and coffee-making machines while its operation and growing. They serve a wide range of refreshments, including cakes, rice, burgers, milkshake, tea, juices, and more.

The best part of the business and the model is that the parent company, Cafe Coffee Day Global, owns 20,000 acres of the coffee estate that grows its arabica coffee beans, which is used in cafes. The coffee is also sold and exported.

The brand has been awarded the prestigious 22000:2005 certification DNV business Assurance Food Safety in 2013 for excellent food safety management in their cafes.

Cost, fees, and requirements to open a CCD outlet

As it is known that CCD doesn’t offer franchises to open cafes and owns and operates cafes by themselves, unlike other businesses. However, business with the coffee giant in India doesn’t cease to exist, and you can venture with them if you have a commercial space fit to open a CCD cafe.

A property holder can participate with the company to open a cafe. The company names the agreement as a partnership and offers to open their cafe at your place of business.

The space requirement to open a CCD cafe is a commercial or commercially convertible retail space of 1000 to 1500 square feet on the ground floor. Space must have a minimum frontage of 25 running feet along with a parking facility.

There are no other requirements as the cafes are either owned or operated by CCD, which takes care of the staff, interiors, inventories, equipment, and more.


The opportunities with the CCD cafe partnership are multiple. The cafe-giant partners with you in your space to open a cafeteria and allows you to do business with them either on a rental or on revenue sharing basis. That is that you can get a rental of your space or choose to have a share in the revenue generated by the business.

The rental of your space with being in the duration lease will promise regular rental income for years. If you partner with them on a revenue-sharing basis, the cafe does business in significant volumes.

Another opportunity with the cafe is to advertise with them. The advertising concept of CCD offers more excellent coverage and marketing of your business or brand across various cafes where they witness more significant footfalls. The advertising campaign at CCD offers subtle yet effective marketing with interactive wall messages, 3D stickers, branded tissue papers, and various others.

How to start business/partnership with Cafe Coffee Day

If you wish to lease your commercial space to CCD to open their cafe, you can start a business by partnering with them. In order to approach them, you must own a retail space according to the guidelines and prerequisites laid by the company. If the requisites are met, you can write to them with the following details and expect a reply soon:-

  1. Name of owner/owners of the space
  2. Postal residential address, contact numbers, and email id of the owner/owners
  3. Postal address of the spaced. 
  4. Measurement of space area (square feet)
  5. The frontage of the space
  6.  Photographs of the location.
  7. Demographics of the catchment area

Is CCD cheaper than Starbucks?

If you are wondering about the standard prices that customers pay and whether the prices are cheaper in CCD compared to Starbucks, the answer is yes. CCD coffee ranges from INR 80 to INR 150, depending on whether you are getting a hot or a cold beverage.

For Starbucks, the prices generally start from INR 80-100 and can go as high as INR 350-500. So, in short, the prices are significantly higher in Starbucks. This applies to their franchise models as well. Starbucks doesn’t have a standard franchise model but with CCD, the franchise costs are pretty reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the CCD franchise/partnership

1. How much does the Cafe Coffee Day franchise cost?

CCD doesn’t offer franchises. However, they partner with you on a rental or revenue-sharing basis if you have a commercial space according to pre-requisites.

2. Is Cafe Coffee Day shutting down?

No. Cafe Coffee Day is not shutting down. The number of cafes has been significantly reduced due to the company’s crisis as of 2019.

3. Requirements to open a Cafe Coffee Day cafe?

In order to partner with CCD, one must own a commercial retail space of 1000 to 1500 square feet with a frontage of 25 running feet and conveniently enough parking space.

4. How can I partner with Cafe Coffee Day?

You can partner with CCD if you own a commercial retail space to lease out to the company. You can partner with them on a rental or revenue-sharing basis.


The business model of the Cafe Coffee day partnership is rewarding. The cafe chain is highly popular and trusted to offer significant business. It is a go-to hangout place and, more importantly, loved by coffee lovers due to the rich coffee experience of beans to the cup the brand offers. The safety and food quality of the cafe chain is top-notch, along with a unique business model. The bean to cup model provides consistent quality and is also the forte of the brand.

If you happen to own a commercial space fit for the cafe, then it is sure a call to go for it. All in all, a partnership with the brand is on the cards and we hope our guide must have helped you make the decision. Bring in CCD in your city and one more if you have already because they can’t be too many for the coffee lovers and enjoy a profitable business with the brand.

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) Franchise

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