The lottery is as old as civilization itself. It involves pulling out random numbers with the hope of winning a prize. The earliest form of modern lottery in India came up recently, around 1967. 

Different countries have different regulations regarding lotteries within their borders. Some endorse it, while some are against it. Either way, there’s a form of regulation concerning the lottery. If you are wondering what obtains in India, all the online lottery information is here.

Online Lotteries in India 

Initially, the outcome of lotteries was monitored on TVs until the advent of smartphones and the internet. Lottery companies are constantly taking advantage of the internet and innovation to make lottery ticket purchasing and monitoring easier for their customers. 

In India, the lottery community tends to prefer online lottery to get physical tickets. Online lottery tickets are preferred to physical ticket stores because they are accessible. You can easily buy a ticket online even when it is raining cats and dogs even at 2 am.

Buying online tickets is also relatively safer than physical stores, as they cannot be lost. There is always a receipt on your mail or your lottery app. It is also time-saving. With a few clicks of buttons, you would have your ticket without the need to queue up at your local ticket vendor. 

Online lotteries give you the versatility to purchase lottery tickets that are not localized to India alone. Online lottery tickets are tickets that are cut across all borders and continents. It gives you the ability to participate in lottery activities in countries other than India. 

The Legality of Online Lottery in India 

The lottery is banned in many countries. In India, however, the laws relating to the lottery are different. The Union government in India does not control the lottery market. The government of each state controls it. Hence, the laws regarding the lottery in each state differ. 

According to the Indian Supreme Court in 2015, each state can promote, organize or conduct lottery activities within its borders according to its legislative powers. They can also ban lottery activities. 

In some Indian states such as Punjab, Maharashtra, Manipur, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, and Mizoram, among others, the online lottery is legal. In many Indian states, engaging in lotteries held by private companies founded in India is prohibited. But regarding online and offline international lotteries, there is no prohibiting law. 

Famous Indian Winners 

Lottery and gambling are a game of luck. Every once in a while, luck falls on the laps of ordinary people, and they hit the jackpot. Hitting the jackpot makes their lives and those around them fun and worth living again. Here are the biggest winners of the jackpot in India. 

Nandlall Mangal, a lucky Indian, once bought a ticket to the Powerball jackpot, forgot about the ticket, and went on a trip. He discovered he had won an astonishing $245.6 million from the draw on arrival from the trip. Nandlall was 42 years old at the time. 

Once, in the UAE lottery, a woman won $3.2 million. The woman was from the Indian state of Kerala. She promised to use the money to help underprivileged children and women, as well as her husband’s family. 

Sandeep Singh was neck-deep in heartbreak when he won a $30.5 million lottery. He soon witnessed all sorts of women throwing themselves at him. We can say that luck smiled on these people on the day they bought their lottery tickets. 

How to Play lottery 

Buying your lottery ticket does not guarantee that you will win the lottery cash prize. However, you would have to buy a ticket to win the cash prize. For Sandeep Singh and Nandlall Mangal, it all started from purchasing a lottery ticket. 

Apart from buying a ticket, you would need an internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to carry out this activity. It is essential to use a private internet connection rather than public Wi-Fi. 

It is a requirement to be above 18 years of age to get the payout if you eventually hit the jackpot. Do not take chances with this rule. Even liberal countries prevent minors from taking part in any form of gambling activity. 

With all that in place, here are the simple steps to follow to play a lottery.

  • Step 1: Make your choice of lottery site and register with them.
  • Step 2: Choose lotto from a country that supports lotto in India. 
  • Step 3: Select your lottery of choice and pick your numbers.
  • Step 4: Allow the draw to take place. Perhaps your number is the lucky number. 
  • Step 5: If your number is lucky, you should receive a payout. If not, you have the opportunity to go again.

International lottery in India is legal in many states. You would require an internet-enabled device, internet connection, and be above 18 years of age to play. The online lottery takes away the stress of queuing at your local vendor, making the lottery application process more manageable. 

Online Lotteries in India