It is without question that Bank of India, founded back in 1906 is hands down one of the most popular banks that you can indulge in at present in India. With over 5000 branches pan India and over 3300 ATMs in cities, towns and some of the non-accessible spots across the country, the Bank of India has stood up as a shield for the growing economy of India. 

However, like most of the banks in India, even this one offers a host of accessible features and services, all of which make the user’s banking experience a seamless and fruitful one. From offering different types of credit and debit cards to supporting features like internet banking and chequebook facilities, you get to enjoy a lot of amazing features with BOI.

If you don’t always have the time to keep up with the banking needs, we’d highly recommend that you focus on the facilities like Missed call alerts, internet banking, etc. that allow you to achieve all the tasks from the comfort of your home. 

How to Check Balance using Mobile Number?

The best part about indulging in the Bank of India mobile services is the missed call alerts and the balance check facilities. These can be done using your phone and doesn’t require you to go visit the branch every often.

Following are a list of numbers that you can leave a missed call on from your registered number to get updates about your account balance:

  • 09015135135
  • 09266135135

Keep in mind that you need to leave the missed call using the REGISTERED MOBILE NUMBER only. Calling from unregistered numbers won’t give you the bank account balance or other information.

Once the missed call is done and the phone disconnects, you will receive an SMS containing the details about the account balance. The reason why this service has gained prominence across India is because of its availability. You can check the account balance anytime because it’s available 24×7. 

Also, if you have two bank accounts with the same bank and you want to keep them active under the same registered number, you need to focus on making one account the PRIMARY SAVINGS ACCOUNT.

The process can be done via SMS. All you have to do is send SMS to 09015135135 / 09266135135 with SET <Account Number>. This will set the designated account in the SMS as the primary account and ensure easier balance enquiry for the account.

List of Missed Call Alerts Number

Missed Call Alerts are one of the most useful functionalities that every Indian bank provides. It allows easier updates about the bank account’s status, including the account balance and other features without needing to step foot inside the bank itself. 

The two primary missed call alert numbers of Bank of India are:

  • 09015135135
  • 09266135135

These can be used to get reports about the bank account status, including the issues surrounding account balance, account status and other reports as well.

What is the toll-free number of the Bank of India?

If this is your first time with the Bank of India and you are facing issues with the account status, you must know the list of customer care or toll-free numbers that can assist you without your problems. 

Being mindful of these can help you close an account, take action in case there are issues withs stolen cards, etc.

Some of the most important toll-free numbers of Bank of India include:

  • 1800 103 1906
  • 1800 220 229 (Tollfree – COVID-19 Support) 
  • (022) – 40919191 – available 24×7 and is chargeable

What are some of the customer care details for the Bank of India?

Besides the toll-free number, you must be being mindful of the other customer care outreach portals too. There are online or website complaint registration and you also have access to the social media platforms that provide the users with instant resolutions to their grievances and complaints.

  • Social media 

Ideally, we would recommend contacting the Bank of India via their Twitter account in case you want quicker resolutions. Also, make sure that you are only contacting via the original account and never give out personal information like the bank account details, PINs and even the CVV number that is present in the back of your card.

  • Official address- 

Also, in case you have issues with their services or you have other information to send to Bank of India headquarters, we’d recommend that you send them the important notes in a letter to their official address, which is based out in Mumbai:



C – 5, “G” Block, 

Bandra Kurla Complex, 

Bandra (East), 

Mumbai 400 051. 

Ph: 022-66684444

Email communication- 

If you want to engage in email communication with the Bank of India, there are a few ways to do so. They have three different emails for a quicker communication, including:


1. Are the online services safe for the Bank of India?

If you aren’t that digitally inclined, chances are that you would be sceptical about using these services and that is completely fine. However, you need to realize that all these emails, phone numbers are operated by the bank officials who are recruited through consistent screening. So, if you are worried that they will leak your personal information or get access to your bank account when you contact them, that doesn’t happen.

2. Are these phone or missed call alerts chargeable?

Yes, these services are chargeable by the Bank of India. However, these charges are very nominal and are generally charged annually from your bank account. So, you won’t even register a big dent in the account.


Have an account in the Bank of India? If yes, we hope this article was informative enough for you to have an open insight into the different digital and telephonic services that are offered by the bank. Knowing these will help you sort out any issues with your bank account without needing to step out of your home and then visit the bank for the same. 

Bank Of India Balance Check, Missed Call Alerts, Toll-Free Number, And Customer Care