The evolution of internet banking and mobile banking had made all our lives easier! We can access our bank account, bank balance, make transactions, and do plenty more online. Physically visiting the bank and waiting in a long queue is no longer necessary, as online banking facilities help us do pretty much everything. But, can you close your Indian Bank Account Online? 

This article will answer that question and guide you through the process. 

Is it possible to Close Indian Bank Account Online?

The answer to this question is No. You can carry out major steps to close your Indian Bank account online. But, you cannot close it online. You have to visit the Indian Bank branch physically to close your account. Follow the instructions given below to close your Indian Bank account online.

Detailed guide to close your Indian Bank account online

One may have more than one bank account and may wish to close one of the bank accounts at a certain point in time. Also, it is always best to maintain the least number of bank accounts when compared to many numbers of accounts, as numerous accounts may lead to reaching the minimum balance in one of the bank accounts. Also, sometimes it is practically problematic and confusing to maintain many bank accounts. 

Note: It is not possible to close your Indian Bank account online. However, you may proceed with the steps online to close the bank account.

Below are the steps:

  • STEP 1: To close your Indian Bank account, you should download the account closure form first. This account closure form can be downloaded from Indian Bank’s official website! You can also directly visit the nearest Indian Bank branch and get the account closure form manually. 

How To Close Indian Bank Account Online?

  • STEP 2: After getting the form, fill in all the details asked. Make sure you fill in the correct details. The form might ask your name, address, bank account number, date of birth, the reason for closing the bank account, and more. Fill in these details with correct information. You should enter the date at the bottom and put your signature. 
  • STEP 3: In case, there are any joint account holders to your account, they should also sign the form. 
  • STEP 4: Now that you have filled the form, you must now submit the form at the Indian bank’s home branch. 
  • STEP 5: Make sure you submit your KYC documents including the Aadhaar card and PAN card while you submit the account closure form. These documents are nothing but name/identity proof and your address proof. You should self-attest these KYC documents.
  • STEP 6: Along with the account closure form and the KYC documents, you should also submit your Indian bank ATM/debit card, passbook, and pending cheque leaves if you have any.

POINT TO REMEMBER: Before submitting the account closure form, you should withdraw your bank balance from the current account or savings account. 

  • STEP 7: You are almost done! Once you submit the account closure form, KYC documents, and other things, the bank will check and verify your documents. If you have any pending bank balance, you will also be asked to withdraw that amount. You can get this amount in cash or cheque or DD. You can also ask them to transfer the amount to another bank account.

We believe the above instructions were simple and pretty easy for you to carry out. Follow the above steps exactly to close your Indian Bank account. 

Did you know? 

You can also close your Indian Bank account through the Customer Care Number. This process too is pretty simple, so you don’t have to worry much. We will tell you how to do it. Follow the below steps carefully to close your Indian Bank account through the Customer Care Number.

Steps to close Indian Bank account through Customer Care Number

  • STEP 1: Call the customer care number of Indian Bank. Indian Bank’s customer care or customer service number is 1800 4250 0000. 
  • STEP 2: Convey them that you wish to close your Indian Bank account. 
  • STEP 3: Talk to the customer support agent & request him/her to help you close your account. 
  • STEP 4: The customer support agent will escalate this and get you the desired solution.
  • STEP 5: You will be notified with the necessary info. Make sure your Indian Bank account balance is zero before you request the agent to close the account. This can help speed up the account closure process without any complications.

Duration of your Indian Bank account closure

There is no predetermined duration for your Indian Bank account closure. The period may differ from person to person depending on the circumstance, bank’s busy status and other factors. If you have submitted the right information and there is no reason to delay the process, the account closing may get completed in two or three days maximum. However, if the bank is busy or if you have submitted the wrong info, the account closing might take longer than you expected. Sometimes it can take up to 2 months also for closing the account.

Does Indian Bank charge its customers for closing the bank account?

The answer to this question varies from person to person, based on their account opening date. 

If you are closing the Indian bank account within 14 days or after 12 months from the opening date, there is no chargeIf you fall under this category, you don’t have to pay anything to the bank for closing your Indian Bank account. 

However, if you are closing the Indian bank account from 15 days to 12 months from the opening date, the bank levies charge. For a savings account, the bank charges Rs.68 from individuals, Rs.86 from non-individuals and Rs.46 from the Special category of bank customers such as Pensioners, Senior Citizens & individuals in rural areas.

Points to follow

As fraudulent works & forgery have become common in the financial arena, everyone needs to follow certain safety measures to keep their hard-earned money safe and secure. If you are an account holder, to keep your account secured & safe, make sure you follow the below steps.   

  • Count the number of cheque leaves offered to you from the bank when the bank gives you the chequebook. By this, you can keep a track of your cheque leaves to count. If your cheque leaf goes missing, make sure you notify the bank.
  • You can also lock up your chequebook or cheque leaves in a safe place like a drawer or locker.
  • When you write the amount in cheque leaf, do not leave extra space after the amount’s last digit. Also, fill in the other fields rightly.
  • You should possess enough funds before issuing a cheque to someone. We will say why. Return of cheque is an offence under Indian law.

We hope the article was clear and informative. Follow the instructions as said to close your Indian Bank account. Though it cannot be completely done online, you can carry out a few important steps online to close the bank account. If you had found it useful, share it with your friends and family, as they might get benefitted from it.

How To Close Indian Bank Account Online?

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