Why do people wish to close a bank account? There are three common reasons. The first one is the difficulty in maintaining multiple bank accounts. Not everyone has a single bank account. Many maintain multiple bank accounts. The second reason is dissatisfaction with the bank’s services or internet banking. The third reason is their wish to open a bank account in a different bank and close the existing bank account. 

UCO is one of the major nationalized banks in India. If you are planning to close your UCO bank account, you’ve landed on the right page. This article will help you close your UCO bank account. But, can you close the UCO bank account online? No. It is not possible to close the UCO bank account from the comfort of your home. The bank requires its account holders to directly visit the branch for closing the account. 

However, you can follow a few steps online, from the comfort of your home, to close the bank account. We will tell you how to proceed with that. But, before delving into the steps to close the UCO bank account, let’s go through a quick introduction to UCO bank.

UCO Bank – Introduction

UCO Bank was earlier called the United Commercial Bank. It was founded in the year 1943 in Kolkata. UCO is one of the popular nationalized banks in India. The bank has its place in the Fortune India 500 list & Forbes Global 2000 list. The bank also has an overseas presence, with branches in Hong Kong and Singapore. UCO made over Rs 3 lakh crore business in the financial year 2020-2021. The headquarters of UCO is located in Kolkata. 

Now, let’s see the steps to close the UCO bank account online.

Detailed steps to close your UCO Bank account online

Like we already said, UCO, just like any other bank, does not allow its account holders to close the account online. You have to submit the account closure form and other documents manually by visiting the bank branch. But, there are a few things you can do from your home, online. Follow the below steps to close the UCO bank account smoothly.

  1. ACCOUNT CLOSURE FORM – Downloading UCO’s account closure form is the very first step to follow. You can find the account closure form in PDF format on UCO’s official website https://www.ucobank.com/Hindi/homehindi.aspx. If you cannot find the account closure form on the website, you can visit UCO’s nearest branch from your home and manually get the form from the bank. 
  2. FILL THE FORM – After getting your hands on the form, fill in the details correctly. You can fill the details in block letters. You will be asked to fill in information like name, address, contact number, date of birth, state, city, pin code, and more. Fill in the info correctly without any errors. Check the form once before submitting it. After filling in the details, you should sign the form. If you have any joint account holders/holders, their signature is also necessary.
  3. SUBMIT KYC DOCUMENTS – After filling the info in the form, you should attach your KYC documents for identity and address proof. These documents are your Aadhaar card and PAN card. The bank will use the KYC documents to verify your identity and address. You must self-attest these documents before submitting them. If you have joint account holders, they should also submit their KYC documents and self-attest the docs.
  4. RETURN BANK DOCUMENTS – Next step is to return the bank documents like a chequebook, balance cheque leaves, bank passbook, and debit card / ATM Card. Your account closure process is complete only if you submit these bank documents. If you don’t have the debit card in rare scenarios, submit the rest of the documents. 
  5. WITHDRAW PENDING BANK BALANCE – You must withdraw your pending bank balance before closing the bank account. The amount can be withdrawn as cash, transferred to some other bank account or withdrawn in the form of a DD / Cheque. It is totally up to you. 
  6. WAIT FOR THE NOTIFICATION – Now that you have completed all the necessary steps, all you have to do now is to patiently wait for the notification from the bank. UCO Bank will notify you once your account closing is complete. If you follow all the above-mentioned steps correctly, there will be no problem in closing your account smoothly. In a day or two, your account will be closed & you will be notified.

You will receive a notification to your registered mobile number in the form of SMS or to your registered mail ID in the form of e-mail. Sometimes the bank may take up to several days to close the account due to various reasons. If you have completed the steps correctly, just wait for the bank to do their job. 

If you have any queries or face any difficulties following any of the steps, you can always contact the bank officials for any help. Also, you can take all the required documents and directly visit the bank branch, get the account closure form, fill it, and submit it to the bank. This will save you time and you can also clarify any doubts with the bank officials while filling the form.   

Does UCO Bank have a minimum bank balance policy?

As an account holder of UCO bank, you should maintain a minimum bank balance. But, the minimum balance amount of UCO bank is very much less when compared to other banks. The minimum balance of UCO is pretty easy to maintain. 

To start the account in UCO Bank, you should deposit Rs 5 in your account. If you use a cheque operated account, the minimum balance must be Rs 250. If you have any queries, feel free to contact UCO’s customer support team. You can contact them on 1800 103 0123. For queries regarding UCO’s E-banking facilities, you can mail them at [email protected]

Now that we have explained in detail the steps to close the UCO bank account, you can follow the steps exactly as given to get your job done!

How To Close UCO Bank Account Online?

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