ATM cards have proven to be extremely beneficial for people to get money immediately for their requirements. Finding the nearest ATM and swiping the card will instantly provide them with the money they need. From paying bills to shopping, ATM cards can be used anywhere anytime for any purpose. We have debit cards & credit cards with unique functions to serve people of different financial transaction preferences. 

Though there are a lot of advantages to the ATM card, it has some downsides too. If your ATM card is lost with your bag, and in case you had written the PIN on a piece of paper or somewhere, then it is extremely risky, as anyone can misuse the card. This is why you should never write your ATM PIN anywhere. 

Always remember the PIN and store it in your mind. In that way, even if the ATM card gets lost, you can give a complaint to the bank and deactivate the card immediately. Similarly, another downside of the ATM card is when the transaction gets failed after you swipe the card on the machine, but money is debited. 

This can make the users furious, as the money has been debited, but the user is not able to receive it. This can happen with any bank. If you are an SBI account holder and if such a situation happens to you, we will tell you what to do. During such occurrences, one should take the necessary steps. This article will tell you what to do when your money is debited after the use of the ATM card, but it says the transaction is failed. 

What to do when an SBI ATM transaction fails, but money is debited?

After you carry out an SBI ATM transaction, if the transaction gets failed but the money is debited, you can report the failed SBI ATM transaction through three ways. 

  1. Through raising complaints via SBI online portal
  2. Through Customer Care number
  3. By manually visiting the bank branch

Now, let us see in detail these three ways to report SBI ATM transaction failure. 

Through raising complaints via SBI online portal

About SBI, it has created a dedicated CMS portal to address customer issues on failed ATM transactions. You can visit the portal and raise your issue to get your money back. Follow the below steps:

  • STEP 1 – From your phone/laptop / PC browser, visit the SBI CMS portal.
  • STEP 2 – You will see a form. You should fill out this form with the information asked. 
  • STEP 3 – Now, select the customer type, enter the account number and access the complaint name section. In this section, you can enter the issue that you are facing. In case of failed ATM transaction, type this issue briefly.
  • STEP 4 – Now, you should type the branch code, email address, and your Registered Mobile Number.
  • STEP 5 – From the complaint category, select the ATM-related option.
  • STEP 6 – From the products & services section, you should again choose the ATM-related option.
  • STEP 7 – Just like the complaint section, select your issue here. Here, we are dealing with failure in ATM transactions, but money is debited. For this issue, select the first option given.
  • STEP 8 – After selecting the above 3 options, you should fill in your debit card number info, Transaction amount, Transaction ID / UTR number, and Transaction date. After entering the details, enter 0 in the dispensed amount field, if you had not received any amount after the ATM transaction. 
  • STEP 9 – Type the ATM ID / Terminal ID now. If you are not able to find the ATM ID / Terminal ID, check your transaction receipt. The ID will be in settlement or transaction receipt. Enter the info related to your complaint. The info must be no more than 500 characters. 
  • STEP 10 – Now, type the Captcha & press the Submit option. You have successfully submitted the form. If your submission was successful, you will get a mail to your registered mail ID from the SBI. You will also receive an SMS on your registered mobile number on the same.
  • STEP 11 – Once you submit the form, the bank will initiate a complaint number. You can use the complaint number to track your complaint status. Usually, the bank will respond to your complaint in less than 48 hours, by calling you. If your complaint is honest and the case is true, the bank will refund the deducted amount to your bank account.

Sometimes, if the bank is busy, or due to technical faults, the bank may respond to your complaint a little later and the refund may happen after many days. 

Through Customer Care number

Another way to raise your issue is by contacting the customer care number of SBI. This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to raise a complaint. All banks provide customer care helpline numbers to the customers. All you have to do is to call the customer care helpline number of SBI. The customer care number of SBI is 1800 425 3800. 

Call the number and explain your issue. If your money has been debited after the ATM transaction, but it says the transaction is failed, you can immediately call the customer care number of SBI without any delay. Explain to them what happened. 

The bank will escalate your issue and provide you tracking ID to track the status of your complaint. If you do not get the necessary solution, keep reaching out to the bank and ask them to resolve the issue. Usually, customer care numbers of banks will respond well to the complaints raised by the customers.

So, you do not have to worry much. The bank will take the necessary steps to refund your amount if it found the case to be genuine. 

By manually visiting the bank branch

The next easy and fastest method to raise your ATM card transaction failure is by visiting the bank directly. Visiting the bank directly has two big advantages.

  1. Your complaint will not be ignored. You can talk directly face-to-face to the bank officials and explain to them what happened. 
  2. You will gain a positive feel about your complaint as you have raised it directly.

Once the complaint is registered with the bank, the bank officials escalate the issue and resolve the issue as per norms. If your complaint was true, your amount will be refunded by the bank at the earliest.

Follow any of the three steps listed above to get your amount refunded. You should know ATM transaction failure mostly occurs due to technical errors. After you raise your complaint, the bank will do a check on the issue and take appropriate action. The bank will refund the deducted amount after finding your case true and honest. 

Sometimes, during such ATM transaction failures, if the money has been debited accidentally, the bank will automatically refund the deducted amount to the account. Still, you do not have to take a chance. You can immediately raise the complaint after your transaction failure. We hope the article cleared all your queries on SBI ATM transaction failure and how to get the refund.

How To Report SBI ATM Transaction Failed But Amount Debited?

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