Lakme Salon Franchise: If a person has an interest in cosmetics and beauty products and wants to invest in the cosmetics industry, then this is the right place for them. Today, the cosmetics industry has taken the world by storm. The cosmetics industry has existed in the world for centuries. But today, the industry has spread across different parts of the world and is estimated to reach a value of 2,68 billion US dollars by the end of 2020. Today, everyone wants to take care of themselves and look good so there is a high demand for beauty and skincare products. And in regards to cosmetics in India, one name that is known to every person in the country is Lakme. Whether it is in the category of make-up, haircare, skincare, Lakme provides products of top-notch quality to the consumers. In the times when many of the brands just make empty claims, Lakme is one brand that is trusted by the people of India.

About the Company:

Lakme is an Indian company that sells cosmetic products to its customers. The company was started in 1952 by the parent company Tata Oil Mills (Tomco), who owned 100 percent of Lakme. The name Lakme was derived from a French opera of the same name, which itself was considered to be the French version of Lakshmi (a goddess in the Indian mythology) who was worshipped for prosperity and beauty.

The company came into existence when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India, got concerned about the fact that large sums of foreign exchange were being spent by Indian women on cosmetic products that were made in other countries. So, Pandit Nehru requested Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata to make cosmetic products in India. In 1996, the stakes of Lakme were sold by Tata for 200 crore rupees to HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) who is now the owner of the company.

Today, Lakme is the number 1 cosmetics brand in the country. In the year 2012, the Brand Trust Report ranked Lakme as the 104th in India. In the following year, the same report ranked Lakme as the 71st most trusted brand in India. And in 2014, in the same report, the company achieved the 36th rank on the list of brands that are trusted the most in India. The Lakme company is also a sponsor of the Lakme Fashion Week, a fashion event that is held twice a year. The event was started by the company in 2000 and is organized in the city of Mumbai.

Lakme Salon is India’s first and leading beauty salon chain which provides services related to make-up, haircare, and skincare. The company has a dedicated team of over 3500 trained professionals who work hard to give top-most quality services to the customers.

Lakme Salon has been in existence for more than 35 years as it was started in 1984. Since then, the company has spread throughout India with more than 400 Lakme Salons in 125 cities of the country.

Lakme Absolute Salon was also launched by the company in 2012 which provided state-of-the-art beauty services in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Lakme Beauty Salon Franchise in India:

Lakme Salon Beauty Parlour

A person should not pass up a Lakme franchise business opportunity as the company is achieving new heights every year. The company started the franchising of Lakme Salon in the year 1998 and grew throughout the years. The number of Lakme cosmetics franchise outlets across the country comes to around 360 with more than 300 franchising partners.

At the 16th Franchise India Awards in the year 2018, Lakme Salon was awarded the ‘Franchisor of the Year’ award. Lakme cosmetics franchise was also listed among the Top 100 Franchise brands in India by the Franchising World, India’s number 1 franchising magazine.

The company has popular celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and Ananya Pandey as its brand ambassador which adds a lot to the image of the company. With all the awards and achievements, it becomes quite clear that a Lakme franchise business opportunity is something that an investor should seriously consider.

Another thing about opening up a Lakme Beauty Salon franchise is that a person gets various types of support and assistance from the company. When a person chooses to open up a franchise of Lakme Salon, the company assists him or her in looking for the perfect location to open the outlet. Support regarding operational and audit areas is also provided by the company which helps ease the management and improves professional service quality. Lakme Salons assist the franchisee in not only recruiting the employees but also make sure that the employees are properly trained in basic salon fundamentals like CRM software, billing, staff scheduling, managing, etc.

Lakme Salon Franchise Requirements:

As is the case with any franchise, there are certain requirements that an individual needs to fulfill to become the owner of a Lakme franchise. The first requirement that an individual needs to fulfill in order to own a Lakme cosmetics franchise is regarding the area of the outlet. The area of the outlet needs to be sufficient so that it has room for all the equipment that is required to run the salon. The required area for a Lakme franchise ranges from 900 to 1,200 square feet.

Another requirement that needs to be fulfilled is regarding the number of employees in a Lakme Salon. The franchisee will need to hire around 10 to 15 employees to run day-to-day operations in the store.

Lakme Salon Franchise Cost:

The cost of investment required for a franchise is a huge factor that the investor takes into consideration while making his decision. An investor looking to own a Lakme franchise will have to put up an initial investment of 50 to 60 lakh rupees. This amount will cover expenses like interior decoration, franchise fee, furniture and equipment required to run the salon. The franchisee also has to sign a franchise agreement with the company which lasts for 5 years.

Lakme Salon Franchise Profit:

Owning a franchise of Lakme Salon is extremely profitable for an individual. The return on investment that a franchisee can get back from running a Lakme franchise is 18 to 25 percent. According to information available on the internet, the owner of a Lakme franchise can earn a monthly profit of 95,000 rupees. The franchisee can get his entire investment amount back within 4 to 5 years of opening the outlet.

How to get Lakme Salon Franchise?

There are certain steps that a person has to follow in order to become the owner of a Lakme franchise. The first thing that a person has to do is to visit the company’s official website. Then the person has to select the options related to franchises and then fill out an application form to apply for a Lakme franchise. Personal and official details will have to be filled by the person in the application form. After the completion of the form, the person needs to submit it online. The support staff then evaluates the application and decides whether to follow up with the person or not.

Lakme Franchise Enquiry:

If a person wants to get in touch with personnel at Lakme to ask them about any of his or her inquiries, they can make use of the following information:

Office Address: Lakmé Lever Ltd. 1st Floor, Shree Nivas House, H Somani Marg, Behind Bombay Gymkhana, Fort, Mumbai – 400001

Where to open Lakme Salon Franchise to make it profitable?

Believe it or not, availing services from a high-end salon is a luxury for some people. Your target customer base for a Lakme Salon Franchise will include upper-middle-class families and rich people in general.

So, when it comes to opening the franchise, you want to place it somewhere with a good footfall, especially with your target customers. This is one of the reasons why shopping malls are considered one of the best spots.

Besides that, you can also open it in the more “high-end” areas in the city so you can attract the attention of your target customers.

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FAQs Regarding Lakme Salon Franchise:

1. Is the Lakme Franchise profitable?

Yes, the Lakme franchise is very profitable. The return on investment in the case of a Lakme franchise is considered to be 18 to 25 percent. A monthly profit of around 95,000 rupees can also be earned by the franchisee.

2. How to get a franchise of Lakme beauty salon?

The process to apply for a Lakme franchise is very simple. A person has to just visit the company’s official website and fill out an application form to apply for the Lakme beauty salon franchise. Certain personal details have to be filled in the application form by the individual. After that, the support staff of Lakme reviews the application form and on the basis of that, they decide whether to move forward or not.

3. Who is the owner of Lakme?

Lakme is owned by Hindustan Unilever.

4. How much does it cost to open a Lakme Salon in India?

An individual would have to put up an investment of 50 to 60 lakh rupees in order to own a Lakme cosmetics franchise.

5. What is the area required to open up a Lakme Salon?

The area required by the franchisee to set up a Lakme Salon ranges from 900 to 1,200 square feet.

6. How many employees are needed to run a Lakme Salon?

To run a franchise of Lakme Salon, the franchisee needs to hire 10 to 15 workers who will run the day-to-day operations.

7. How long does it take an investor to earn back the invested amount from a Lakme store?

If a person invests in Lakme and opens up a Lakme Salon, he or she can earn the investment back in 4 to 5 years.

8. Is Lakme helpful to the investors in opening their franchise?

Yes, Lakme provides a lot of assistance to the investors in opening up the store. The company helps them in selecting the perfect location for the outlet. Lakme also assists the owner of the franchise in hiring as well as training of the employees.

9. When was Lakme started?

Lakme was founded in the year 1998.

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Final Words:

The cosmetics industry is one that will probably never shut down. As long there is a desire among women to look beautiful, the cosmetic industry will exist in the world. And in this cosmetic industry, Lakme is a huge name in India. Apart from the plethora of high-quality products that are provided by Lakme Salons, the professional experts of the company understand what the customers want and are able to adapt and improvise according to those wants and accordingly provide products and services to the public. When we look at the celebrity endorsements along with various awards and achievements of the company, it is hard to deny the fact that from an investor’s perspective, Lakme is the best option in India in the category of cosmetics. So, it was all about how to get Lakme salon franchise.

Lakme Salon Franchise

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