The name is pretty self-explanatory. Furry telegram groups are basically for people to talk about their furry friends – meaning, their pets! Pets have forever been a blessing to mankind, and we can’t be grateful for it enough. 

However, furry telegram groups also contain groups that talk fashion such as fur coats and jackets. We all know how hyped up fur coats and jackets exactly are, but did you know there are a lot of factors that you must consider before buying one? How do you exactly identify what kind of fur, or how thick would actually suit you and your needs? 

Too thin a fur coat shall render it useless during chilly winters, while too thick can make you clammy and sweaty inside. Plus, there ways of maintaining your fur coat and jackets as well. You can always buy a bristle grooming brush to gently set the fur on your coat in place before slipping it on and heading out.

Sable fur coats come among the top-tier coats, and are thus usually the most expensive. All of these factors, such as cost, maintenance, hacks and factors determining which coat to buy is why furry telegram groups come in handy for users. 

Another important point to keep in mind is that the more fur you want on a coat, the pricier it is going to be. Plus, if you happen to stumble upon a super rare cat then you can get a great resell value for it as well! Always remember to take the coat toa dealer if you feel there’s something fishy regarding the fur – it always helps! Other than that, it’s generally quite a difficult task to actually get a coat that has top quality, real fur on it. 

Another great addition to your outfit can be fur scarves. They are a great piece that will help you stand out in the crowd. They look classy and successfully manage to form a contrast even with mundane, day-to-day outfits. It all depends on what hair you want to choose and what kind of look you’re planning. But generally, acrylic fibres to a pretty good job at recreating the magnificence of real fur.

Coats fur and furry scarves apart, furry telegram groups also pertain to our furry friends! Getting a dog or a cat, or at least planning to? Then these groups will be your best friend. Dogs usually have a lot of fur, or what we tend to call ‘floof’. Cats on the other hand usually have a thin, even coat of fur on them. Plus, there comes a lot of responsibility when it comes to these furballs. Taking them out for occasionally strolls a day, getting past the teething stage, proper nutrition and care are what determine how your pet will turn out to be. Albeit a task, all of these need effort and time without which you can end up doing the wrong pet-parenting. 

Best Furry Telegram Groups List

So if you want regular updates, tips and tricks on any of the above – you have to join a furry telegram group! They will be your lifesavers, if not more. However, there are but too many choices and too little time to choose. Henceforth, we have tried and tested some of the best furry groups on Telegram and curated them into a full-fledged list. Check these out! 

Name of Furry telegram groupsGroup Link
Furry stickers Join Here
[SFW] Reddit Furry Chat Join Here
Fem Furry Stickers™ (SFW+NSFW) Join Here
Furry Valley Groups/Channels Join Here
FC Network Entry Join Here
Musky Club Join Here
Chat Group Join Here
Polo Army Join Here
Furry stickers Join Here
WPAFW Chat Screening Room Join Here
Colorado Furries Entry Group Join Here
PGH Furs Screening Room Join Here
Waiting room 2 Join Here
FurryX Join Here
furry stickers chat Join Here
Furry Chat / SFW Join Here
Northern Wisconsin Furs Join Here
wifurs Join Here
Huge list of random furry channels Join Here
DeliciousMilkyStuff Join Here

Will the Telegram Furry Groups Come in Handy When my Dog has an Emergency?

Telegram is often demonized but what you don’t realize is that the platform has a series of benefits too. Among them, the furry groups that are available on the platform can come in handy when you seriously are in an emergency related to your pet.

Since the group has other pet parents and experts in it, you can post about your issue and see if you can get a resolution. There’s nothing wrong with being open to suggestions, so I’d say that it’s a good place to share about any emergency that you might have regarding your pet.

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That’d be all for Furry telegram groups! Hope you enjoy them. Do join them right away and start exploring for yourself. Other than that, Happy Telegramming!

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Frequently Asked Question

1. How do I find groups on telegram?

It’s pretty easy! If you happen to know the group’s name, just type it out in the search bar and you shall find it!

2. Are telegram groups safe?

Yes, joining a telegram group would do you no harm. However, be careful of the content or link you download or click respectively. 

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