Telugu movies, you say? That’s how we know your choice is elite, and so are you! Despite being quite a controversial genre, we all know that Telugu movies and content are one of the major contributors to the film and media industry’s success. And there’s plenty of proof at hand. Starting from Kabir Singh, Baaghi to Salman Khan’s Read – there are tons of Hindi blockbuster hits that were literal remakes of equally popular Telugu movies. 

Not only have Telugu movies made their stance clear in the media industry, but so have Telugu songs. Millions of Hindi songs are basically their remake or a remix, and no wonder they have managed to stand apart among most other genres. Telugu movies and music are considered synonymous with ravishing entertainment, rather a full package of fun and action coupled with adventure when it comes to movies and a melodious retreat when it comes to music.

And we aren’t just stating it allegedly. If you carefully notice, whenever a Telugu movie is dubbed and broadcasted over popular channels such as Set Max, it tends to become an instant hit. So much so that it gets its own Hindi spin-off and goes onto become a more nationally recognized movie such as Superstar. Let’s start tracing as to exactly why Telugu movies are so amazing, and what has made them come so far.

Why is Telugu Movies So Hyped?

First things first, fans are usually crazy about Telugu movies. Yes, Bollywood’s elite has had their fair share of fan moments, especially when every cinema hall is greeted with a whole procession of movie buffs and fans dancing and banging drums the day before Salman Khan’s movie release. 

But even so, Telugu movie buffs are way more loyal than this. Their love and craze for their content are unparalleled, so much so that even the above-mentioned stunt falls short. Moreover, a recent report also stated that Telugu fans spend way more on their content than Bollywood ones ever would. 

Moreover, a huge positive point is that people really support their culture and the movie regardless of it going on to become a superhit or not; which makes Telugu movies and content even more hyped. 

Plus, Telugu movies usually have a diverse cast. Their non-discriminatory nature towards hiring their cast is what makes them stand out all the more. Prakash Raj, Anushka Shetty, Kajal Aggarwal, Ramya Krishnan are some of the living examples. So yes, no wonder why Telugu movies and content are so popular!

Best Telegram Telugu Movie Channels

So if you’re here to get your hands on the best Telugu content; Telegram would be your go-to app. It has the best Telugu content in stock; and hundreds of channels for you to join. We have curated a list of some of the best Telegram Telugu channels, and here it is!

Name of Telugu Movie Telegram ChannelsGroup Link
Telugu movies Join Here
Movies Telugu New HD Dubbed Latest Join Here
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Telugu Cinemahub Join Here
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TELUGU MOVIE’S ( @TeluguMoviessz ) Join Here
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Telugu Audio & Video Songs [@telugu_patalu] Join Here
Telugu Dubbed Movies [@telugu_dubbedmovies] Join Here
Southindian channel Join Here
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ALL Telugu Movies Join Here
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IMO Telugu Movies Join Here
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Telugu movies new hd Join Here
Telugumoviessss Join Here
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Telugu Movie Join Here

Are the Telugu movie links legit on Telegram?

Telegram is a boon and a curse and we’ll explain why in a minute. However, if you are someone who has been considering navigating to Telegram to find direct download links for some of the old classic and newly released Telugu movies, being skeptical is common.

Our number one tip in that regard would be to take some time out and only rely on the channels with a steady following and regular activity. The last thing that you want to do is end up clicking on a random and suspicious link from a Telegram channel that has 20 subscribers. That’s where things get a little sketchy.

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So that’s that for Telegram Telugu movie channels! Hope you find the best from our list; and we assure you – whichever you choose to join, you won’t be disappointed. All of them will bring the best Telugu movies at your fingertips for download! However, it’s always better to support the artist and help them grow by buying their content, instead of downloading them for free. Choice is yours; happy telegramming! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Telegram Channels Safe?

Yes! Telegram Channels are absolutely safe.

2. Are Movies Really Available on Telegram?

Of course! Telegram is your next best thing after Netflix or Prime – call it a torrent reincarnate without annoying ads or frequent popups or malware threats for that matter! You can safely request and download whatever movies you like, so rest assured!

3. Is Telegram Banned in India?

Nope, it’s up and running in every nook and corner of India. 

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