Telegram is now the new, raving messaging app and Telegram Groups are the next best thing you’d come across. In more technical terms, Telegram is basically a cross-platform cloud-based service where you can exchange messages and media and do so much more! 

The power of social media is only increasing, and it’s proving itself to be super beneficial with each passing day, and more so this year. During these times when uncertainty seems to be the only certainty; messaging apps like Telegram have managed to weave people closer and keep them connected.

But what you don’t know, or might not know is that telegram is much more than just a platform to exchange messages and media. The app was launched back in 2013, and you can use it for video calling voice calling as well. 

As time went by, telegram started evolving and now has exclusive features such as channels and groups which can make your life much easier. If you’re yet to know what they exactly are, this article shall walk you through it all!

So What Exactly Are Telegram Groups?

Telegram groups aim to bring like-minded people together, or people with similar links, connections, or relations and help form a small community. Just like any other group, Telegram groups can be made for various purposes. 

Family groups can be created to stay in touch with anyone and everyone in your family at all times. Corporate groups can help you bring your plans to the table for everyone to discuss, without having to hold a physical meeting every time. 

As Telegram groups support around 100,000 members – no family is too large and no community is too huge! Other than creating just the basic groups, you can join other groups too, with the help of invite links. 

These groups are usually informational in nature and cater to your interests. There’s a wide variety of groups out there, such as ones to bring your favorite music or movies at your fingertips, dating groups, LGBTQ+ communities, fandoms, funny ones that send daily jokes or share memes, and stuff like that.  If you’re on the hunt for some particular information, Telegram groups and its community will fetch the information by following rigorous research and in abridged form. 

This is mainly why Telegram groups are becoming way more popular than most Instagram or Facebook pages out there. 

What Are the Types of Telegram Groups?

Well, Telegram groups can be broadly characterized into two types – one being the Basic groups, the other being the Supergroup. 

Basic Groups

Basic groups work best when you have a constricted team and don’t really need a chunk load of members. It’s meant to be personal, private, and more like a small community. For example family groups, a group for your company’s board of directors, and so on. Basic groups have a participant limit of 200; meaning, only 200 people tops can join the group. You can have an intimate communication experience with such groups, such as sharing stuff with your close-knit ones, discussing ideas with your peers, and so forth. 


On the other hand, Supergroups are meant for large communities who are united by a common interest. They have a participant limit of 100,000. These are usually the groups where you share common likes and dislikes, let’s say music, or a group for a particular graduating batch to send important announcements, LGBTQ+, a platform to share memes and jokes, and so forth. They usually can be joined by multiple participants and are solely meant for public purposes. Think of it this way; it’s a small little social media in itself! Just that, all of you are here for the same purpose on a personal level.

But There’s a Third Kind, And These Are Called Telegram Channels.

If you think those two are all that Telegram had to offer, you’re in for a surprise. With time, telegram expanded its horizons of possibilities and brought out more innovative ways to form a community. A third type, and frankly the most popular type, is the Telegram Channel.

Telegram Channels provides a means with the help of which one can broadcast messages to a rather unlimited number of audiences. The admins are usually allowed to post messages in such channels, and the users can only see but not reply. 

Telegram Channels don’t have any specific rules to abide by to let yourself in. You can just click on the invite link and join the channel instead. Channels usually have thousands of subscribers to them and are unarguably the primary reason why most oblivious users are starting to get to know about Telegram. 

It’s due to these Telegram channels that the cloud-based messaging app has turned itself into a semi-torrent site; minus the annoying ads and malware fear. There are various channels where upon joining you can request a specific song, movie, series, video, etc. and the same shall pop-up in the chat box for a free download. 

More and more people are resorting to Telegram Channels instead of scouring the web to find their favorites. It’s cheap, easy, safe and a piece of cake! 

However, a wrong misconception that a lot of people have is that these channels have some sort of monetization program associated with them. The official website of Telegram and most others who are in it have confirmed that it’s a myth. 

No one gets paid for creating or maintaining a channel whatsoever; there is no incentivization and monetization scheme attached to it of any sort.

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What Are Some of The Exclusive Features of a Telegram Group?

Well for starters, there’s the ‘Reply’ feature. To reply to a particular text or message, all you need to do is swipe left next to it, and voila! Type the reply in the chat box below and hit send. Once your reply has been sent, the recipient shall have a notification pop up on their screens notifying the same.

Next up would be ‘Mentions’. We really don’t need to go over how hard it is to point someone’s reply out and type in the respective reply whenever you’re in a group chat; especially ones consisting of tons of people. 

Imagine having a group of 200 people and you want to mention someone specifically to catch their attention towards a specific message. That’s where Telegram groups come to help. It has a special feature with the help of which you can type out a message directed to someone by adding ‘@’ and their name beside, or by simply replying to their specific message by swiping left to it. 

This will spare the recipient from hours of scouring through texts. They’ll get a mini box with the symbol ‘@’ popping, which upon clicking will chronologically highlight the messages specifically mentioned for them. Once they are done reading all, the symbol will automatically evaporate. Making lives easier

Another great feature is ‘Pinned Messages’. Now we all know how once we’re added to a group, we cannot view the previously shared messages and everything starts afresh. The same thing applies when you leave and rejoin a group. 

The messages shared between you leaving and joining are lost or rather, not accessible to you. Sometimes it so happens that admins of specific channels or communities want a set of texts to be read by every newbie, or just up there on display at all times. 

These can be rules or guidelines to be adhered to, steps on how to do something related to the group, or anything for that matter. They can thus pin the messages. Doing so will allow everyone and anyone who joins the group given whatever circumstances to view those texts. 

It comes especially handy as these saves one from repeatedly conveying the same thing over and over again. 

To Create a Telegram Group Link:

  1. First things first, launch the telegram app and click on the group button.
  2. A new window will pop up with an option allowing you to add members, click on that.
  3. Now tap on “Invite to Group via Link”.
  4. Copy the link that they display.
  5. Send it over to your friends and family for them to join your group! 

To Join a Telegram Group

  1. Choose whatever category interests you.
  2. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get loads of links displayed on your device’s screen.
  3. Whatever group’s link appeals to you, merely click on it and it will add you as a member; asking you to choose the needed app.
  4. Click on Telegram and then tap on the JOIN GROUP option.
  5. Look who’s a member of the group now!

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To Create a Telegram Group (For Android, iOS, and Windows OS)

Telegram Groups, or the app for that matter, are platform friendly and can function on multiple platforms. Here are the needed methods you must follow to create one, according to your device’s operating system!

1. For Android

Just launch the Telegram app, and you shall see a pencil icon enclosed in a circle on the bottom right corner. Click on it and you shall be able to create a new group and add members! If that seems inaccessible due to whatever reasons, you can always head over to the menu section on the top left corner and click on the new group instead.

2. iOS and MacOS

Go to chats after launching the Telegram app, and then click on the icon present on the top right corner. Follow this by clicking on the new group option and create one!

3. For Windows OS

If you’re using a device that operates on Windows OS, launch the Telegram app first. Then, scroll straight to the bottom of the screen until you find the ‘+’ icon. Click on it and then click on “new group”. Viola! You can create one of your own now! 

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What are the Various Rules That Telegram Groups Follow?

Just like normal community functions, Telegram too, allows you to vest powers, roles, and other such stuff in yours. By default, there are three kinds of powers in the group: Creator, Admins, and Members. 

The first and foremost person of power is the Creator. He or she is basically the one to have created the group, and they can consequently appoint admins and let in members. They get to decide which members they’d like to make the admins, who in turn would help coordinate and manage group activities. As a creator, they can also grant special permissions to admins, such as letting them change the Group info, delete messages, ban users, invite users via the invite link, pin messages, add new members and also add new admins. 

Admins on the other hand usually take care of the crucial tasks mentioned above. They see whether the members are adhering to the rules and regulations or not, and are allowed to take necessary actions as well.

Members, on the other hand, come last and usually have no such special powers. They get to see what’s posted or not and reply to them, but that’s that. If they fail to comply with the group’s guidelines, they might even be banned. With the new Telegram update, members can now be partially banned. To simply put, admins can now ban the members from posting anything, replying, sending media or embedded links for a specific time period. Talk about cool!  

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So that’s basically a rough guide to how Telegram works. However, there are many more cool features awaiting you. To explore it even further, why not download the app right away? This article has equipped you with more than enough knowledge to find your way through, so just get started already! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many Telegram Groups Can I Join?

Countless! There’s really no limit to how many you can join, and that’s the best part about Telegram Groups!

2. Are Telegram Groups Safe?

Absolutely, However, whatever you send will be viewable by the public, so practice precaution while texting. Other than that, no threats whatsoever.

3. Can Others See My Telegram Groups?

Nope. No one can see which groups you’re a member of, relax!

4. What More Can Be Done On Telegram Groups?

Well for starters, you can conduct crazy polls and ask random questions! The vote bot on Telegram will help you do so. There’s much more; why not join and see for yourself?

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