A decade back no one would have ever guessed that web series would gain so much popularity as it has now. Every other binge-watch platform has been witnessing the active inclusion of a  ton of web series, and the film industry is practically on a roll with them. 

Web series are everywhere – on youtube, on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and what not. And there are reasons, quite logical ones as to why are they evolving as a fan favourite over movies and tv shows.

That big old box of television at your place has been a major source of entertainment for us for decades. There was a time when people couldn’t live without the television. However, with the rise of the internet and technological conveniences, entertainment has now shifted its base platform from tv shows to apps like Netflix, Prime and Hotstar. 

Especially during these unprecedented times, have you taken notice how movies are being released on these platforms instead of theatres? The film industry is actively shifting its working base to the internet, and that’s how more and more web series are not starting to become popular. 

Tv shows are usually quite long, with a set of hour long episodes packed into one season, with over five or more seasons in total. Such long tv shows demand time investment and effort in understanding them, connecting the dots and thus understanding the story. 

Whereas on the other hand, movies are an hour or two long but quite too short to enjoy and absorb the story in when it comes to tv shows. Web-series are the perfect blend of it all. They are short, intensive, yet long enough to keep you occupied for long! 

This is one of the main reasons why web series are becoming more and more popular among everyone.

Plus, the tv show and film industry has become quite a cliche and mainstream going around the same loop to be precise. With the inception of web series, many budding filmmakers can now start with a clean slate, take their first baby step! 

They can now post fresh, relatable content for people to watch. No one needs to be a huge director to make their own show and commercialize it anymore. Anyone and everyone can do it, thanks to web series. 

More and more people these days are finding web series to be more relatable and are connecting to them on a different level, rather than blockbuster movies or hit tv shows. 

Telegram Channels For Web Series List

So if you are a web-series fanatic and have been trying long to get your hands on some really good content, telegram gas got you covered! There are many Telegram channels for web series that can satiate your thirst for web series by bringing all the best old and new content to your notice. 

But there are one too many choices to choose from, and henceforth, we’ve done the homework for you! We bring you just the best telegram channels for web series which you can join and start downloading content from right away! Have a look! 

Name of Telegram Channels For Web SeriesGroup Link
ULLU Web Series Join Here
All Web Series Join Here
Series Gangster Join Here
Mirzapur WebSeries Download Join Here
WebSeriesHubIndia Join Here
Hotshots Hotstar Movie Webseries Join Here
Panchayat Web Series Join Here
Fliz Movies Join Here
Netflix hindi web series movies Join Here
DARK Season 3 Netflix Web Series Join Here
Fliz Movies HotShots Digital Entertainment Original Join Here
Scam 1992 sonyliv Download HD Join Here
Amazon Prime Video HD Join Here
Mastram Feneo MX Player Join Here
INetFlix Xpress Join Here
Web films Join Here
Popular Web series Join Here
Prime Originals Join Here
zee5 originals webseriess Join Here
PrimevideoHd Join Here
Zee5 Web Series Join Here
WEBSERIES Hindi Indian TV Join Here
ullu webseries hd Join Here
amazonprime Join Here
Money heist Join Here
Mirzapur WebSeries Download Join Here
All Movies and Series Join Here
The Boys Season 12•Download•HD•AmazonPr Join Here

How to find the best Telegram channel for a web series?

Instead of joining random Telegram channels, we’d give you a checklist that you should be following when looking up Telegram channels.

Firstly, decide which web series you wish to watch. Once decided, head over to Telegram and then type the name of the web series and “download” beside it in the search bar and press Enter. 

This will revert you with a list of all the Telegram channels that deal with the web series and share the episodes for download. What you can do is find the one with maximum followers check the messages and then join that channel.

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So that’d be all regarding our take on the best Telegram channels for web series. However, the option of downloading them from telegram only seems justified if you really are on a budget crunch. You see, artists, crews, cast, production company, and many more – put in a lot of effort and time to make a web series happen. So if you instead purchase the original content, you can do your bit to support the artist and help them grow. Henceforth, we suggest if you really can do that – you should totally go for it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many telegram channels can I join at once?

Telegram allows you to join 50 channels.

2. Are there any malware threats on Telegram?

There are not malware threats on Telegram per se, however, you need to be careful while downloading content or clicking links that are posted. Do practise precautions at all costs!

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Telegram Channels For Web Series

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