Malayalam movies are the ones that most movie fanatics hail, and quite rightly so. Malayalam movies have forever been considered as the best of the best, given their actors, cast, crew, and production. The industry has witnessed enormous growth for years now, and it’s only growing bigger by day.

Malayalam movie industry is known to produce top-tier quality movies with a diverse range of genres. First and foremost, the reason why Malayalam movies come off as the best is that they connect with the masses. India houses a diverse population who hail from various backgrounds. Malayalam movies manage to depict real-life scenarios in the most simple, real way possible – which makes the audience form an instant connection with them. 

The next best thing about Malayalam movies is that almost all the actors are commended for their natural acting. Meaning no forced expressions, no forced dialogues; just a plain, simple way of showing or expressing that the common man naturally would. This instantly wins a special place in people’s hearts, as the audience almost in all cases finds a character whom they downright relate to.

And let’s not even begin with the beautiful landscapes in Kerala – they are endless! Kerala is home to the most beautiful beaches, greeneries, and scenic places, and Malayalam movies make it a point to highlight it all. Treat to one’s eyes!

Moreover, Malayalam movies usually have a diverse cast – ranging from whites to people of color, to minorities, and so forth. They have no prejudice whatsoever regarding anyone’s religion or followings, so it basically is a mini-India blended together in a movie. The movies have a simple, relatable, and easy to understand storyline which is why they stand out as a fan favorite. 

And if we start talking about genres, Malayalam movies have tons of genres – starting from thrillers, suspense, comedy, romance to action, adventure, and mystery. They not only are diverse in their genres, but also in their approach – which is why Malayalam movies are usually considered to be one of the top-tier south Indian movies in India. 

Best Telegram Malayalam Movie Channels

So if you stumbled upon this article while souring the web, hunting for the best Malayalam movies to watch – you’re in the right place. Telegram has a ton of Malayalam movie channels that you can join to get your hands on downloadable, high-quality content! But as the suggestions are uncountable, and the number of channels but numerous, we have handpicked the best ones, tried and tested, and curated them into a list. These are the ones you must definitely join, and trust us, you won’t regret it! If you’re really a Malayalam movie buff, these are the best Telegram Malayalam Movie Channels that are must-haves! 

Name of Telegram malayalam movie channelsGroup Link
MalayalamMovies Join Here
Malayalam latest Movies Join Here
Mollywooddiaries Join Here
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New Malayalam Film Songs Join Here
Movie Series Join Here
Cinimaworld Join Here
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мalayalaм ғιlмѕ Join Here
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bachelorsparty Join Here
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MalayalamFilmlibrary Join Here
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How to find the latest Malayalam movies on Telegram?

If you are looking for the latest Malayalam movies on Telegram, the easiest way is to opt for the popular movie channels or you can specifically look up Telegram channels that are dedicated to Malayalam movies. 

There might be a few available but a few budding Telegram channels even accept personalized requests for movie downloads. So, if you have specific Malayalam movies, especially recently released ones that you wish to download, you can directly request them.

The only tip we’d recommend you follow is to only download reliable links. Never click on links that look unreliable and spam-like.

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That would be all for our list of the best Telegram Malayalam Channels for you to explore! However, on a side note, the choice of downloading them from telegram stands justified if you really are tight on a budget. You see, artists, crews, cast, production company, and many more – put in a lot of effort and time to make a movie happen. So if you instead purchase the original content, you can do your bit to support the artist and help them grow. Henceforth, we suggest if you really can do that – you should totally go for it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Safe to Watch Movies on Telegram?

Yes! Telegram files and usually super safe for downloads and free from malware. So you can safely download them and watch them anytime!

2. Can Police Track Telegram?

Well, the police, or anyone for that matter – cannot track your Telegram or your activities there. Simply because the messages and end-to-end encrypted and well protected from any threats! 

3. Is Telegram an Indian App?

A lot of people think that it is because it is so popular in India. However, sadly, no; it isn’t. It’s a German app, developed by a tech company called Durov Software Industry.

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Telegram Malayalam Movie Channels

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