The examination for the Union Public Service Commission is a dream for most to crack. With over lakhs of aspirants trying to get through it and hardly a few actually becoming successfully, UPSC examinations have now become the far-fetched dream almost every child in India has.

UPSC is considered one of the toughest examinations on a national level. It is a milestone in almost all students of India’s lives; a milestone that all want to achieve and a few actually can. Consequently, UPSC also becomes the driving force to decide a student’s future. Cracking this exam leads the one down the road of eternal success, prosperity, recognition, and exponential growth.

Successfully breaking through the UPSC exam not only makes the student quite successful in his life but also makes him well-respected and renowned in society. But what exactly makes this exam so tough to crack? Let’s explore a few reasons.

Why Are UPSC Exams Hard to Crack?

For starters, the humongous syllabus is practically impossible to memorize the night before. Or a few months prior, to be precise. A whole year of rigorous practice and preparation is the only thing that’d get you going- with utmost dedication, of course. And still, people find themselves managing to crack the exam on their third attempt instead. The syllabus itself consists of around ten pages; however, it is well described in details so there won’t be any ambiguity in that.

Next thing that makes it quite tough is its rigid pattern. There are other tough exams such as CA too, which requires the candidate to crack every stage to proceed onto the next one. However, if the candidate fails to do so, they can reappear for the particular stage. But the sad part about UPSC is that it’s not the same. Suppose you made it through the prelims and Main examination and ended up faltering at your interview – you’ll have to start all over again. Right from scratch; right from square one. As a result of which a lot of students get dejected and feel hopeless, and thus give up instead. Persistence and perseverance are the only two things that can keep you going if you really want to ace the IAS examinations. 

According to reports, the exam witnesses a low success rate too – of about 0.05%; which makes things all the harder. And of course, the question paper has always been unpredictable. UPSC board of examinations are notorious for never repeating a question, and always asking unpredictable ones – but worry not, all of them are from the syllabus itself.

Best Telegram UPSC Channels List

However, if you are an IAS aspirant and want to crack the examination – we understand the amount of pressure you might be under. Joining a UPSC Telegram Channel would help you stay updated with the latest news and happenings regarding the paper in general. After all, you cannot afford to miss anything out! 

But the number of channels out there for the same are several, and choosing a few can be hard. Thus, we have tried and tested the best of the best and curated them into this list below. Join them now and gear up for the hardest yet the worth-it journey of your life! 

Name of Telegram UPSC ChannelsGroup Link
UPSC Standard Books Join Here
UPSC Test Series Join Here
UPSC Prelims 2021 Test Series Join Here
UPSC Optional Test Series Join Here
Upsc Materials Prelims Mains PDF Join Here
Civil Services PDF Join Here
IAS Upsc Materials Join Here
UPSC Mains Test Series Join Here
NCERT Join Here
APPSC Join Here
PDF4Exams Join Here
DESIRE IAS - Official Join Here
study for civil services Join Here
Study IQ Education Join Here
Unacademy Coursavy Join Here
UPSC Zone Join Here
Santosh's Talk™ Join Here
My Notes Adda Join Here

Is Telegram Useful for UPSC?

If you are a UPSC aspirant, chances are that you have been reliant on Telegram because of its usability. The different channels provide access to resources and raw materials that make the learning process a walk in the park.

What’s even great about Telegram is that you don’t have to worry about paying anything for the resources that you download from the channels, which is a bonus. So, if you have been wondering whether or not Telegram is worth the hassle for your UPSC preparations, we’d 100% recommend giving this a go.

The only caution that you have to keep in mind is to ensure that you aren’t downloading random links that aren’t reliable.

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That would be all for the best Telegram UPSC channels. We wish you all the best and hope you come out with flying colours. Pull up your socks, study hard, and conquer the world! Happy Telegramming! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Telegram UPSC Channels safe to join?

Yes, they are absolutely safe to join.

2. What are the benefits of joining a Telegram UPSC channel?

Joining one will help you stay updated with important news, updates and happenings regarding the examination, as well as important announcements. It will save you from hours of web scouring or always having to keep a tab!

3. Is it Illegal to Join a Telegram Channel?

No, absolutely not! 

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Telegram UPSC Channels

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