Index Of Game Of Thrones

The HBO Originals series adaptation of the famous book franchisee written by George R R Martin is still regarded as one of the best tv shows globally. The drama series has managed to garner huge public acclamation and critical praise, bagging a score of 9.3 in IMDB as well – one of the highest known scores to mankind.

Game of Thrones is much more than just a story set in a fantastical land with seven kingdoms. It sings the tales of betrayals and back stabbings, some of which comes from one’s own families. It paints the picture of how men in position get desperate to gain power, so much so that they don’t think twice before chopping someone’s head off or burning someone alive – even if it’s their own daughter. 

The show is a beautiful blend of love and war, loyalty and lament, deception and discoveries. The twists are never ending, enough to keep your jaw dropped throughout the season. Not only is Game of Thrones intriguing enough to keep you glued to the screen, but also mind blowing – and we mean, quite literally so! It has its very own fandom fanfictions, and no other show in recent times has managed to gain so much popularity as this HBO drama series.

If you haven’t watched it yet, this is the perfect time to do so. With people barred behind doors during this unprecedented time and with nothing but free time in hand, a couple of episodes each day would be a great start. Though, we highly doubt you’d just limit yourself to two a day!

We’ve thus curated a detailed index of Game of Thrones to help you through! The show’s long been over, but the hype is still real – so get your hands on this amazing masterpiece right away!

Index of Game of Thrones (Season 1 to Season 8)

Index Of Game Of Thrones

Index of Game of Thrones Season 1: The Sublime Starks, the Lamentable Lannisters and the Treacherous Targaryens

Index of Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Link to the Episode
1. Winter Is Coming Check here
2.The Kingsroad Check here
3.Lord Snow Check here
4.Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things Check here
5.The Wolf and the Lion Check here
6.A Golden Crown Check here
7.You Win or You Die Check here
8.The Pointy End Check here
9.Baelor Check here
10.Fire and Blood Check here

George R. R Martin took the world by a storm with the inception of his masterpiece’s serialized show – Game of Thrones. The pilot episode, “Winter is Coming” brought its audience close to the noble Starks, who practiced and believed in noble morales and high virtues; the deplorable Lannisters with an affinity towards sly schemes and deception, and the Targaryens who claimed to be the rightful descendants of the throne (well, apparently). 

The White Walker was the one the people sang terrifying tales of. A mythical creature who only lived on as a man-made legend was first met by the Night’s Watch. The Night’s Watch was a team of men who guarded the Wall situated to the north of Westeros, and when they did come face-to-face with the then-inexistent-now-real creature, they realized that there was some digging they needed to do. Note that the same White Walker is the very base of the whole series, and will go on to become a major plot by the end of the series.

Meanwhile, Winterfell is graced by the presence of Robert Baratheon and his wife Cersei, along with a few other Lannisters who came with a prestigious proposal. Robert Baratheon wanted Ned Stark, the Warden of the North to serve as his hand after the death of the former, Jon Arryn. Ned accepts the offer and is accompanied by his daughters Arya and Sansa, who travel to King’s Landing along with him – only to find out that the city-state is a clump of corruption, surviving on lies and deception. 

It is later revealed that Cersei’s family was behind the mysterious death of Jon Arryn. Later, Ned Stark’s youngest son Bran sees Cersei and Jamie (they’re siblings) together in bed on the top of a tower. In a desperate attempt to keep the truth under covers, Jamie shoves Bran down the tower, causing him serious injury. 

Meanwhile, Tyrion Lannister accompanies Jon Snow, Stark’s bastard son to the Night’s Watch to do their due diligence in finding out more about the White Walker. Catelyn Stark accuses Tyrion of having pushed Bran down the tower and gets him imprisoned in Vale. The only way out was for Tyrion to combat Bronn, a fighter chosen by Lysa Arryn, Catelyn’s sister. Tyrion somehow manages to defeat Bronn and reclaims his freedom. 

Baratheon gets fatally wounded while hunting, which prompts the nobles to appoint Ned Stark as the Protector of the Realm till Baratheon and Cersei’s sadistic son Joffrey comes of age. However, Stark gets betrayed by Petyr Baelish, resulting in his head being sliced off his body based on Joffrey’s orders. 

Meanwhile, Arya manages to escape King’s Landing with a resolve to avenge her father’s death, but Sansa gets held as a captive. Miles away elsewhere, Danaerys gets married to Khal Drogo, but the latter dies after a witch hexes him. She claims to be the rightful owner of the throne and thus decides to wage a war against Westeros. 

Index of Game of Thrones Season 2: Lies, Deception and Betrayal Ensues; New Enemies Emerge

Index of Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Link to the Episode
1. The North Remembers Check here
2.The Night Lands Check here
3.What is Dead may never Die Check here
4.Garden of Bones Check here
5.The Ghost of Harrenhal Check here
6.The Old Gods and The New Check here
7.A Man without Honor Check here
8.The Prince of Winterfell Check here
9.Blackwater Check here
10.Valar Morghulis Check here

Joffrey’s illegitimacy gets outed in the second season, with Tyrion descending as the King’s Hand in hopes to rule the North instead of Joffrey. Meanwhile, Joffrey’s illegitimacy prompts Stannis to claim the throne, more so after being encaptivated by the witch Melisandre’s spell.

Meanwhile, Robb and his men capture Jamie Lannister as their prisoner of war and declare war against King’s Landing. He trusts his brother Theon with his strategies and asks him to return to the Iron Islands and seek his father, Balon Greyjoy’s alliance. However, Theon betrays the Stark family by joining forces with his father and sister and capturing Winterfell instead. Meanwhile, Bran disappears into the wild. 

Robb seeks Catelyn, his mother’s help to approach Renley Baratheon who is also the younger brother of Stannis to persuade him into joining forces with the Starks. However, Renley straight up refuses to do so, leaving the Starks in dismay. Soon after, Melisandre sets an evil spirit free who goes and murders Renley. 

As Renley’s bodyguard, Brienne of Tarth, and Catelyn were there at the time of the murder, they get blamed for having assassinated Renley – causing both of them to flee and join Robb back. The Starks cook a new strategy and decide to return Jaime Lannister to King’s Landing, only on one condition – if and only if they ghetto have Sansa back.

Cut to the scene at the Wall where the Night’s Watch vigilantes are on their usual guard to protect the Wall. Upon further investigation, Jon Snow unveils the occurrences of infant sacrifices and other defects which compels him to join the Wildlings. Meanwhile, Arya gets imprisoned, held captive by the Lannister soldiers, and locked up in the prison in Harrenhal. She gets recruited as a servant and serves Tywin Lannister for a brief period until the Faceless Man of Essos comes to her rescue and frees her. 

On the other hand, Stannis tries to mark his rule on King’s Landing by attacking it with his fleet of naval ships. However, tables turn when Tyrion outwits him and uses the power of fire instead, ultimately defeating him. 

Elsewhere, the Dragon Queen Danaerys tries to visit kingdoms and form allies to attack King’s Landing with full force. She arrives at Qarth, in the hopes of forming a new ally. However, she is held captive in the House of Undying along with her dragons after she was lured into a deceptive plan. She manages to escape in time and robs the city by letting her dragons lose their anger on them. 

Index of Game of Thrones Season 3: Bloodshed, Battles, and New Beginnings

Index of Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Link to the Episode
1. Valar Dohaeris Check here
2.Dark Wings, Dark Words Check here
3.Walk of Punishment Check here
4.And Now The Watch is Ended Check here
5.Kissed by Fire Check here
6.The Climb Check here
7.The Bear and The Maiden Fair Check here
8.Second Sons Check here
9.The Rains of Castamere Check here
10.Mhysa Check here

Season 3 was full of unprecedented twists and turns – especially the Red Wedding. Tywin Lannister had always blame Tyrion for his wife’s sad demise, accusing him of being the unwanted child to whom his wife gave birth to, the process in which she died. Using this to his own advantage, he demotes Tyrion from the Hand of the King. Not only this, but he also forces him to marry Sansa. On the other hand, Sansa’s former husband Joffrey is seen in the talks of getting married to Margery Tyrell, the widowed former wife of Renley – a strategy to form a concrete Lannister-Tyrell alliance.

Back to the Wall, Jon Snow crosses paths with the leader of the Wildlings known as Mance Rayder, who was also awaiting a fatal attack by the White Walkers. While being held captive, Snow develops a complex yet romantic relationship with Ygritte, who was also his prisoner. 

Talisa was a healer and a nurse who took care of the Stark soldiers after every war. Robb finds himself falling for her and eventually decides to marry her. The Starks get invited to Lord Wader Frey’s castle, by the Lord himself. He asks Robb to marry his daughter, Roselin in order to establish an alliance against the Lannisters. However, it later turns out that it was all a trap, and Talisa (who was pregnant with Robb’s baby), Catelyn, along with Robb get murdered by the Warder Frey’s men – a shrewd scheme devised by the Lannisters since the beginning. 

Arya watches her family get butchered with her naked eyes. She then stumbles upon Sandor “The Hound” Clegane – a cold man with a battle hardened heart who reluctantly decides to protect Arya, given her age and fate. Roose Bolton played a major part in the Red Wedding, the episode where the Starks got butchered at the reception – courtesy of which he gets named as the Warden of the North. 

Elsewhere in deep, dark woods, Bran finds out that he can transport himself into the body of a wolf, and also see visions and foretell bad omens and the future. On the other hand, Brienne and Jaime Lannister continue to move South, while the Dragon Queen manages to gather and train 8000 Unsullied soldiers to wage a war against Westeros. 

Index of Game of Thrones Season 4: Demises and Downfalls as Friends Turn Into Enemies

Index of Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Link to the Episode
1. Two Swords Check here
2.The Lion and The Rose Check here
3.Breaker of Chains Check here
4.Oathkeeper Check here
5.First of His Name Check here
6.The Laws of Gods and Men Check here
7.Mocking Bird Check here
8.The Mountain and The Viper Check here
9.The Watchers and the Wall Check here
10.The Children Check here

Season 4 witnesses another downfall, but this time of evil. Cersei’s sadistic son, Joffrey meets his untimely death during the episode Purple Wedding. It happens when he gets married to Margery, and starts teasing Tyrion for his dwarf self. 

In an attempt to condemn and humiliate him more in the public eye, he orders Tyrion to get him a drink. However, Margery had already schemed and poisoned the drink, unbeknownst to Joffrey, or anyone as a matter of fact. 

Joffrey gulps the drink down, falls to his knees as he goes on to lay flat as his body writhes in pain – dying in a matter of minutes, leaving behind a shattered Cersei. The nobles start blaming Tyrion and Sansa, however, Sansa gets saved and smuggled by Lord Petyr Baelish. She gets taken to her aunt Lisa Arryn, who proves to be an unfit guardian for her having lost her mind. 

Baelish and Lisa had a hot romance brewing, much to Sansa’s surprise. However, her insecure aunt starts to doubt Sansa’s loyalty and gets suspicious that Baelish might be nurturing secret feelings for Sansa instead. She, insane as she was, decides to put an end to it for once and for all by shoving Sansa down the Moon Door at The Vale. Petyr Baelish arrives just in time and saves Sansa’s life, but to everyone’s surprise, shoves Lisa down the well instead. 

On the other hand, Jaime and Brienne of Tarth finally arrive in King’s Landing, only to find out that Sansa had tactfully escaped. Brienne now gets a new task; to find the missing Start princess.

A heartbroken, shattered Cersei starts blaming Tyrion of having poisoned the drink to murder Joffrey. They decide to settle the matter with a battle of combat, upon which Tyrion chooses his champion, Oberyn Martell; while Cersei chooses her’s, Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane. The former loses to the latter, resulting in Tyrion getting imprisoned yet again.

Jaime frees Tyrion, who later falls in love with Shae and enters into a serious relationship with her. However, to his great surprise, he finds out his father to be sleeping with her one night. Enraged in agony, he takes a crossbow and executes his father with his own hands. Long had he heard the tales of the Dragon Queen, and the dwarf thus leaves King’s Landing and crosses the Narrow Sea in hopes of finding Danaerys, whom he believed can defeat Cersei for once and for all. All in all, the loyal dwarf of the Lannisters had now turned his back on his own kind.

Meanwhile, the new Warden of the North, Roose Bolton returned back to Winterfell; only to discover a malfunctioning, half-dead Theon. While he was away, his evil son Ramsay Bolton had tortured Theon to such an extent that he only answered to the name “Reek”, was a man who was fragile and bleak with no rationale whatsoever – a walking, talking robot. 

Back in Castle Black, Jon Snow returns from the Wildlings camp to warn the Night’s Watch about the advancements of their formidable enemy – the Wildlings themselves. On the other hand, the few remaining soldiers of Stannis Baratheon now ride to rescue him, who were now also supported by the financiers of the Iron Bank. 

Brienne was still on the lookout for the missing princess, as in Sansa. However, instead, she stumbles across Arya and The Hound. The latter and Brienne of Tarth engage in a battle of combat to declare who gets to protect Arya, in the course of which Arya flees. She ends up in the House of Black and White, to study under the Faceless Man, also known as  Jaqan H’ghar.

Index of Game of Thrones Season 5: The Walk of Shame

Index of Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Link to the Episode
1. The Wars to Come Check here
2.The House of Black and White Check here
3.High Sparrow Check here
4.Sons of The Harpy Check here
5.Kill the Boy Check here
6.Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken Check here
7.The Gift Check here
8.Hardhome Check here
9.The Dance of Dragons Check here
10.Mother’s Mercy Check here

The Night’s Watch elects Jon Snow as its new leader, even though the guard’s elders disapproved of it. Meanwhile, Stannis waged war against Castle Black and managed to defeat Rayder. Melisandre, the witch with whom Stannis was also sleeping with, had him wrapped around her finger. 

She managed to convince him to light her daughter up with fire and burn her to death in order to impress the Lord of the Light and keep winter at bay. Much to everyone’s surprise, he reluctantly burns his own daughter alive – she, screaming and writhing for help. This caused his troop’s men to look down upon him, and he lost their respect and loyalty then and there for the same. 

Meanwhile, Petyr Baelish carries Sansa away from Lisa’s den and to Ramsay Bolton, with the intention of marrying them – so that the Starks can reign Winterfell again. However, Ramsay as vicious as he was, starts to physically torture Sansa – compelling her to perform sensual acts to satisfy himself even though she did not want to. 

Theon, now identifying himself as “Reek” watched all of it happen with dismay, as Sansa was, after all, his own sister. The trauma of seeing his own sister being mercilessly tortured emotionally and physically started to instill some sense of rationale and reasoning in him, something he had lost previously. 

Stannis arrives with his men at Winterfell, to fight the Boltons but is eventually deserted by his men who lost faith in his unrealistic beliefs in Melisandre and her magic. He gets defeated by Brienne of Tarth, who also happened to arrive at Winterfell trying to find Sansa. Meanwhile, Melisandre escapes and returns to Castle Black, and Sansa manages to free herself from the clutches of Ramsay Bolton. 

Meanwhile, Margery, after the death of Joffrey had now encaptivated the heir to the throne, Tommen with her maternal instincts and married him. Cersei despises the idea of it all and starts to conspire against her. When Cersei attempts to weaponize the High Sparrow, who happened to be the leader of a cult – she is subjected to a grave punishment. 

Her romantic relationship and wrongdoings of incest are also let out in the public by them, painting her as the hypocrite that she was. In order to get freed from the imprisonment and clutches of the High Sparrow and his cult, her hair gets chopped down, and gets forced to walk naked around King’s Landing – famously known as the “walk of shame”. 

The Dragon Queen has by now formed a new ally as she has taken over the city of Meeren, with the help of the Unsullied. However, she struggles to uphold her reign as a mysterious group known as the Sons of the Harpy start to conspire against her, trying to overthrow her. A grave battle ensues between her guards and the Sons, resulting in the Dragons flying her away to a Dothraki Horde in a faraway land. Eventually, the day that Tyrion had been looking for arrives as he meets her. He wins her trust in a matter of minutes and she appoints him to rule her kingdom in her absence. 

Back in Castle Black, Jon Snow takes a group of men to meet with the Wildlings in hopes to form an alliance and put an end to their never-ending enmity – since both had a common enemy, the White Walkers. However, the Night King wages a war against them and defeats them. The season ends with the death of Jon Snow.

Index of Game of Thrones Season 6: Foretelling Futures and Forming New Allies

Index of Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Link to the Episode
1. The Red Woman Check here
2.Home Check here
3.Oathbreaker Check here
4.Book of the stranger Check here
5.The Door Check here
6.Blood of My Blood Check here
7.The Broken Man Check here
8.No One Check here
9.Battle of the Bastard Check here
10.The Winds of Winter Check here

Melisandre manages to resurrect and revive Jon Snow back to life from his dead corpse. Snow regains his position as the guard’s leader and rules the night’s Watch with a stronger resolve and determination. 

He takes his men and marches towards Winterfell, in hopes of crushing the Boltons to reclaim Winterfell back. In the critically acclaimed and much appraised episode known as “The Battle of the Bastards” – both illegitimate sons, Snow and Ramsay fight to watch each other, eventually leading to the latter’s defeat. Especially when Petyre Baelish and his Vale men enter the fray unannounced and unexpected. 

In the end, Ramsay pays for his crimes and the torture he inflicted upon his fellow beings when he gets eaten alive to death by his own wild dogs. Jon later reunites with Sansa at the Wall. 

The High Sparrow starts to manipulate King Tommen, keeping him wrapped around their finger. Cersei faces trial and torture for her wrongdoings, as she stays imprisoned in their cell. Things start to get so out of hand that Queen Mother, in a desperate attempt to fix everything, blows Great Sept of Baelor up, which results in the death of both High Sparrow and Queen Margery. Engulfed in grief and loss, Tommen jumps down the window of his castle and calls it quits on his life. 

Elsewhere, the Dothrakis have captured the Dragon Queen Daenerys and compel her to live her life in seclusion, much like the other widows of the same community. However, Danaerys proves to them her immense power by walking in fire absolutely unharmed and thus ends up persuading them as well. She then returns to Meeren as their ruler. 

Theon is now free since Ramsay is dead, and thus, he returns to the Iron Islands and reunites with his sister Yara Greyjoy. Both of them conspire together to steal the royal fleet from under the nose of their uncle Euron. After being successful in doing so, they sail for Essos and end up joining forces with Danaerys Targaryen. 

Arya gets trained by the finest of assassins in the House of Black and White – starting from caressing dead bodies and peeling off their faces to make a mask; to actually wearing them, scheming and refining her combat skills. By the end of it all, she leaves the House of Black and White as one of their best assassins. Consequently, she assassinates Walder Frey by slitting his throat and leaving him there to bleed to death, to seek revenge for her mother and brother’s death. 

Meanwhile, in the deep woods, Bran had been training with the “Three-Eyed Raven” to harness his visionary, future foretelling powers. However, the Three Eyed Raven gets attacked by the Night King causing Bran and his friends to flee, and him succeeding as the foreteller himself. Bran was now the Three Eyed Raven, the one who could see all. 

Index of Game of Thrones Season 7: Loss, Love and Lament

Index of Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Link to the Episode
1. Dragonstone Check here
2.Stormborn Check here
3.The Queen’s Justice Check here
4.The Spoils of War Check here
5.Eastwatch Check here
6.Beyond the Wall Check here
7.The Dragon and The Wolf Check here

The Dragon Queen sails with her troop of Unsullied men and Dothrakis across the Narrow Sea with the help of the fleet of ships captured by the Freys to Dragonstone, which once used to be Stannis Baratheon’s residence. Melisandre advises Danaerys to court the Bastard Stark son Jon Snow so as to secure the Iron Throne. 

Danaerys obeys and sends out an invitation to the Night’s Watch vigilante, of which he reluctantly follows suit and arrives at Dragonstone. The two of them grow close to each other and start to strategize a plan together to overthrow the Lannisters and eradicate the White Walkers. They finally decide to send Yara Greyjoy and an army of Unsullied to KIng’s Landing. 

Meanwhile, Cersei is almost left powerless in King’s Landing and devises a new plan to defeat the approaching attack from Danaerys. She promises commitment and marriage to Euron Greyjoy, provided that he defeats the Unsullied and Dothraki Yara is coming with. Rightfully so, Euron manages to make the enemies bite the dust in the sea itself. 

While Yara and her fleet lay defeated in the sea, a ferocious battle ensues between the Unsullied and the Lannister soldiers on the land. Jaime leads the men on land, and successfully manages to injure Drogon, Danaerys’ dragon, with the help of a custom designed ballista during the fray.

Having witnessed the dragon and its powers with his naked eyes, Jaime warns Cersei of Danaerys’ immense powers. Eventually, Danaerys and Jon Snow decided to make peace with Cersei and head to the north of the Wall to take down the White Walkers. 

However, Jon gets lured into the Night King’s trap, so much so that he ends up getting saved from his clutches by Danaerys. Their main motive was to capture a White Walker, and they successfully manage to do so. However, in the course of it all – they lose a dragon, Viseron; who falls victim to the Night King’s spell and turns into an ice dragon, obeying his orders instead. 

Jon and Danaerys head over to King’s Landing to form an alliance with the Lannisters to defeat the White Walker, and they carry their captured walker with them as proof. As all kingdoms had one common enemy they could fall victim to, it was only natural to join forces and defeat him. After the meeting, Danaerys and Tyrion go back to Winterfell, where the former and Snow develop an intimate physical relationship.

Arya, Sansa and Bran reunite at Winterfell; however, tension ensues between the soul sisters and Petyr Baelish only uses it to his advantage. His exploitation of their trust and distrust gets exposed publicly, as it turns out that Sansa and Arya were working together this whole time. 

All of it was merely an act, after Bran reveals that it was Littlefinger who killed Jon Arryn, late King Baratheon’s hand. Sansa has him executed for the same. Elsewhere, Snow and Danaerys uncover the fact that Jon is also a Targaryen, and a rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Winter finally arrives, as the Night King and his army break the Wall with the help of their dragon, Viseron.

Index of Game of Thrones Season 8: The Final Battles and the End of an Era

Index of Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Link to the Episode
1. Winterfell Check here
2.A knight of the seven kingdom Check here
3.The Long Knight Check here
4.The last of the Starks Check here
5.The Bells Check here
6.The Iron Throne Check here

The final season the mind-blowing series brings two wars to rest – the one with the Night King and his army, and the other with Daenerys and Jon Snow both claiming rights to the Iron Throne. Both of them are called the Great War against the Army of the Dead, and the Last War to gain control of the iron throne.

In the first half of the series, Jon Snow, Daenerys and their men try to stop the White Walkers in Winterfell. They successfully build up a guarded wall around, put it on fire and whatnot to keep the mythical creatures at bay. The Night King was apparently after Bran, the now Three Eyed Raven. 

Bran is kept safe with Theon safeguarding him, and the men successfully lure the Night King into the open. The Night King is just about to kill Bran to death, freezing him with ice and casting a spell, when Arya jumps in just in time and kills the Night King instead. With the fall of the Night King his army of men, the white walkers turn to dust and his story rests in peace forever. 

The second half of the season witnesses Daenerys going through consequent losses; first her dragons and then her claim to the iron throne. Thus, she gears Drogon up and flies to King’s Landing, where Cersei was already preparing her troops to take on the Dragon Queen. However, she and her dragon, Drogon, burn the whole capital city of King’s Landing down – causing bloodshed and war, killing innocent men and their lives. 

Daenerys loses her mind and starts to believe that she was freeing the city-town from the clutches of deceptive leaders and corrupted systems, and thus the solution to it all was to burn its entire existence. When she finally rests and Drogon perches back on the ground, Jon Snow runs in to hug her, and kisses her to calm her down. While doing so, he pulls out his dagger and stabs Daenerys to death. Drogon picks up her mother’s body, and flies away with it. 

In the end, all characters complete their arcs and meet their rightful endings. The leaders of Westeros make Bran their King, who declares the North as independent and appoints Tyrion as his hand. Meanwhile, Sansa is declared as the Queen of the North. Arya sails West to discover and explore the world, while Jon Snow – instead of claiming his rights to the Iron Throne, goes back to Castle Black to lead the Wildlings. 

The last season did not fare well with fans and critics, given the poor story writing and unexpected yet disappointing endings. The season ran short as well, consisting of only six episodes, unlike its predecessor that had seven and the others consisting of ten. While the cinematography, music, acting and creativity was surely at par, the writing and other aspects of the show was below sub par, leaving die-hard fans in dismay.


It’s quite possible that you’ll find yourself disappointed with the series’ ending, as many did. So much so that the fans started writing and bringing out their own endings, how they would have instead like the arcs to end. An alternate Game of Thrones ending was also made later to satisfy the fandom. However, liking the ending or not would be a subjective matter, and even if it is, a sub par ending does not mean the show is any less of a masterpiece. It is full of raw emotions; you’ll find yourself rejoicing with their victories, rooting for the characters, breaking down as a few die, and supporting their cause. The best show of a whole decade, Game of Thrones, is surely a must-watch. So get your binge mode on, happy binging!