Today, you can do everything from home: go to the concert, bet at 22Bet India, watch recent movie releases and invite all your friends to your party. What’s more, it’s possible to create professional videos with a home PC. And these are the most useful editors that can replace Final Cut Pro X and other professional programs.

1. iMovie

iMovie is the best alternative to Final Cut Pro X for Mac users. This video editor looks and feels like a simplified version of its older and more professional brother. All the necessary tools are turned towards the user.

Moreover, iMovie is specially adapted by Apple and will provide decent performance on any current Mac model. The video editor is available for free for buyers of Apple computers and offers not only to edit videos but also synchronize the project with the mobile version of the editor for iOS – this is really very convenient. In other words, if you’re looking for a simple editor with decent performance and features, iMovie is your choice.

2. Windows Movie Maker

Next up is a free alternative for the Windows platform. It gives users access to a pretty good set of video editing tools. It is unlikely to create something serious with Windows Movie Maker, but for the needs of the average home user, it will be quite enough.

Windows Movie Maker is only available for Windows, and its capabilities are inferior to iMovie. Yet, it is the most affordable, simple and convenient solution for users of Windows-based computers. The features are not enough, but for the most pressing tasks should be enough. If you suddenly need this video editor on Mac, you will have to install Windows first by one of the possible ways.

3. VideoPad

VideoPad is one of the hits of the Mac App Store, existing in Free and Professional versions. The first one is perfect for beginners who want to edit a simple video. The Professional version allows much more, but it is paid, which is a bit higher than the threshold of amateur editing. So let’s focus our attention on the free VideoPad.

The editor allows you to fine-tune effects and colors, change the playback speed and add images with photos to your project. For a home video editor, it is quite enough. Another advantage is the large number of supported formats, including for import and export.

4. VideoSpin

VideoSpin is another free alternative for the Windows platform. Videos can be edited in Timeline mode, add transition effects and work with audio tracks. Working with titles is also within VideoSpin’s reach. Another indisputable advantage of the editor is its ability to export the resulting video. You can not only save the result on your computer but also upload it to popular video hosting sites and iOS devices.

The interface can scare away users accustomed to the simple and straightforward interfaces of iMovie or even Final Cut Pro X. Using the standard Windows XP interface played a cruel joke with the editor, the program is good, but not very good looking.

5. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a good-quality and fast video editor with a simple and clear interface that borrows the best features from iMovie and Final Cut Pro X. To help the imagination of users an extensive library of filters and effects, although the possibility of direct editing is also not pumped. Wondershare Filmora allows you to work with the green screen, adjust the speed of video, control individual audio tracks, and use the placement of multiple video streams simultaneously in the frame.

Flexible settings and clear interface allow you to recommend this video editor to all users, without exception, whose knowledge in the field of editing is not high enough, but the software of this kind is necessary. The only drawback is the pricing policy: you can use an annual subscription or buy a lifetime license, although a free version is also available, as well as a full money-back guarantee within a month.

Best Alternatives to Final Cut Pro