Has there been an Indian wedding without the beats of Bhojpuri songs to dance to? We doubt! The music industry has always been extremely progressive, with evolutions and new remakes emerging every now and then. However, when it comes to national favorites in Indian music, Bhojpuri or Bihari songs always seem to stand apart. They aren’t what you’d necessarily called “sophisticated” as such – they aren’t a Bon Iver and Taylor Swift collaboration on the radio. But no matter which region you are from, it’s sure to make you groove to its beats!

How Did Bhojpuri or Bihari Songs Originate, And How Did They Become So Popular?

More often than not, Bhojpuri songs are a great afterparty song. They tend to help you let loose and just dance to the beats and drops. However, they are also termed as sleazy in nature by many critics, as they tend to get off on misogynistic and b-graded ideas. 

Bhojpuri and Bihari songs do appeal to a lot of people in the masses, but they don’t always necessarily convey a good idea. This was up until now though. Recently, Bhojpuri and Bihari songs have started to deconstruct the societal constraints applauded and propagated in their songs, and have finally started to break them down. 

They have made music that stands out as exceptions, are faring off quite well. As opposed to thor sleazy history, more and more people are enjoying their new music, and are giving it a shot as well.

What is Biharmasti?

Coming to the site that we’ll discuss about today, Biharmasti is a website that provides Bhojpuri and Bihari songs free of cost, available for download. They are pirated in nature and leaked illegally, and thus are not quite deemed safe by the government. 

Biharmasti tends to do its due diligence and release a piece of song or more almost everyday. You’ll find tons of choices here to select from, starting from the drop-dead amazing ones to the classic, golden-oldies as well. 

Biharmasti also tends to attract a lot of traffic every day, with people getting their major haul by downloading several songs. This is how good it gets! However, you must always be careful while accessing this website as either it is denied access as it is blocked by the government, or it happens to be unsafe.

Why Is Downloading Bihari Songs For Offline Use More Popular?

We do have other legalized platforms such as JioSaavn, Spotify, Apple Music, Gaana and so on. You can stream songs here for free, but cannot download them for offline use. Even if you can, you will have to pay a monthly fee to avail a monthly subscription so as to save songs for offline use in the first place. 

However, the going gets tough when you might be on a money crunch and unable to pay for the subscription. Moreover, it can also get difficult if your internet connection is slow or not that great or just randomly stops working when you’re on a road trip or so. That should act as a major bummer and should turn the whole trip off. 

This is why carrying songs stored in your device itself sometimes becomes necessary as it is the only way that can favor the situation. On top of that, not all these legalized platforms have an extensive collection of Bihari or Bhojpuri songs. 

If you’re someone who wants to get their hands on the most rarest, epic pieces of Bihari or Bhojpuri songs – fret not! We understand. We understand that you might not be in luck to find something nice or every song that you desire in the legal or posh apps. This is where Biharmasti comes into play, as it has the collection of some of the most exquisite Bihari and Bhojpuri music for you, and you’re sure to find your favorites here! 

You can just hit download with one simple click and the music or song shall be saved in your device itself in mp3 mode. This way, you can carry your tunes with you at all times and play it anywhere, anytime you want. 

You don’t need an internet connection either. Your phone could be without its sim and you could still plug your earpods in and listen to music while jogging, running, exercising, going to the shop or taking a walk or on a road trip! 

This is how Biharmasti makes stuff easier for Bihari or Bhojpuri music buffs.

What Makes Biharmasti Stand Out?

A great question, as Biharmasti has much more to offer than just Bihari or Bhojpuri songs! If you think that Biharmasti is all about the mp3 downloads – yes, essentially it is, no doubt. It does specialize in Bihari and Bhojpuri music specifically, which makes people drawn to this website. 

But it has much more than just that to offer as well. It has music videos available too. Music videos are the ones you find on Youtube, it has them available as well, that too in mp4 format! So if you’re ever in the mood to save a music video on your device because you like it alot or so, you can always head over to Biharmasti for the same. 

It is also notorious for leaking movies before and after their release, so that’s a plus! Calling out to all the Bihari and Bhojpuri movie buffs, this site can prove to be a golden one for you. It also releases full fledged Bhojpuri albums apart from that, with the whole package of songs and every song intact. 

Other than that, it also releases the Bhojpuri songs that are trending and quite popular, so you can catch what’s hot at all times. With all these perks – it’s only natural for Biharmasti to stand out. However, all these content leaked by Biharmasti are through illegal means and most of them are pirated. 

So if you can, you must refrain from accessing this website to get all the goodies. Instead, try sticking to legalized means such as legal applications and paid subscriptions to avail these music and videos and movies, if need be. 

This way, you can steer clear from legal charges and also stay off the government’s radar. This is, by far, the safest approach one can deploy to get their favorites on their device. 

What Are Some Of The Alternatives For Biharmasti?

Biharmasti does have a huge collection of movies, but it’s quality is quite sub-par. Thus, you can try out a set of other websites that leak movies illegally, if you really need to. The list we’re providing below is a list of similar websites that have movies better in quality. They will be much more satisfactory and give you a better movie experience than the ones in Biharmasti would do. Check these out:

1. Madrasrockers


2. 9xmovies


3. Fmovies


4. JioRockers

Jio Rockers
Jio rockers

5. Khatrimaza


6. Isaimini


7. Kuttymovies

8. Filmyzilla


9. Tamilyogi


10. Moviesda


11. Filmywap


12. Movierulz


13. SkymoviesHD

14. Extramovies


15. Mp4Moviez


Why Should You USe VPN While Accessing These Websites?

VPNs have become a necessity in today’s world. Firstly, all these sites leak pirated content that is too illegal. Copyrighted content when put up for commercializing is banned from unsolicited distributed and unauthorized selling. 

These sites don’t  tend to abide by the government rules, and leaks all the copyrighted content through a pirated manner. They are constantly under government surveillance and are on its radar. Whenever the government accesses their website, it bans them – which is why these sites also keep switching their domains to stay safe. 

Similarly, if you are ever caught red-handed accessing these sites and trying to download pirated content then you could be in legal trouble as well. Governments track PC’s and keep a tab on the IP addresses of the PCs and wherever they are appearing on the network. Thus, when you use a VPN, it encrypts your IP address as well as the data being downloaded or shared. 

This makes it difficult for the Government to locate your device, and thus you can steer clear from unnecessary legal troubles as well. Our first advice would be to ask you to stay away from such sites if at all. 

However, if that cannot be helped and you do really need to access these sites that leak pirated content and are illegal, do use VPN and utilize it while doing so, so that you stay safe nonetheless. ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, Windscribe, Hide.me, Proton, Opera VPN, TunnelBear, Speedify, Betternet, PrivateVPN are some of VPNs that you can use for the same. 


So that would be all for Biharmasti. We hope this list was able to guide you through the basics and give you a great set of alternatives. We still recommend buying original content instead of downloading pirated, copyrighted content that is leaked illegally as it is safer, shows your support and love to the artist, and is free from malware threats or any such threats of similar sorts. Always try to buy original content instead of resorting to such sites, as it will keep you away from any legal matters too.