If you are invested in the concept of a cloud kitchen and are looking for a company that engages in this service so that you can invest in the company and become an owner of its franchise, then you have come to the right place. This article will give the readers information about Zomato, the biggest food delivery giant in India. The details of the Zomato franchise including the cost of investment expected profit and requirements that need to be fulfilled by an individual will find a mention in the article. The article will also help the investors in making a decision as to why they should invest in a company like Zomato and become the owner of its franchise.

Everyone loves to eat food. But people have their own preferences when it comes to the place of eating food. Some people like to go out and dine in restaurants and other food joints. Others like to eat their favorite food while sitting in the comfort of their homes. This is where food delivery companies come in. These companies fulfill the requirements of people who want to eat food at home by delivering food from their favorite food joints in a short period of time. So, the customers are able to enjoy their favorite snacks without compromising much on the quality of the food as it is delivered very quickly to them by the delivery partners.

When it comes to food delivery companies, there is no name bigger than Zomato in India. Over the years, Zomato has gained the trust of the people of India by providing delicious food products in due time. The company has managed to build a loyal customer base for itself. This customer base is full of people who will always choose Zomato over any other food delivery company.

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About the Company

Zomato is an Indian food delivery and restaurant aggregator company. The company was founded by Deepinder Goyal in the year 2008. When it was started in the year 2008, the name of the company was Foodiebay but it was changed to Zomato in the year 2010. Zomato provides information related to restaurants, their services and food menus to the customers. The company sees more than 80 million active users ordering food every month. The company does not only operate in India but has an international presence. Zomato provides its services in more than 10,000 cities across 24 countries in the world. The places Zomato provides its services include countries like the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Indonesia, the United States of America, Portugal, Turkey, Qatar, Lebanon, Canada, and Ireland.

What’s Zomato Kitchen Franchise? How Does It Work?

The concept of Zomato Kitchen is related to the Zomato Infrastructure Services plan that has been started by the company. Under the Zomato Infrastructure Services, which is a kitchen infrastructure service, the company wants to collaborate with people who currently own a restaurant and help them in expanding their business through more locations but without the restaurant owners incurring any additional fixed costs.

These infrastructure services can be considered as outlets with no dine-in option. The outlets will only provide the service of home delivery. 4 or more restaurants can share one outlet to operate and deliver their products to customers. The restaurants in one outlet can choose to have either personally owned delivery partners or they can opt for the shared delivery personnel.

The real estate for the outlet will be provided by Zomato to the restaurants. It is Zomato that will arrange for all the required equipment and will set up the kitchen for these restaurants. All these restaurants have to do is just walk in and start working.

Zomato Kitchen Franchise
Courtesy: Zomato | Kitchens

How to Get Zomato Franchise?

There are various benefits associated with investing in a company like Zomato and becoming the owner of its franchise. The biggest advantage that an individual can get by investing in Zomato and becoming a Zomato franchise owner is that the brand reputation that Zomato brings to the table is huge. This can benefit investors in a lot of ways. It will help the franchisee in attracting more business and also contribute to the generation of the revenue of the store. The company also provides assistance to the franchisee in setting up the outlet. Instruction manuals are handed out to investors.

Another advantage that Zomato provides is through its mobile application platform. So, if a restaurant is selling good quality food, Zomato will put it at the top of its recommendations which will help the restaurant in attracting more customers. That is not all. The company also provides feedback to restaurants to inform them of where they are going wrong and what they can do to improve themselves. There are certain steps that an individual has to take in order to become the owner of a Zomato Kitchen franchise.

Below is a list of things that an individual should be aware of if he or she wants to become the owner of a Zomato food franchise:

  1. The franchise agreement with the company usually lasts for a period of 3 years.

  2. Another thing that a person looking to own a Zomato Kitchen franchise should know that Zomato usually gives the franchise to those restaurants which have a good brand image and provide good quality food to customers.

  3. The first thing that an individual looking to become a Zomato kitchen franchise owner should do is visit the company’s official website.

  4. Upon reaching there, he or she should fill out a small application form applying for the franchise.

  5. Certain personal and professional details will be required to be filled by the candidate in the application form.

  6. Then the form is submitted and the support staff of Zomato contacts the candidate to take things ahead.

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There are certain requirements that a candidate needs to fulfill in order to become the owner of a Zomato food delivery franchise in India. The first requirement is regarding the area or outlet space required to set up the outlet. The area should be sufficient to accommodate working space for multiple restaurants and there should also be enough room to keep the equipment. In the case of the Zomato kitchen, the area required by an individual to set up the outlet comes to around 1800 to 2200 square feet.

Other than the area requirement, a franchisee also needs to get all the necessary licenses, registrations and documents if he or she wants to be associated with Zomato. GST registration, firm registration FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) license are some of the obligations that an individual should fulfill if he or she wants a Zomato dealership.

Zomato Franchise Cost in India

One of the major things that an investor should be concerned about when he or she is making the decision as to whether to invest in a company or not is the cost of investment. The cost of investment should be such that an investor can enjoy high profits in exchange for low risks. The amount of money that an investor needs to put up to get a Zomato dealership comes to around 20 to 30 lakh rupees. No franchise royalty fee has to be paid by the franchisee to the company.

Profit Margin

Zomato is a giant when it comes to the food delivery sector. So, it is obvious that a person investing in the company will earn a significant amount of profits. A person investing in the business to become an owner of a franchise of Zomato Kitchen stands to earn around 4 lakh rupees every month.

Is Zomato a franchise?

When you think of Zomato, you generally don’t link it to a franchise. Surprisingly, most of us don’t know this but Zomato runs Zomato Kitchen, which is run under a franchise model.

Since the concept is quite underrated and not many people are aware of it, the pricing model for this franchise is quite less than what you’d expect with other cloud kitchens or similar restaurant franchises. But, with the reliability and already-established name of Zomato, it is one of those must-try franchise models that we’d recommend you tap into if you have the means and the money.

FAQs Regarding Zomato Kitchen Franchise

1. Does Zomato give franchise?

Yes, Zomato is open to giving franchise opportunities to the public. But Zomato only chooses those restaurants to be a part of the Zomato Kitchen franchise that enjoys a good reputation and provides high-quality food and satisfactory customer service to its customers.

2. How can I do business with Zomato?

In order to get in business with Zomato, a person needs to visit the company’s official website and fill out a form applying for a franchise. Then, the people at Zomato will get in touch with you for the next steps.

3. What is the Zomato kitchen franchise?

Zomato Kitchen franchise is a concept started by Zomato where they collaborate with certain restaurants and help them in expanding to other locations. All the costs of the location, setting up of the outlet and the equipment are borne by Zomato.

4. Is Zomato Kitchen profitable?

Yes, the Zomato kitchen franchise is very profitable. A Zomato franchise owner stands to earn around 4 lakh rupees per month.

5. How much does it cost to get a Zomato Kitchen dealership?

If a person is interested in acquiring a ZOmato Kitchen dealership, he or she needs to invest around 20 to 30 lakh rupees.

6. What are requirements that need to be fulfilled for a Zomato delivery franchise in India?

person should have sufficient area to accommodate all the necessary equipment and employees. An area of around 1800 to 2200 square feet would be sufficient for that. Other than that, the investor also needs to attain all the necessary documents and licenses from regulatory authorities like FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India).

7. How long is the Zomato food delivery franchise valid for?

The Zomato franchise agreement, signed by both the parties, usually lasts for 3 years.

8. What are the big companies providing food delivery services in India?

Zomato and Swiggy are the top two companies in the food delivery market in India. A majority of the market share has been covered by these two.

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Final Words

Zomato is constantly making changes to its business model in accordance with the dynamic environment that prevails in the food delivery business. The concept of cloud kitchen is the latest innovation by the company where the company wants to work together with restaurants and help them grow in other locations. The restaurants do not have to pay any additional fixed costs for this service. So, this makes the Zomato kitchen franchise all the more attractive to investors.

So, if you have money to invest and are looking to invest in a food delivery company that also provides the service of a cloud kitchen, you will not get a better option than Zomato in India.

Zomato Kitchen Franchise

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