PayTM is a massively popular way of sending and receiving money in India using QR codes. It allows users to scan any kind of QR code and create UPI to link to a bank account. Users can also open savings accounts with PayTM bank. It is an incredible mobile application that offers several functions, including managing bank accounts, paying bills, sending and receiving money, and plenty of other functions. 

With demonetization in India, PayTM has really become popular. From hawkers to international grocery stores and ridesharing companies, PayTM has left a mark everywhere. Although PayTM is dominant in the Indian marketplace, other alternatives  with incredible features are coming up. Here we will discuss 12 incredible PayTM alternatives. 

1. Paypal

Paypal is a global brand with a presence in over 200 countries. It is popular for its robust security system, and transactions are monitored 24/7 to protect users from fraud. It is an excellent alternative for PayTM. It allows virtually all credit cards across the world. It supports 56 currencies and provides a seamless shopping experience. You can also send and receive payments and pay bills as well. 

2. Amazon pay

Although PayTM Mall has undergone incredible evolution in an effort to provide a good online shopping experience, it is still lagging behind e-commerce giants such as Amazon. Amazon pay is the best PayTM alternative for buying goods online. When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is better than PayTM in many ways. Firstly, Amazon offers much more products compared with Paytm. Secondly, Amazon offers excellent services. 

3. AstroPay

AstroPay is one of the best alternatives for PayTM when it comes to making payments online. Their virtual prepaid card has really become popular in India due to its excellent features. You can make payments online without sharing your personal details, and the card supports cross-currency and cross-border transactions. Its other advantages include a robust security system, instant payments, and works well on mobile phones. Additionally, the card does not attract tax which helps to keep the transaction fees low. Check out the list of Casinos accepting astropay in india.

4. Stripe 

Stripe is a third-party payment processor which seeks to make it easy for companies and individuals to do business online. Stripe offers great security measures, development tools, and international business modules for online shopping. Stripe is an incredible PayTM alternative when it comes to sending and receiving money. Stripe is also becoming a popular payment method in the world of e-commerce. 

5. PhonePe

PhonePe is an excellent mobile app for mobile recharge, Indian UPI payments, and sending and receiving money. It has over 100 million users who use it for online shopping, recharging, and money transfer. It has great features, which include sending and receiving money anytime, recharging mobile for all operators, and paying bills for all operators. It also provides UPI, and you can get a refund or cashback directly to your bank account. 

6. Ecopayz

Ecopayz is an extremely popular banking option with a presence in 173 countries. It accepts over 50 currencies. It is a form of prepaid account that allows users to make digital payments to thousands of institutions. Ecopayz uses the best encryption methods, and users can be certain that their personal and financial details are secure. Their sign-up process is easy, and they offer support 24/7. Ecopayz is an excellent PayTM alternative for sending and receiving money.

7. Mobikwik

Mobikwik is a great PayTM alternative for your bill payments and mobile recharge needs. It offers several functions that are also offered by Paytm. You can keep money in your Mobikwik wallet and use it to pay bills and recharge payments. You can send and receive money to your Mobikwik wallet, and they also offer instant personal loans. Mobikwik is available on Android, Windows, and IOS. 

8. Freecharge

If you are looking for a PayTM alternative for bill payments and recharge, Freecharge is an excellent option. Freecharge offers a simple and seamless process compared to PayTM. The application sends a detailed SMS after every transaction. The good thing about Freecharge is that it is reliable. Mobile recharges are instantaneous, and they will never fail. It also gives updates to users on the best deals being offered by carriers. Although Freecharge is still young in the world of merchant payments, it’s slowly getting there. 

9. Goibibo

Goibibo is a great PayTM alternative for travel bookings. It allows users to search for their hotels and travel tickets. Goibibo provides amazing cashback offers for hotels and flight bookings. Cashback offers are always being updated, and there is no shortage of awesome offers at any time. Goibibo is popular for the cheapest travel tickets in the industry. 

10. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the currency of the future. It is an excellent alternative for PayTM for money transfer. It is also a safe method for making digital payments. With bitcoin, there are no banking fees. There is no central body that governs the use of bitcoin, which helps to eliminate minimum and account maintenance fees, returned deposit fees, and overdraft charges. In addition, international payments attract very low fees compared to other methods. This is because there is no government involvement or intermediary bodies. Also, bitcoin transactions are secure and instant. 

11. Payzapp

Payzapp is a great PayTM alternative for mobile recharge and shopping online. It is an excellent app for all kinds of payments. It has a smooth interface for doing transactions, and the payment process is instant. They have incredible cashback offers, and their refund cancellation process is simple. 

12. Oxigen

Oxigen is the best digital wallet alternative for PayTM. Oxigen mimics the working of PayTM, but it is much more than a PayTM’s copy. It allows users to send money to the bank account of the receiver, either by entering bank account number and IFSC or through the MMID. Oxigen allows users to create prepaid Visa debit cards. The card works like any other card, and you can use it to swipe on online places. Transacting online is also safe, and your personal information is secure since you are using an online card.

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