Canara Bank is a popular public sector and nationalized bank in India. The bank was initially named the Canara Bank Hindu Permanent Fund and has undergone a lot of changes ever since. The bank has undergone a lot of rebranding over the decades. The best thing about this nationalized bank is the fact that it has branches not just in India but internationally too. 

Canara bank, at present, has over 6600 branches both in India and internationally to cater to the demands of their clients and customers. Besides India, the bank has branches in Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai, Bahrain, New York, South Africa, Doha, and Tanzania.

However, there can be several reasons why you might have to close your Canara bank account. And, the good thing is that the same can be done via online means without you needing to visit the nearest branch.

Top ways to Close Canara Bank Account Online

As we mentioned, closing the Canara Bank account via online means is not as complicated as it seems. Since technology has made our lives a lot easier, it isn’t surprising that it aids with the account closure process too.

This especially comes in handy for the busy citizens who don’t want to spend the majority of their day in the bank going in and out to close their accounts. The online procedures are simple, to the point, quick and don’t require a lot of time.

Just ensure that you have all the required documents, including the bank account’s password, cheque leaves, etc. sorted with you. This is a very crucial process and not something you can skip out on.

That said, we have sorted out the top 3 ways in which you can close your Canara Bank account without any complications.

Using the Internet or Online banking

The first and likely the most accessible way of closing the bank account is via the internet or online banking. The process is extremely easy and hardly takes a minute in the making. While using internet banking, make sure you have all the basic credentials sorted out, including the customer ID, password etc. that you will use to log into the portal.

  • The first step before you proceed with the account closure via internet banking is transferring the accounts. Ideally, you can transfer the leftover balance to a different bank account or withdraw all the cash amount available in your savings.
  • Once that is sorted, you need to visit Canara bank’s official banking website at
  • Once on the homepage of the website, log into the internet banking portal using your username, and password or the required credentials.
  • Once you are logged into the portal, you need to check the status of your bank account and then ensure that the bank account balance is at 0.

Once you have transferred the available funds from your account, you can then follow along with the other two methods to successfully close your bank account with Canara Bank.

Using Customer care

If you are good with customer care representatives and can discuss things fluently, the easiest way to close your bank account is via this method. However, you need to realize that even when you process a request for the bank account closure via the telephone, there are chances that you might be called in for a further discussion with the bank’s branch. This is a normal protocol and is often needed for verification purposes.

  • You can reach Canara Bank’s customer service via 1800 425 0018.
  • Once you discuss with the executive the subject of your call, they will register your request and raise the issue for further processing.
  • Just ensure that before you process the account closure via customer care, you need to 100% ensure there are no excess funds in your bank account. This is crucial.

Once the request is processed, you will be informed about the status of your bank account closure on your registered mobile number. In case any disputes arise during the account closure, you will need to go down to your home branch of Canara Bank to sort out the issue.

Using offline Application Form

Now, if you are sceptical about sharing your bank account details via the telephone and you want the process to go about smoothly, your last resort is to download the account closure application online and then fill it up and submit it offline for further access.

This is where the process can seem a little prolonged. However, we’d recommend doing this in case you have been issued with fund transfer and want to collect the remaining funds before you proceed with the account closure process.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by opening your browser and then download the account closure form online from
  • Once you are done downloading the application form, print it and then get a few more photocopied, in case you end up making mistakes in one while filling the form.
  • On the printed application form, enter all the staple details that they ask for, including the personal details and the other important information, including the KYC details and the account details.
  • Besides the information you enter and fill in the application, it is also important that you sort out all the documents that will be needed to submit during the account closure. 
  • Once everything is filled and you have all the documents, carry the application form to the nearest branch and submit it directly to the service manager. They will look over the closure applications, check the documents and then put your application for further processing.

Once everything is cleared, you will receive further updates via the mobile number you have shared.


If you were confused about how to close the Canara Bank account online, we hope this guide gives you all the needed answers. Make sure that you follow the steps we have mentioned and rightfully submit all the associated documents that are asked from you during the time of submission of the account closure form. Any issues with the documentation will delay the closure further.

How To Close Canara Bank Account Online?