Gujarati is the native language of the people who reside in Gujarat, India. This language is primarily spoken by the people of Gujarat; however, due to the various inter-cultural activities in India, many people are familiar with this language. 

New Year is the time of the new beginning and remembering the good times spent. If you belong to the Gujarati community, it would be pleasing to send and receive Happy New Year Wishes in Gujarati. The New Year’s wishes are sent to people you know just to spread the word of happiness and positivity. 

Happy New Year 2023 Wishes & Messages with Images in Gujarati

Happy New Year Wishes in Gujarati

The wishes become even more personalized when you send them in your vernacular language. Therefore, you can make a little more effort to find New Year wishes in the Gujarati language and send them across. Your wish can make someone smile at the beginning of a New Year.

Tmara Badha Dukh Khushi Ma Tolu
Tmara Badha Raz Tmara Same Kholu
Koi Mara Pehla Na Bole
Mate Tamne Sauna Pehla
Happy New Year Bolu

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What kind of New Year messages can you send in the Gujarati language?

The time of New Year calls for celebration and gathering. Many plan in-house parties and meet each other with open arms. If you meet someone on New Year’s Eve, you can wish him or her verbally. If you stay away from your family and friends, you can reach out to them through messages. 

There are several kinds of Happy New Year Messages in Gujarati that you send. You can send a greeting, quotations, picture messages, and gifs. You either can frame your message on your own or can download the soulful words from the internet. Picture messages seem more powerful than text messages. 

The picture messages can convey your message more dramatically. The colorful images of New Year would make someone feel valued. You can download the pictures and gifs from several websites and send them to your loved ones. 

Lavu varsh 2023 shul hoy!
Bhagwan tamne Sukh
Ane Samrudhi aape…
Tamne ane tamara parivaar ne
Nutan varsh abhinandan!
Navu varsh 2023 shul hoy!

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Happy New Year 2023 Images in Gujarati

Happy New Year Images in Gujarati

Prem ni koi divas kimat thaay nahi,
Nazik ke door thi samjaay nahi,
Sneh na dariya ma dubo
To khabar pade!!
Em kinaare rahi haiyu bhinjaay nahi!
Happy New Year 2023

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How can you send the New Year wishes?

If you are keen to send pictures and gifs, you can send them through various chat options like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Hangouts. You would require a good internet connection for sending these kinds of multimedia files. There are various other ways to spread the happiness of the New Year. 

If you use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can upload the New Year wishes on your time. Thousands of people would be able to view them and react. You can even tag a few people on the message. People often put Happy New Year Status in Gujarati

Avnavu team wishes
Very very Happy and Prosperous
New year to our all fans and
Visitors with following best most ….
Happy New Year 2023

You can update the status of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram with beautiful and creative wishes in the Gujarati language. People of your community would be excited to read them. It would also inculcate a feeling of unity among the Gujarati people.


It doesn’t matter, in which language you express your enthusiasm for New Year. However, it is necessary to reach out to the people you love and care about. After all, New Year is the time to celebrate and wish good luck to others.

Navu Varsh Aap Sau Ne Sukh,
Santi, Samrudhi
Ane Swastya Bakes
Ane Aap Pragati Na
Tamam Sikharo Sar Karo
Evi Subhecha!
Navu Varsh Shubh Hoy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About New Year Wishes in Gujarati

1. Can I send Gujarati New Year wishes to people who don’t understand the language?

Yes, you can send it to everyone; however, make sure to mention the translated version along with the Gujarati message.

2. Is it mandatory to download New Year messages from the internet?

Not. If you can create soulful messages on your own, you can use them as well.


Happy New Year Wishes in Gujarati