Gujarati film industry had its golden period back in the 70s and 80s, and that’s when its glory started. The glory trajectory went up and reached its peak before witnessing a dip and since then it has been plateaued, to put in a good way. 

There have been Gujarati movie gems that are still in the talks to date. Movies like Kashi no Dikro’, ‘Kanku’, ‘Parki Thapan’, ‘Santu Rangili’, ‘Bhav ni Bhavai’, ‘Manvi ni Bhavai’, ‘Hun Hunshi Hunshilal’, have been the golden movies. They were, precisely, the ones that marked the rise of the Gujarati Film Industry as a whole. If you talk to anyone about the rise and fall of this industry, these will still manage to make their place known in its rise. 

This isn’t all, though. There are many other Gujarati movies that have been just as great but aren’t known much about people since the Gujarati industry is so constricted, to localized to be precise. Henceforth, these movies don’t really crop up much in general discussions or talks as a matter of fact. To simply put, there was indeed a time that witnessed the making of many amazing Gujarati movies, their launch being celebrated and their success being toasted to back in those days.

But as time gradually went by, Gujarati moviemakers started trying their hands in Bollywood instead. Many directors and filmmakers such as Ketan Mehta, Vipul Shah, Abbas Mastan tried bringing about a change in the Gujarati film industry, to make it rise to its previous glory. However, somehow it did not bear the exact fruits as compared to the number of efforts they put. Henceforth, they started abandoning the Gujarati film industry altogether and started making Bollywood movies instead.

But, as the saying goes – the times are a-changing! More and more filmmakers are trying their hands on the Gujarati film industry, and producing just as flawless movies as they once were. In a desperate attempt to revive the once golden Gujarati film industry, people like Sandeep Patel created ‘Moti Na Chok Re Sapna Ma Ditha’, whereas Ashish Kakkad made ‘Better half’. Both of which have managed to garner a considerable amount of praise and appreciation on a national level. 

And how can we not mention the evergreen movie by Abhishek Jain, Kevi Rite Jaish. This one managed to make a great name for itself as well! Another of his movies “Bey Yaar” managed to garner the same amount of success. These two became huge commercial hits, which motivated the rest of the Gujarati filmmakers to take a shot. More and more people who had the talent to make it big in the industry but lacked the guts to take a risk for the same given its downfall started coming forward. Due to this, the Gujarati Film Industry witnessed new additions to its family of films, such as Gujju Bhai the Great, Chello Divas, Premji, Polampol, and many more. 

Telegram Gujarati Movie Channels List in 2023

As the industry is yet again in its blooming stages, there isn’t much variety of genres or types. However, there surely is a lot to watch which are pretty decent and some are actually amazing. And if you want to explore the Gujarati film industry and get your hands on the rare gems, Telegram Gujarati Movie Channels are here to your rescue! Here’s a list of the best telegram Gujarati Movie Channels, check it out! 

Name of Telegram Gujarati Movie ChannelsGroup Link
Gujarati Movies Join Here
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Hellogujaratimovie2019gujjurocks Join Here
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sdmovie Join Here
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Gujarati Latest Movies Join Here
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Do the Telegram Gujarati movie channels share Movies with Subtitles?

If you are downloading Gujarati movies from specific Telegram channels, you can directly ask the administrator to share links that come with subtitles if you need them to understand the movie.

In most cases, all the movies come with subtitles but for some that don’t have the subtitles already mentioned in the movie, you can ask the Admin to send an SRM file with the subtitles so you can watch the movies without any interruptions.

Keep in mind that you should practice safety when joining Gujarati movie channels on Telegram and avoid the newly opened ones with fewer followers.

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So that’s that! That’s our take on the best Telegram Gujarati Movie Channels. However, artists, crews, cast, production company, and many more – put in a lot of effort and time to make a movie happen. So if you instead purchase the original content, you can do your bit to support the artist and help them grow. Henceforth, we suggest if you really can do that – you should totally go for it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Telegram channels?

Telegram Channels are basically public groups with endless subscribers. Here, the admins can post content or messages for everyone to view. It’s like a small community of your own!

2. Are Telegram channels safe?

Yes, telegram channels are absolutely safe to use.

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Telegram Gujarati Movie Channels

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